Find out what are some popular trends in art scene in Brooklyn

There are not many people who haven’t heard of New York. Although Manhattan still has the reputation of being the most popular New York’s borough, the other parts of this city have the reputation of their own. Queens is known as the birthplace of some very popular people, US Open Tennis Championship, NY Mets. Long Island is known for its beautiful beaches and water sports. The Bronx is recognized as the place of hip-hop and rap music, as well as the last residence of Edgar Allan Poe. Brooklyn, on the other hand, is well known for its ethnic, racial and national diversity among the citizens. However, the art scene in Brooklyn is also something very worth mentioning. If you’re new in Brooklyn there are some things you should know about.

But first, moving

Moving has never been an easy job. It doesn’t matter if you’re relocating from across the country, state, or to a new neighborhood, it takes a long and careful planning. If you’ve decided to move to Brooklyn, the first thing to do is think about hiring a reliable moving company. They can help you move to a new home easier, causing you less stress. Also, they can provide you with all the necessary information you need during this process. The next thing you should think about is packing the belongings in an appropriate way. You want to make sure that all your stuff arrives in one piece to the new address.

Getting to know the neighborhood

Go around your neighborhood and find places of your interest

After you have successfully relocated and settled in, it’s time to look around the place you will call home. Brooklyn is truly a melting pot. A great variety of people of all nations and ethnicity have gathered here. Each has left their own trace between the open-brick buildings and Avenues. To call a place home means that one must feel comfortable and cozy. The sense of belonging is also important. One of the ways to achieve this is to find your favorite spots such as a coffee shop, favorite theater, gallery, museum, park, or a marketplace. The Kings County has all of these and many more.

Let’s take a look at art scene in Brooklyn

The area of Brooklyn is huge, so it’s normal that the variety of art is big. For that reason, we have decided to select just some of the most popular ones, and for the rest, feel free to explore yourself. We guarantee you; you will fall in love with everything this part of New York has to offer.

Art galleries

Unusual art in art scene in Brooklyn

For all of you who enjoy a little bit different angle of art displayed in art galleries, you should head to Bushwick area and check out Microscope Gallery which specializes in forms of art such as moving image, performance artists, sound, etc. Besides their regular exhibitions, the gallery also organizes weekly event series in the form of performance, reading, and lectures.

How does The Journal Gallery sound like? This gallery was first opened in East Village, Manhattan, but now it resides in Williamsburg, probably the most popular neighborhood in Brooklyn. This gallery supports young, talented artists, as well as some mid-career artists.

One of the must-check art galleries is Luhring Augustine, also located in Bushwick area. This ‘hood is slowly taking over the art scene in Brooklyn, as it is becoming more popular among the artists.

As you explore these and other numerous galleries, you will soon realize that a bit weird, but wonderful art prevails in this part of New York City.


The art scene in Brooklyn offers you a chance to explore more of it. Not every form of art is hidden behind the walls. By walking the streets of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods, you will have the opportunity to enjoy in the beauty of thousands of graffiti scattered on the walls of buildings, fences, bridges, old trains that are out of use etc.  Nowadays, people are more welcoming towards this form of contemporary art. However, it hasn’t always been like that. For many years, graffiti were considered as an underground activity. Everybody who was caught doing it was arrested and the graffiti would be repainted.

The artists speak through their art

As mentioned, the situation is much different today. The artists have the freedom to express their imagination by using spray cans, templates, combining many colors. The theme of graffiti can vary. From representing the current socio-political situation, to simply depicturing a state of mind with words or through an image.

One of the most famous Brooklyn-born artists is certainly Jean-Michel Basquiat. He used his art to attack the power structure and system of racism. He was practically homeless. But even so, he managed to achieve enormous success with his famous painting of a skull.

They are truly a piece of art.


If you wish to enjoy the good beat, with hundreds of young people, Brooklyn is the place to be. It offers many great venues to go out and have fun. Considering the number of famous musicians born here, it’s not a surprising fact at all. For the younger generations one of the best-known ones, among many others, are definitely Barbara Streisand, who is a singer, songwriter, and actress, a rapper Shawn Corey Carner, more famous as Jay-Z,  one of the best-selling musicians of all time, Lil’ Kim, a well-known female rapper.

hip-hop music contributes a lot to the art scene in Brooklyn

Music is streaming through every Brooklynite’s veins. If it wasn’t for some very important people who were born in Brooklyn, the reggae, American classical music and jazz would maybe look completely different today. Moreover, thanks to Brooklyn, the hip-hop music stays very popular globally. True, it was born in the Bronx, but it was raised and shaped in the streets of the second biggest borough in New York.

All of this that we have mentioned largely contributes to the overall popularity and uniqueness of the art scene in Brooklyn. Additionally, with new times,  new trends will arrive, and we are sure that with them the Brooklyn art scene will be even better.