Moving to Park Slope- One of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods

The decision to move never comes easy. Especially when moving from a smaller place, when everybody knows each other, to a big city where you can walk all day and meet nobody you know. On the other hand, after you get over the nostalgy, you shall get the picture why so many people move to the metropolitan areas! So many opportunities for a good education and a good job appear as soon as you open the door of your home. One of the places where the most people move, from the USA as well as from the rest of the world, is the New York City. If you are among those coming to NY, moving to Park Slope would probably be the best idea. Especially if moving with a family. You and your children shall love it!

What is so great about Park Slope

Moving with a family to Park Slope, is there a better idea?
Moving with a family to Park Slope is such a great idea

Not all of you will like Park Slope the best, given that all of us have different preferences what we like. However, when comparing all the Brooklyn neighborhoods statistics, Park Slope is slightly worse than the average only at two parameters- the affordability and the diversity. When you look at anything else, you’ll realize yourself how moving to Park Slope is a great option. 

Here are several topics we shall discuss regarding your decision to move to Park Slope:

  • The advantages of Park Slope- Why Park Slope is a great NYC neighborhood
  • The disadvantages of Park Slope- What Park Slope isn’t that great for
  • The recommendations for newcomers- Tips and hints from the inhabitants for those moving to Park Slope

The advantages of moving to Park Slope

  • If you like a walk in the park, this definitely is the best neighborhood for you! There are so many parks and so many opportunities for recreation. One of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods to move to with your children.
  • Green, green, green…Wherever you look! Green is a relaxing color, so you definitely won’t be depressed or annoyed, at least not because of your environment. Enjoy your life and relax after a stressful day by just looking through your window, or going outside for a walk among the trees!
  • Great nightlife. Yup, although this is a neighborhood mostly ideal for the families with children, you can also have an active nightlife! Does it get any better for young parents who forgot how it looks like to go out? Hire a nanny and enjoy yourself every once in a while. You don’t even need to change the neighborhood!
  • The matter of safety isn’t something that would bother you here. Moving to Park Slope means moving to one of the safest neighborhoods in NYC. Since the safety is what the parents think of first when relocating to another Brooklyn neighborhood, we suggest you consider this peaceful adjacency seriously. All you need to do is to find one of the best moving services in NYC, and the new and improved life is waiting for you in this great neighborhood!

    Jogging in a park is what you like? Moving to Park Slope is what you need!

A few things you won’t like

As for anything else, there are cons of moving to this neighborhood too. Luckily, there are just a couple. If you want to move to this neighborhood, we would advise getting rid of your car. Simply, there is almost no place where you can find the parking spot easily. After a while, it gets quite annoying, so don’t think of keeping your car after choosing Park Slope when moving to Brooklyn. The matter of fact is that Park Slope has good connections to all other parts of New York City, so you won’t have troubles to move around without the car, and you shall have a lot fewer headaches.

Another thing is the cost of living. Park Slope is known as one of more expensive Brooklyn neighborhoods. Therefore, think about your budget when moving here. It’s not a lot more expensive than the other neighborhoods of Brooklyn, but it isn’t as affordable either. Make sure you have an idea of how much the comfortable life in Park Slope would cost you, and, if you can afford it, then moving there is the best idea!

Tips for newcomers to Park Slope

To perfectly fit in the neighborhood, have a baby or a kid. One at least. This is a neighborhood for families. You simply couldn’t blend in without the children, or at least your spouse. If a single person, you should better move to another adjacency.

If you want to get the picture of how Park Slope looks like, and you have never been there, it is very similar to Dumbo and completely opposite to Williamsburg. Now, if you had an opportunity to spend some life in these two neighborhoods, you can have an idea of how it looks like to live in Park Slope.

On the contrary from the idea you might get, although this is a neighborhood for families, you’d be surprised how many bars are there in Park Slope. So, even if moving to Brooklyn as a single person, with a bit of adjusting to the neighborhood, you might have an opportunity to enjoy here too!

Moving to Park Slope is one of the best decisions you could make!

Just like you saw, there are not that many cons, and there are tons of pros to move to Park Slope. And while you might be not so optimistic about this type of neighborhood as a younger single person, you should think about the future too. If you plan on having a family or getting into a serious relationship anytime soon, you should consider moving to Park Slope. We can help with some tips for your relocation, and to get the boxes for relocation to Brooklyn. Also, we can help you pick the perfect time to move and the perfect moving company. If you have any questions, get in touch with us and we shall discuss everything with you.