Reasons to move to Brooklyn

Throughout the world, people believe that New Yorkers die from the desire to live in Manhattan. Also there are very few reasons to move to Brooklyn or its areas, except in cases of extreme necessity. I am here to argue against this stereotype, because I believe that there are many reasons to move to Brooklyn. Here are the top 7.

Reasons to move to Brooklyn
Check the main reasons to move to Brooklyn

Main reasons to move to Brooklyn

1. Gentrification

Nowadays, only a small number of people can consider themselves to be real estate magnates. But if you follow the market trends, you will realize that Brooklyn has become one of the hottest and most fashionable areas on the east coast. Of course, there are many areas that still need improvement. But thanks to a combination of city financing, generous personal donations and positive feedback from critics, Brooklyn has become a breakthrough of the century. In areas such as northern Williamsburg and Bower Hill, which once had the highest crime rate among all five districts, now you can see houses of the richest people in the next three states, not to mention the homes of the growing middle class. Gentrification of Brooklyn is one of many reasons to move to this developing area.

2. Shopping

Reasons to move to Brooklyn - shopping
If shopping is your thing, then Brooklyn is the right place for you!

When tourists visit New York, they think that advertised areas like Midtown and Soho are the best places for shopping. There are numerous reasons to move to Brooklyn. But the incredible ability of this district to combine some of the most prestigious and unique shopping areas stands out.

Walking around Brooklyn, wanting to look at the historic Brooklyn Bridge, you could pass by familiar neglected areas. You could notice abandoned car depots that look as if they are part of a huge pile of yard garbage. You could also notice that the front door of these warehouses are shining, it is a boutique! This store, which is in its own way a mobile shopping center, is a thriving Brooklyn warehouse for storing and recycling old cars. At the same time, inside that building (among other interesting antique gizmos) they sell handmade dresses for almost $200. If you are an inquisitive historian and a buyer in one person, then this is a sufficient reason to get your things and move to Brooklyn. “Incidents” like this can happen throughout this amazing area.

3. Transportation

In general, the feature of life in New York is the fact that all neighborhoods are nearby. In Brooklyn, the same principle applies. Another reason to move to this area, among many others, is the opportunity to live without your own car. You can move around the city by metro (or, if in doubt, on foot)! Picturesque routes throughout this newly ennobled area will not leave you indifferent and will pleasantly surprise you.

4. Parks

Reasons to move to Brooklyn - Prospect Park
In Prospect Park you can find large areas of protected wildlife

Yes, Central Park is a beautiful tourist attraction, it’s one of the best parks in New York. And it’s great to live next to such a place if you can afford it. But, truthfully, those who do not have the means to live near Central Park, prefer buying ancient mansions in Prospect Heights. And who can argue with them. Prospect Park has one of the best bicycle, cross-country and footpaths in all of New York. Besides that, Marine Park, Sunset Park, Red Hook Park and Canarsie Park are great options, depending on the area where you live. In addition to many reasons to move to this area, there is no fuss, noise and crowds, like in Manhattan.

5. Beaches

It is common knowledge that most New Yorkers leave the city in the summer to Hampton, Montauk and Fire Island. An additional reason to move to Brooklyn is that this area is in close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Consequently, it’s close to the coastal communities that have served Brooklyn families for decades. Classical stories such as “Brighton Beach Memoirs” by Neil Simon demonstrate the thrill and excitement of swimming in the waters that surround the skyscrapers of New York, towering somewhere far away. So why go to Hampton, when you can enjoy the sun in your yard in no less exciting Brooklyn?

6. Community

Life in Manhattan or even in the long-stretched suburban areas of Queens and Staten Island can be lonely if you live alone and you have only a few friends nearby. The main reason for moving to a Brooklyn neighborhood is that in a thriving metropolis there are small and strong communities. Or, in other words, you will probably meet your neighbor and realize that you have a lot in common. Maybe you are both still in college or have roommates in the opposite sex. If you live in Park Slope with young children, you will not have any problems with planning your childcare purchases. In each quarter there are friendly people who will help you. It is very gratifying to realize that you can count on people who live next door. This is a luxury that most people who live in densely populated urban areas do not have.

7. Culture

Certainly, there are many theaters in Manhattan that have won more than one award and world-famous museums. But if you are tired of visiting such expensive places, standing in long queues and eventually remaining disappointed, here’s another reason to move across the East River. Brooklyn is home to some of the most unique growing art galleries and concert halls. In art scene in Brooklyn you can find something for everyone’s taste. While you are thinking about all these reasons to move to Brooklyn, visit the Children’s Museum, the Barclays Center, the Prospect Park Zoo and the Transit Museum, which are only a few blocks away.

Reasons to move to Brooklyn - art
In Brooklyn you can see art even on the streets

Maybe for you Brooklyn is the beaten track. But do not cross this area until you visit all the fantastic places there. Maybe you will find some other reasons to move to Brooklyn. Or maybe you will fall in love with some of the attractions in this amazing area.