Why do people move to New Hampshire?

Thinking about buying a home but you are not yet sure where? Well, we have a great place for you. New Hampshire is very attractive to new residents when it comes to buying new homes. And why is that? Well, there are many reasons to make this decision. With the right moving company and a home you really like, this can be an amazing moving experience. We are here to help you decide why this city is great for you and understand the reasons people move to New Hampshire.

First of all –it is beautiful

One of the reasons why people move to New Hampshire is definitely its beauty. Of course, this is not the most important reasons, but it definitely makes your life more beautiful when there is a sight to see. You can have it all – urban areas and mountains and nature. You can always have an excuse to spend a weekend out and about with your family.

Mountain is an amazing part of this area

Mountain area is a great place both in winter and summer months. In winter, it is an exciting place for all the winter sports – skiing, snowboarding, and tubing! However, when the snow is gone, other activities take place here – zip-lining, railway tours, hiking, etc. Amazing nature is so close to your home!

mountains hiking
If you are a mountain lover, you will easily understand why people move to New Hampshire

Do you like the beach? You are covered in New Hampshire

In case you get tired of the mountains, you can also enjoy the beach in New Hampshire. There are only 18 miles of coastline – but don’t you worry, it is really fun. Hampton Beach is one of the reasons people move to New Hampshire. So many summer activities, shops, restaurants, etc.

Why so many people move to New Hampshire – there is a low risk of natural disasters

Well, this is one of the more ‘serious’ reasons why people move to New Hampshire. Your home will be safe (well, safer than most of the cities) from earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, etc. Therefore, if you are moving to your first home and you worry if it’s going to be safe – New Hampshire is the place for you.

Financial aspect – why people move to New Hampshire

When moving to New Hampshire, you, of course, need to think about the finances. Well, here’s what you need to consider:

  • there are no income and sales taxes – it is an amazing thing when it comes to living in New Hampshire. It means you can freely buy a home or a car, without having to calculate how much money you need to add for taxes.
  • However, the property taxes are a bit higher than in neighboring states.
  • The median house price is $260,200, which makes it the biggest part of the living costs.
  • Renting a studio costs around $839 while renting a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment is around $900-$1200.
Before people move to New Hampshire, they usually consider its financial aspect – which is great!

People move to New Hampshire because it is safe

New Hampshire is voted as one of the top-three safest states in the country. It is a very important factor if you are planning on moving with your family.  That’s why if you are moving from a less safe area, you will probably find it strange to see garage doors open, or people leaving things freely in their yards. Fortunately, you will get used to this advantage very fast and enjoy a safe life here.

people move to New Hampshire
People move to New Hampshire because it is a safe place, perfect for families

Where to live in New Hampshire?

If you are wondering where you should move in New Hampton, because you are moving out of North Hampton for good, for example, we’ve got the best places prepared for you. These are some of the favorite cities where people move to New Hampshire.

  1. Hanover
  2. Exeter
  3. Portsmouth
  4. Durham
  5. Londonderry
  6. Dover

These are some of the favorite places and the best choices when it comes to New Hampshire state. However, you should choose a place that you like and that suits your lifestyle and your job.

How people move to New Hampshire?

Well, if you are a first-time mover, the relocation process may sound scary to you. And yes, there is a good reason for you to feel this way. It is a complicated and overwhelming process if you don’t know how to do it right. Just be sure to:

  1. organize your move in advance – it is essential to be prepared in advance. Moving in a rush increases the chances of making mistakes and therefore spending more money that you plan.
  2. Have a clear moving budget – if you don’t know how much money you need to spend – you may end up spending way more.
  3. Hire the right movers – relocation should be a safe and pleasant experience for you. That’s why hiring someone reliable, like Preferred Movers NH is a must. Local movers know the area well and can help you with the fast and safe relocation
  4. Revise what you are moving – Relocation is the perfect time to go through your items and see if there are some items you should leave behind. Every house has unnecessary things that we accumulate over the years, and those you could recycle or sell. This way you can significantly reduce your moving costs and even make some money!
  5. Pack smartly – being careful and wise during packing and unpacking will minimize the risk of damaging or even losing some of your items – which means more costs. That’s why you need to pack wisely and protect your items from damage. However, if you are not sure how to do it right, taking professional packing services from a reliable moving company is a way to go.
  6. Enjoy – if you hired the right professionals to help you, there is only one thing left for you to do – enjoy the move. You are moving to an amazing city and you should be looking forward to it, instead of worrying and stress it out. Make it a journey to remember!