Sightseeing attractions in Brooklyn

No matter where you go, or what places you visit, each possesses its own kind of beauty. Tourists visiting a place cannot really have a chance to see everything. On the other hand, how much they will get to see depends on how long they’ll stay there. An unspoken rule says that if you travel on your own, without a paid guide, the odds of getting the real vibe of that place is much higher. If you happen to be in New York, more specifically Brooklyn, you can feel the waves of great energy floating on the very streets. Still, attractions in Brooklyn are many, and in this article, you will have the opportunity to see some of them. These pieces of information will be useful both to those who are just visiting and to those who are new in the borough.

Why is Brooklyn so cool?

Brooklyn is one of the coolest boroughs in NYC
Brooklyn is one of the coolest boroughs in NYC

For starters, Brooklyn is famous for being a very hip and urban borough. Then, it is diverse in many ways – as numerous nationalities with different ethnic and racial backgrounds live here. It is home to great museums such as New York Transit Museum where you can witness how the transportation system of NYC was developing. You can see and sit in the old subway cars, and feel the whiff of history. For children, Brooklyn Children’s Museum offers a large collection of 20,000 cultural artifacts, areas to play and educational exhibitions to help them expand their knowledge. Even grown-ups can find a great opportunity for entertainment here, and learn something new.

Speaking of education, a great number of high-quality schools and colleges are located in Brooklyn. For those who wish to maintain a fine figure and do sport, The King’s County offers plenty of sports venues, gyms, parks, etc. Also, the art scene in Brooklyn is developing fast and many artists, who have decided to go down a bit unusual path of art, now have a place to display their work. Brooklyn provides all sorts of entertainment and places for having fun. In this text, you will get to see more.

Attractions in Brooklyn

As you can notice, Brooklyn is truly a great place to be. Lots of museums, sports and education facilities. However, if you really want to experience it fully, we suggest some other cool and, perhaps unusual places to check out:

  • Superhero store
  • Nightlife aerial performance in the House of Yes
  • Homemade ice-cream in the 1920s fireboat house
  • Tasting of cocoa products in Red Hook Factory
  • A day at Prospect Park

Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store

Become a superhero and help others save NYC

Have you ever wanted to become a hero and join the squad of other superheroes who reside here? For that, you need to equip yourself with the necessary gadgets, tools and, of course, your very own superhero costume. With this, you will be fully ready to contribute to the fight against crime. Attractions in Brooklyn of this kind are unlikely included in brochures of guided tours. That is why we’ll give you a hint where to find this super cool place. Head to 372 5th Avenue in Park Slope. Here you can check out the mind-reading chair, and have a cape testing. What’s a superhero without a cape, right?

Our evil side tells us we need to inform those with immorally correct behavior and thinking, that this store also provides devices for their use. Still, they have a chance to redeem themselves. Every article bought goes for funding a student writing center hidden behind a bookshelf. What are you waiting for? Suit up! 

House of Yes

One of the attractions in Brooklyn
An excitement performance you’ll enjoy

How does air acrobatics, fire dancing, burlesque shows and live musical performances sound like? You’ll have a chance to experience unique acts on your way of sightseeing attractions in Brooklyn. All of these and much more you can watch in this quite an unusual venue. It is located in East Williamsburg and it features such performances that will definitely raise the level of excitement to the maximum. The place is also intended for late-evening parties with DJs or live bands, usually on weekends. And, since you’re here, why not bring your better half, and pop up THE question? After all, you’re in a house of yes. There’s no room for ‘no’.

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

For sweet tooths, we have selected a special treat. You can find these 1920s fireboat houses in two locations in the borough. Although the waiting queue can be longer, once you get in, we guarantee you, it will pay off! Here, you can taste the most delicious homemade ice cream, with a large selection of syrups and toppings to choose from, in the City. Go ahead and make your most perfect combination of flavors, with chocolate chunks, vanilla, coffee, anything you want. You can also enjoy the most wonderful view of Brooklyn Bridge.

Cacao Prieto

The finest cocoa beans turned into the savory treats

More deliciousness awaits you in this Red Hook factory owned by the Prieto family. All the products here are 100% organic, with the cocoa beans and sugar cane being grown in the Dominican Republic. Here they make very tasty chocolates, as well as cocoa-based liquors and rums. What’s more, this is the only rum distillery since Prohibition time with an official license. If you visit this place, you can learn more about the process of making the chocolate and liquor, and taste the samples. Delicious!

Prospect Park

End your exciting day by paying a visit to one of the attractions in Brooklyn everyone loves going to – Prospect Park. At this beautiful park, you can see so many things including a zoo, go on a carousel ride, wander around the Ravine in the heart of the park, visit a Historic Park Museum, and admire the uniqueness and beauty of a Camperdown Elm Tree. This tree might not be so high, but due to its sort, the beautiful, twisted branches spread wider than the height. Moreover, they grow parallel to the ground. This tree was a subject of interest of the poet Mariane Moor who wrote a poem in its honor in 1927.