The items you should pack before your movers arrive

There is no doubt that the packing part is the most time-consuming during the moving process. Of course, you can let your movers complete it on your behalf. However, if there are some items you would like to pack on your own, make sure you do this before your movers reach your home. In order for you to make a good moving plan, here are the items you should pack before your movers arrive. Complete this task on time and there will surely be no delay. Continue reading “The items you should pack before your movers arrive”

Transporting furniture vs. buying new furniture – relocation 101

No matter where you are moving or how often you have done it so far, there are always millions of questions and doubts regarding a relocation. Moving can be quite complex, whether you are moving one block away or across the country. In addition, there are so many things that you need to organize. In this case, making a move is an action that you must take. However, there are some things that you cannot decide upon easily. Before hiring the best movers New York, you will need to think about what to do with your furniture. Other items that you will pack are much easier to handle. However, packing and transporting your furniture pieces can take a lot of time, skills, and energy. In this article, try to figure out whether you should deal with transporting furniture vs. buying new furniture.

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How to organize storage for your fall move

When you are planning a move, it is very important to take care of the organization of your move, as well as the organization of your storage space. To make sure that your move will go smoothly, you’ll need experienced packers and movers in New York to help you out! If you have a professional team by your side, it will be much easier for you to relax and get ready to go. While the movers take care of your move, you should take care to organize the storage for your fall move. After all, you will be more productive if you can easily access your things during and after the move. So, let’s see how to organize your storage space better when you move! Continue reading “How to organize storage for your fall move”

How to save money on packing materials when moving to Brooklyn

Moving can be very exhausting and pretty expensive too. If you want to relocate your belongings safely, you must be very careful and pack them properly. That is why you will need suitable packing materials. You can hire one of the best Brooklyn movers and let them handle all the packing and transportation, but if you are moving on a budget, you may need to do it yourself. If you want to know how to save money on packing materials when moving to Brooklyn, continue reading.

Tricks to save money on packing materials when moving to Brooklyn

When preparing for the move, the first thing you need to do is to decide what you want to pack. You sure don’t need to keep everything. That is why you should divide your stuff into two groups – toss and keep. Everything you do not use or don’t need should be in the toss group. You can sell these items, give them to some friends and family, or give them to a charity organization. When it comes to things you want to keep, estimate how many packing supplies you will need to pack all of them. You will need a lot of boxes, packing paper, packing tape, blankets, bubble bags, etc. That can be pretty expensive, so you can think of other ways to gather packing materials. For example:

  • Rent boxes instead of buying them
  • Use already used boxes
  • Try to find free boxes in markets or warehouses to save money on packing materials when moving to Brooklyn
  • Use suitcases, bags, and plastic garbage bags
  • Leave things in drawers
  • Use towels, sheets, and blankets for wrapping the items to prevent scratches
  • Store some of your items
Two suitcases on the bed
Use suitcases and boxes you have to pack your stuff.

When packing, boxes are the most important element, and you need to find as much as possible. Make sure you don’t use damaged boxes to transport your belongings safely. Even though hiring movers can be a bit costly, it isn’t a bad idea to hire the best movers New York residents recommend. Professional movers have the right supplies and skills to pack and relocate all your stuff.

If you don’t do it right, it can cost even more than paying professionals to handle the relocation. For example, if you have valuable items such as a piano, you will probably be worried about moving it. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, it is much better to hire some of the piano movers Brooklyn residents highly recommend. With the right techniques and tools, your precious instrument will be easily transported.

Different ways to find boxes without buying them

As already said, to pack your stuff you will need a lot of boxes. Instead of wasting money on buying tons of cardboard or plastic boxes, you can rent them. You can contact moving companies and rent the boxes you need. You can save a lot of money like this. Also, if you have some boxes that are not damaged, you can use them for packing. Maybe you can just add an extra layer of protection on the bottom of the box and that is all. One of the ways to find boxes for the move is to ask in supermarkets and warehouses. Many local stores and businesses will be able to provide you with a few boxes at least. They sure have some boxes left from their inventory and different products. Also, they may have left some packing materials such as bubble bags or packing paper.

A man opening a box
You can ask in local stores for some free boxes.

