Life after moving to a Brooklyn neighborhood -Becoming a New Yorker

New York City is usually known as the best city in the World. Is that true and does NYC live up to its reputation? This is probably an argument that could last forever. New Yorkers are very proud of their city and you will most likely never hear them say they plan to move. Moving to a  Brooklyn neighborhood, one of the most famous boroughs in NYC, will make you feel the true meaning of NYC life. So let’s find out what being a New Yorker really means.

moving to Downtown Brooklyn
Move to the greatest city in the World!

Moving to a Brooklyn neighborhood  and becoming a true New Yorker

Let’s see what the New Yorkers are really like first

“The concrete jungle where dreams are made of...” is the city of possibilities. Also, it is most certainly true that this is the city that never sleeps. Due to its size and population, that is somewhere around 8.5 million people, NYC makes you feel welcome from the moment you put your foot on its roaming streets.

We could say that diversity is a big thing in NYC, but the truth is that New Yorkers don’t even think that way. The thing is that, when living in a city as big as New York City, people get used to all sorts of weird and interesting on a daily basis. Due to this, New Yorkers are considered to either adapt to constant change easily or to be distant. It all depends on your point of view.

moving to a Brooklyn neighborhood and becoming a new yorker
Become a true New Yorker after moving to Brooklyn!

The fact we can’t argue is that it is never boring in New York City!

Moving to a Brooklyn neighborhood means that it won’t matter what you do, what kind of music or art you are into. You will always be able to find your spot and the crowd to hang out with.The music and art scene is very diverse and many clubs and bars are open until 4 am.

Hip-hop was born in New York City and it still getting better and more popular. If you have never been a big fan of Wu-Tang Clan and its followers there are many great musicals to enjoy every week.

The zigzag walk is a craft every true New Yorker has mastered to the perfection. Due to this they save time and avoid bumping into other people. The hydrants are “pumps” and all of the cities famous landmarks should be completely avoided during the holiday season. Also, tipping your barista is a must if you need a good cup of coffee at the beginning of a day! In addition, you should probably start practicing eating while walking as soon as possible.

When searching for a neighborhood, moving to Brooklyn, is the way to go

There are many stereotypes about this great New York City borough. The first thing we need to talk about when comes to moving, not only to Brooklyn but any new neighboorhood is SAFETY. Yes, there have been many safety issues in past but that’s no longer true about Brooklyn. In addition to this, Brooklyn is becoming more and more popular when it comes to finding the right neighborhood to move to with your kids.

moving to brooklyn
Walk through the Brooklyn Bridge!

Moving to a Brooklyn neighborhood- finding the right one

As diverse the New York City is, so are its neighborhoods. So how to pick the best one? When looking for an answer to this you need to think about your lifestyle and budget first.

So if you are moving to a Brooklyn neighborhood with your family you will need to find the best school in Brooklyn first and go from there.

On the other hand, if you are young and single and moving to Brooklyn, you will enjoy living in Williamsburg or Greenpoint.

We did say that New Yor City is the city of possibilities. However, that doesn’t mean the same goes for finding the right apartment. Finding the right housing option in NYC while staying on budget can be a challenge. Make sure you start your apartment hunt in advance. Coming to Brooklyn before the actual move can sound time-consuming, but it can actually help you prepare for the move.

The first step to becoming a New Yorker and moving to a Brooklyn neighborhood is making a good plan

“Time is money” is a saying New Yorkers know really well. When you are moving to Brooklyn and becoming a New Yorker you will need to learn how to become resourceful. Time-saving skills are something New Yorkers develop by default. Therefore, your organizational skills will need to step up and you will learn how to do everything faster.

The same goes for the moving process. When moving to Brooklyn save your time by making a great relocation plan. Make sure you find the affordable mover. Therefore your relocation will be easy, fast and stress-free. Hire the best movers in Brooklyn New York.

Being a New Yorker isn’t cheap!

Well, it can’t all be good. The downside of moving to Brooklyn and becoming a New Yorker is that it comes with a price. And the price tag can very much surprise you! Therefore, finding a job and making a budget plan before moving to Brooklyn is probably the best advice we can give you.

Life after moving to Brooklyn

Well, hello New Yorker! (Sound’s great, doesn’t it?)

Now, when you are officially a resident of New York, the only thing left is to settle and fit in. So how do you do that?

  • Visit the hot spots of your neighborhood.

This will be a great way to meet new people and have fun at the same time. What kind of music do you like? There must be a bar or a cafe, nearby, that you will love. You should about visiting some major music events after moving to Brooklyn.

  • NYC’s great art scene is one of the pest perks when moving to Brooklyn.

Art galleries, museums, free public events and plays, street art and installations… all of that makes the art scene of New York City and you can all around the city. MoMA may not be the cheapest when it comes to ticket prices, but it is a place to visit once in a while.

You didn’t hear it from us but: Visit the famous landmarks.

Don’t say to any New Yorker we said that! But being a tourist at the beginning of your NYC life may help you get to know the city. In addition to this, just like any other New Yorker,  you probably won’t have any time for sightseeing later on. Use your free time and be one of the rare New Yorkers who has visited the Statue of Liberty.

And of course, whenever you come in a need for some nature there is the Central Park

New Yorkers do consider the visit to Central Park as a field trip to the outdoors. So, grab a blanket, a book and enjoy the surreal environment of paradise settled in the middle of a concrete jungle.

Moving to brooklyn
Use your free time to enjoy Central Park- a piece of paradise in the middle of a concrete jungle!