Why Millennials are Moving to Brooklyn

Once upon a time, Brooklyn was not it! It was a place that you wanted to escape from, rather than be in when it comes to New York City. However, its consistent progress has made it a hot spot that has been attracting young people in throngs. With the help of New York movers, it’s an easy decision. Still, inevitably, the question arises: What is it exactly that Millennials are moving to Brooklyn for? We are here to give you some answers.

Millennials are moving to Brooklyn for its culture and nightlife

Something that comes up the most when young people talk about Brooklyn is its cultural scene. New York Magazine highlighted Williamsburg, Brooklyn as one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the US. Millennials who are moving to Brooklyn will find:

  • a variety of other musical festivals
  • Brooklyn Academy of Music (a known center of avant-garde and performative performances)
  • excellent museums (Brooklyn museum; The Brooklyn Historical Society; The City Reliquary Museum, Brooklyn Art Library, etc.)
  • an abundance of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks (with a casual, laid-back atmosphere which Millennials moving to Brooklyn tend to be drawn by)
  • a lot of free community events
A view onto Brooklyn at night representing Millennials moving to Brooklyn and enjoying its nightlife
Millennials are moving to Brooklyn for its nightlife

Brooklyn’s Diverse Community

Brooklyn has been a famous example of a melting pot. With over 200 languages, and a population nearly half of which is foreign-born, Brooklyn is a paragon of diversity. In addition to that, its sense of community is incredibly strong. This can make anyone ask for a moving quote in Brooklyn. Millennials are moving to Brooklyn knowing they will be accepted no matter their race, ethnicity, or culture.

Outdoor Attractions Appeal to the Millennials Moving to Brooklyn

Millennials’ move to Brooklyn may not be motivated but can certainly be encouraged by its many attractions. Brooklyn has plenty to offer when it comes to leisure and enjoyment. Firstly, there are beaches (Coney Island-Brighton or Beach-Manhattan Beach) and other waterfront areas. Secondly, Botanic Gardens of Brooklyn, for own nature lovers. Thirdly, the beauty that is the Prospect Park with its 500 acres. Last but not least, the famous, over a century-old Brooklyn Bridge.

A view onto a pond in Prospect Park in Brooklyn
The beautiful Prospect Park takes your breath away

Honorable Mentions

Apart from everything already said, there are a few additional things that Millennials are moving to Brooklyn for:

  • great labor market (Downtown Brooklyn is the third biggest business district in NYC )
  • you don’t need a car (like the rest of NYC, Brooklyn has a subway and less than 50% of residents own a car)
  • amazing food markets (Smorgasburg; DeKalb Market Hall; Foodtown of Williamsburg, etc.)
  •  reliable local movers in Brooklyn


There is definitely a reason why New York City can call Brooklyn its most-populated borough. For example, just last year around 20,000 people moved to Brooklyn from Manhattan. There’s no doubt that many of those were Millennials moving to Brooklyn. They must be fascinated by all it has to offer. For any additional info visit NYC’s official guide. If Brooklyn intrigues you and you are considering moving there, why not you see how you like it? You can visit NYC’s official guide for any additional info and plan a trip.