Use the resources you already have to save money on packing materials when moving to Brooklyn

If your move is on a budget, you should be creative in finding ways to pack your items without spending a fortune. You will have some resources in your house. If you can’t think of them, here are some ideas. You can use your suitcases – fill them with clothes, bedding, or shoes. They are easy to transport, can be very useful, and they are as effective as packing supplies Brooklyn. Also, most of the suitcases have wheels, so it is pretty practical for moving. Use drawers. The first thing we do is to empty all the cabinets and drawers when moving.

But, if you need to cut your moving budget, can use drawers to transport items in them. You can just add some bubble bags for better protection and wrap them. Use some sheets or plastic wrap and add packing tape. For sheets, clothes, bedding, blankets, and everything that is not fragile and breakable, use garbage bags. You can use them for toys, maybe some books, and a lot of small things. If you know in advance that you will be moving and have a limited budget, you can start earlier with storing boxes and all kinds of packing supplies.

Rent a storage container

There is one way that will potentially save you money, but not only that. It will save you time and energy. You can rent a storage container. Certain movers have the possibility of portable storage containers, they can deliver them to your address, wait until you fill them up and then transport the container to your new location. As said, it is not maybe the cheapest solution but it will save you a lot of nerves. The same as hiring professional movers, it will save you a lot of time. If you want to safely transport your items, you can search for the best movers offer.

Drawers with decorations on top of them
You can use drawers for packing to save money on packing materials when moving to Brooklyn.

With the right equipment, you will smoothly pack your stuff. If you want to save money on packing materials when moving to Brooklyn you just need to be a bit creative in finding resources. In the end, you can visit one dollar store -maybe you can find some boxes there or other packing supplies. You will be able to find some packing tape, packing paper, labels, and markers. It is worth a try.

Downsizing your office in Williamsburg – tips and tricks

Running a business in one of the most attractive cities in the world has its challenges. As one of the top NYC boroughs, Brooklyn is an ideal place for having an office. If your office is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, most likely you are aware of all its benefits. But if you have realized it is time for some changes, maybe you are considering downsizing your office in Williamsburg. You will increase productivity and optimize your operations by downsizing your office. However, in most cases, downsizing your office space means you will need to move to a different location. Luckily, there are multiple office spaces available in Williamsburg. In addition, once you decide to move your office, our expert packers and movers in New York will be at your disposal. So. let’s prepare for optimizing your Williamsburg office together!

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How to reduce expenses of a long distance move

When we decide to relocate, probably the most common problem is the size of the moving budget. And almost everyone has this problem at some point. Whether you do not know how much to set aside or simply do not have enough. Covering packing and working with one of the moving companies Brooklyn can hurt your budget easily if you do not know how the whole thing works. So, today we will help you to dedicate the appropriate budget and reduce expenses of a long distance move at the same time. Let’s take a look. Continue reading “How to reduce expenses of a long distance move”

5 Challenges of moving a large business 

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to anticipate any risk that may end up hurting your business. Risk management, as well as knowing when to take advantage of an opportunity, is what makes great businesses – which is exactly what brings you here. You’ve taken advantage of an opportunity to move your business, and we congratulate you on that. But moves can be risky. So to help you with that, our team at Brooklyn Movers New York is here to help you with the 5 challenges of moving a large business. Keep reading to find out more. Continue reading “5 Challenges of moving a large business “

7 Questions to Ask Moving Companies

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How To Handle Unwanted Clothes When Moving?

Regardless of the fact that you may not notice it, closets have a way of magically expanding their contents. It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived in the same house for a decade or have moved into a new apartment every year; clearing out a closet before relocating is almost always a time-consuming chore. Nonetheless, it is worthwhile to take the time to do it well. And if you wonder how to handle unwanted clothes when moving, stick with us till the end of this article to find out. Continue reading “How To Handle Unwanted Clothes When Moving?”

Moving a pool table in Fort Greene: how professionals can help

No moving process can’t be handled without proper preparations. Especially when it comes to moving heavy items from one place to another. And such an item is, for instance, a pool table. Without a doubt, this item isn’t something that you could move with ease and without help. You are going to need help from the best local movers Brooklyn NY. But there are more things you need to do to ensure your pool table arrives safely at your new home. So, in the following article, you can read expert tips about moving a pool table in Fort Greene. Continue reading “Moving a pool table in Fort Greene: how professionals can help”