What’s the cost of hiring NYC movers?

We are all aware that moving is never an easy task. It takes time out of your schedule. It takes effort to organize it. And it definitely costs money to do it. If you have this clear from the get go, you will deal with it much easier. But, taking all this into consideration, you start planning and budgeting your move. Then you start thinking about hiring moving and storage NYC companies. You begin to think how much will the relocation cost you. To be able to calculate this, you need to know – what’s the cost of hiring NYC movers? Our team of moving experts is here to give you an idea of how much would it cost to hire NYC movers for the job.

Naturally, you want to find affordable moving companies that will do the job right. You don’t want to break the bank on your move. Regardless of their income, people are always looking for a good deal. And moving is no exception. You should know that there are many factors that influence your moving costs. All moving companies consider pretty much the same factors when calculating the price of a move. So, let’s look into them!

Factors that determine the cost of hiring NYC movers

Moving a 4-bedroom residence and moving a studio apartment are two very different jobs. Both the person moving and the moving companies are painfully aware of this fact. And this difference is reflected in the final price.

The amount of things you are moving

Logically, it costs more to move more stuff. Whether your belongings fit in a 12 foot truck or a 16 foot truck affects the price. If you want to keep your moving costs low, you should minimize the amount of things that go with you. Think carefully about each item you possess. Especially large pieces of furniture. Is it really worth hiring NYC movers to move that not so pretty and oh so heavy couch? Or is it better to simply get rid of it and for the price of moving it, buy a new one. Same goes for outdated appliances or anything bulky and difficult to transport.

Time necessary for the move

Time is an important factor when estimating the cost of a move. Moving companies charge their clients by the hour when it comes to moves within the city. It doesn’t matter what the moving crew is doing – packing, carrying, driving or unpacking. Number of movers handling your move also matters. Average price per mover per hour is somewhere between 40 and 60 dollars. Depending on the size of your home, rough estimates are:

  • moving out of a studio normally requires 2 movers. It takes them on average 4 hours to pack up, load the truck, drive to your new destination and unpack your things. Cost of hiring NYC movers for this job adds up to $400-600.
  • moving out of a 2-bedroom apartment is usually a three-man job. They can do it in about 6 hours, depending on the circumstances. So, you can count on it being somewhere between $720 and $900.
  • larger places, like 3 or 4-bedroom apartments or houses require more man power and more time. Usually, there are 4 guys on the site and they can finish the task in about 8 hours. Cost of hiring NYC moving company for practically the whole day is roughly $1280-1920. 

Don’t take these numbers as a given. These are just price ranges that we can give you without actually seeing your belongings and the location.

The location itself influences the cost

Elevators affect the cost of hiring NYC movers
Whether there’s a working elevator or not will affect the cost of hiring NYC movers.

Are you moving into a 5th floor walk-up or is there a working elevator? Is there a place to park on your street or is it constantly busy? If the movers need to move all your belongings up to the 5th floor without an elevator, they will count it as a special service. And charge you extra for it. You should definitely emphasize this when inquiring about the price. Or else you’ll be in for an unpleasant surprise. Same goes for your moving guys.

Special items

Hiring NYC moving company can cost more if you're moving a piano!
Discuss the specific price of moving specialty items, like pianos and antiques.

Some items are extra delicate, unusually heavy or they need special conditions to be transported. For example, pianos, paintings, sculptures or antique pieces of furniture must be handled in a specific way and with extra care. This translates into additional costs. When you have movers over to give you an estimate of the price, ask how much would it cost to move that antique mirror or a large sculpture.

How much effort you put in

How much effort you put in will affect the final bill for hiring NYC movers. If you need help with packing, this will inevitably take longer. And as we explained, moving companies charge by the hour. More hours mean higher cost. Also, if you find yourself in the dreaded situation where you’re moving out of a building that has no elevator and you’re relocating on a budget – don’t despair. You can keep your costs under control, if you do the heavy lifting yourself. We don’t mean entirely by yourself, of course. You can ask relatives and friends to participate. You’ll owe them a favor or two, depending on how heavy your stuff is.

The date of your move

Cost of hiring NYC moving company depends on the date
When you choose to move is an important price determining factor.

Most people want to move at the first or the last day of the month. This is considered peak time for residential relocation. Movers charge more to move on these dates. If it’s possible to move on some other date, you will get a better price. Moving companies are booked on the weekends also. so if you need to move during these times – book in advance! 

As you can see, factors that determine the cost of hiring NYC movers are numerous. To get a precise number, you should get NY moving quote from the moving company. It’s most accurate when they make a home visit.