Where to Find Recyclable Plastic Moving Bins

News about how much the humankind has hurt nature surround us every day. Global warming, deforestation, air pollution are something that is talked about on a daily basis. Scientists are trying hard to find solutions for all the trash and garbage that we produce. They constantly give us tips on how to live eco-friendly. They tell us that we should avoid using plastic as much as we can. And they talk about how harmful plastic is for our environment. But believe it or not, plastic can actually be good sometimes. And that’s the case when you’re moving! Even though there’s a difference between residential and commercial moving, using plastic moving bins is actually preferable in both cases. And if you want to find out how that is possible and where you can find recyclable plastic moving bins stay tuned!

A recycle sign
Did you know that recyclable plastic moving boxes are the most eco-friendly option for packing?

Why you should use recyclable plastic moving bins

There are various reasons why you should use plastic moving bins. First of all, they are the most eco-friendly packing option.  The reason for this is that they are made out of plastic that can be recycled. And that means that when they get worn out they can easily be recycled into new ones. So they can basically be used countless times. Their “rival” – cardboard boxes – can be used just a few times before they get useless. Then they have to be thrown away.

Getting rid of the plastic moving bins

Many people don’t properly dispose of the cardboard boxes. When they finish unpacking and they see a pile of used cardboard boxes they have to dispose of, that’s the last thing they want to do. So many of them just go and throw the boxes in the nearest waste container instead of taking them to a recycling center. If you use bins you won’t have to worry about how to reuse leftover packing materials or how to properly dispose of them. Most of the companies specialized in recyclable plastic moving bins will deliver them to you. But also come and get them after you’ve finished unpacking and using them.

Durability of moving bins made out of plastic

A pile of carboard boxes
Even a high-quality cardboard box can be used just a few times before it gets damaged

The fact that bins made out of plastic are more durable than those made out of cardboard is due to the material used in their making. Plastic is a much stronger material than cardboard. That makes bins sturdier than cardboard boxes. So if you think about it, you’ll see that moving bins made out of plastic are a much better and safer choice for your belongings. There’s more chance that something will damage your belongings if you use boxes made out of cardboard.

Save your time and money

Not only is using plastic moving bins a better option because of the environment, but it’ll also save you your time and money. You won’t have to drive around town in search of cardboard boxes. You won’t have to waste your time going through piles of them only to find that they’re all dirty and in poor condition. But you also won’t have to overpay for new cardboard boxes at your local moving supply store. You can save money on moving supplies because recyclable plastic moving bins are much cheaper than cardboard boxes.

Plus, because of this durability, you won’t be needing the same amount of containers. If you use bins made out of plastic you won’t have to use as many as you would have to use cardboard boxes. Another great thing about them is that if you use plastic moving bins you won’t have to use the same amount of other packing materials. You won’t have to spend your time securing bins with packing tape. You can just close the lids. All this will make your move “greener” because you won’t produce as much waste as you would if you didn’t use recyclable plastic moving bins.

Packing tape in different size
If you use plastic moving bins you won’t have to use packing tape to close the bins

Where to find recyclable plastic moving bins

Each day recyclable plastic moving bins get more popular. More and more people opt for them instead of the cardboard boxes. So accordingly, more and more people ground companies that specialize in producing and providing recyclable plastic moving bins. This means that it shouldn’t be so hard for you to find a company that offers moving bins made out of plastic, especially if you live in a big place like Brooklyn. Here are some of the companies in Brooklyn where you can find them:

  • Gorilla Bins
  • BoxUp
  • Bin-it
  • City Bins
  • EZ Bins
  • Jugglebox

Gorilla Bins

Gorilla bins offers free delivery to Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. They have five NYC apartment packages. Every package includes zip ties, labels and 2-week rental with the possibility of an extra week. Every package consists of a balanced mix of different-sized bins – medium and large. If you need other packing materials you can find them there. You can pay extra for a stretch wrap, mattress covers, wardrobe boxes, bubble wraps, and dollies. For 20 bins you’ll have to pay $75 and for 60 bins you’ll have to pay $195.


BoxUp is a company that will deliver bins, dollies, dish and glass partitions to you and then picks it up when you call them. Delivery is free on orders over $99 or you’ll have to pay $20 for orders under $99. You can rent packing bins from one to three weeks. Anything longer than three weeks you’ll have to pay $1.25 per box per week. The price for using 15 bins for three weeks is $99, and for 70 bins and 1 dolly for three weeks is $309.


They offer free delivery of the plastic moving bins within 24-48 hours. They also pick them up when you’re finished unpacking so you can fully focus on unpacking and organizing your home after a move. On their website, you can find examples of what fits in each bin. This can give you a better feel of how many boxes you’re going to need. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about getting dirty bins because they sanitize them before they get to you. They also offer other eco-friendly packing materials like boxes for TV, zip ties, packing paper, sofa and mattress covers, wardrobe boxes and bubble wrap. You can rent the bins for two, three or four weeks. Renting 20 bins and one dolly will cost you $109, whereas ordering 75 bins and one dolly will cost you $269.