How to spot a lowball moving quote?

Since moving can be a hectic and costly experience, it’s normal to want to get the best possible deal. Beware of lowball moving quotes, as they may ultimately cost you more in the long run. It’s critical to recognize and avoid lowball moving quotes early on. In this blog post, we’ll look at how some moving companies will entice you with a low quote, only to charge you additional fees and hidden costs later. You can make a well-informed choice and choose respectable New York movers that will not cost a fortune. And all that by knowing how to spot a lowball moving quote!

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How to move a piano without injuries or damage

Even though moving a piano on your own can be difficult, it is possible with the right planning and tools. Hiring movers and storage Brooklyn specialists can guarantee a secure and effective move. However, even if you weren’t thinking of moving your piano all by yourself, here are some tips that could save both your bank account and your back. Follow our moving advice, and you’ll be able to move a piano without injuries or damage. Continue reading “How to move a piano without injuries or damage”

Should you hire fine art movers or DIY it?

Moving your collection of great art is a major responsibility that calls for careful planning. You need to make sure that your artwork arrives securely and remains in the same state as when it was packed. This goes for transferring it to a new house or storing it. Should you hire fine art movers or DIY it will be one of the most important choices you’ll have to make during the moving process. Making the right choice for both you and your artwork requires carefully weighing the advantages and disadvantages of both methods. While a do-it-yourself relocation won’t guarantee the security of your priceless artifacts, hiring fine art movers New York will guarantee a stress-free move.

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How to prepare your home for moving to Gowanus?

Gowanus is one of the many neighborhoods of New York City. It is part of Brooklyn, formerly known as South Brooklyn, and is located in the city’s Northwestern quadrant. It is a small, secluded neighborhood that only 15,000 people call home. Many young people live in the area, and most of them are renting their homes. This is also thanks to the ridiculously high housing prices in NYC, especially in Brooklyn. Rent is $1,800 on average, while buying a home is a significant investment, with prices starting at $1,7 million. If you have done your research on Gowanus and want to make this place home, don’t hesitate to contact one of the best moving companies Brooklyn has. In case you want to learn how to prepare your home for moving to Gowanus, you are also in the right place.

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Things you can leave behind when packing for a move

Moving can be quite stressful, and packing is probably the hardest part. We’re never sure what to pack, and when there’s not much time, we can get easily overwhelmed. That’s why it’s a smart idea to think about the things you can leave behind when packing for a move. What those items are will usually be determined by your personal lifestyle. However, there are some items that reputable movers, such as Brooklyn Movers New York, simply will not move. If you’re still having doubts, read this article to find out which items most people tend to leave in their old apartment when they’re moving away.

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How to disassemble a pool table for moving

Relocating your home and all your furniture was always complicated and costly. One must cover the packing process, set aside an appropriate budget, and find professional movers New York to assist you. Yes, movers will make this much easier, but if you have specific items you need to move, like a pool table, the moving process can be quite difficult. Therefore, let us show you how to disassemble a pool table for moving and ensure it arrives on the other side safely.

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Room-by-room packing guide for your Red Hook relocation

Red Hook, once a shipping port, is today one of Brooklyn’s centers for art, culture, and food scene. It borders Upper New York Bay, Carroll Gardens, Gowanus Expressway, and Gowanus Canal, it is named after the red clay Dutch colonizers found right on the edge of this community. But before you can start exploring Red Hook, you have to pack first, and that can be overwhelming. That is why our team of experts at Red Hook movers made this article with a room-by-room packing guide for your Red Hook relocation that will have you packed and getting to know the neighborhood in no time. Continue reading “Room-by-room packing guide for your Red Hook relocation”

How to pack fragile items when moving to Park Slope

There’s no process that can more make or break your move than packing. It requires a lot of dedication and attention to detail in order to be done well. Especially when you pack fragile items when moving to Park Slope you want to ensure everything is done perfectly. Of course, with the help of Brooklyn movers everything gets done in a simpler and smoother way. But on top of that, we also have some advice. Here are just some things to do when you find yourself in this situation. Continue reading “How to pack fragile items when moving to Park Slope”

How To Safely Pack Artwork for a Move

Artwork still represents one of the best ways to express ourselves. Because of that, as well as the effort put into it, artwork often has a very high value. Now, some artwork has sentimental, while others have more of a financial value. Regardless of what value your artwork poses for you, in today’s article we help you safely pack artwork for a move. From hiring moving companies Brooklyn to ensuring you have all the packing supplies ready, we are going to talk about all the important steps that you need to take. Relocations are stressful as they are, not ensuring the safety of the art you love can increase the stress levels. Later, this can reflect on the entire process. After all, we all want a positive relocation experience, right? Therefore, to ensure that happens, we have to do everything we can to organize and control the moving process. Continue reading “How To Safely Pack Artwork for a Move”

How to simplify your Park Slope relocation

Many people talk about relocations as super stressful endeavors, which isn’t far from the truth. However, it’s not necessary to end your relocation journey feeling completely drained. Plus, it doesn’t have to be always so complicated when preparing for the move. In fact, it’s much easier to simplify your Park Slope relocation than you probably think. Therefore, continue reading our blog, and make sure to get in touch with us at Brooklyn Movers whenever it’s convenient for you. Our experienced team is ready to carry out your move from start to finish. Continue reading “How to simplify your Park Slope relocation”