Writing a moving review – why does it matter?

Moving can be an exciting and interesting time. However, before you can start enjoying your new home you need to have a solid plan. Preparing all aspects of your move is an important part of the whole process. It’s particularly important to find a reliable and trustworthy moving company. Professional movers will safely move your possessions and help you avoid many problems. Once the home moving process is over it’s time to share your experience, regardless of whether it was positive or negative. Writing a moving review is, therefore, an important part of the moving process. Read on and find out why it matters to leave a review, how to write it and where to find moving companies with good feedback.

Writing a moving review is an important aspect of the moving process

Once you have finished moving, unpacking, organizing, and you have finally settled in your new home, it’s time to analyze the moving process. You will inevitably start thinking about your choices and decisions and wonder what could have been done better. It’s very important to share your experience with other people who are in the middle of this journey. Now that you know some tips and tricks, how to pack and label your boxes or declutter your home after you move to Brooklyn, you can help those who will find your review valuable. Writing a moving review will not take a lot of your time but will be beneficial for millions of people and possibly the moving company itself. Relocation can be a tiring and stressful period and we need all the help we can get.

Writing a moving review
Writing a moving review will help future home movers

How to write a moving review

When it comes to writing a moving review, the text should not be too extensive but detailed enough. It should include the basic information about the company, give some specific details, and don’t forget to mention any negative or unexpected circumstances. Did the moving cost change during the process or was it the same as estimated? Were the movers punctual and polite? Did they damage or lose any of your items? Were the movers punctual and pleasant? Did you have any special requests? Were any of your items damaged during the relocation? These details will help future movers in making an informed decision.

All of this information matter as they will determine whether someone will hire a particular company. Also, it will help them avoid common moving mistakes. In addition, include your personal impression. Did the movers try to go the extra mile and meet some of your specific demands or special requests? If they exceeded your expectations, you should reward the effort and patience. Finally, the review will include a mark for the overall impression. You can rate the company’s service as excellent (5 stars), good (4 stars), average (3 stars), unsatisfactory (2 stars) or poor (1 star).

What should you rate?

If you are not sure what exactly to include in your review, here are some guidelines. Think about these main aspects before you tell the world about your moving experience:

  • First impression. Were the movers polite and responsive when you first contacted them? Did they provide the necessary information and answer all your questions?
  • Punctuality. Did they arrive and finish on time?
  • The condition of your possessions. Were your items delivered on time? Was anything damaged or lost during the move?
  • Were there any unforeseen circumstances or surprises such as additional costs?
Rating customer satisfaction
Rate the company’s overall impression

Where to find a moving company with good reviews?

Finding a good and experienced moving company is a process that includes thorough research. Search specialized moving sites first because comments on forums or social media aren’t always reliable. Check reputable moving-related sites such as Better Business Bureau. Here you can find a company’s rating from the highest A+ to the lowest F, previously submitted reviews and complaints. Also, check whether a particular company meets BBB accreditation standards. It’s important to have all this information before you decide to hire a particular company. So, once you decide to leave your review, just search your movers, select the number of stars that you want to give them, and start typing your comment.

Writing a moving review will warn people about fraudulent moving companies

Moving industry is extremely developed and there is a number of companies to choose from. However, if you had a negative experience with the movers, make sure to write about it. By posting a negative review you will warn others to avoid fraudulent Brooklyn movers. These are the companies that usually offer a lower price but do not provide moving insurance. Also, they hide some additional fees and costs, and can even hold your items hostage.

That is why it’s crucial to have your voice heard and expose bad companies. Once other home movers see bad reviews on a company’s website or specialized moving sites, they will stay away from it. In addition, if you want to be taken seriously and sound reliable pay attention to your spelling and grammar. It’s not only about what you write, but how you write it. If your review is filled with writing mistakes people will not see it as reliable.

Hire experienced movers
Finding a reliable and experienced moving company is an important part of the moving process

Your moving review can make all the difference

Writing a moving review is beneficial to both home movers and moving companies. The most common way of finding a suitable and reliable moving company is going online. A part of that process includes reading other people’s comments and reviews. Don’t forget how helpful these comments were when you were in the middle of the moving process. Once your relocation is complete, make sure to write valuable feedback. It will not take a lot of time because you don’t have to be terribly specific. However, make sure to mention how happy you were with the customer service. If you had a good experience with a particular company – spread the word and recommend it. On the other hand, if your movers were horrible you can save somebody else a headache.