What to Expect from Full Service Movers

Moving is not an easy thing to do. You have to organize everything, pack up and do a million other things associated with moving. And to top all that, you have to say goodbye to your old home. Doing all that can be exhausting, and to be honest, quite stressful. But lucky for you, there are more and more full service movers every day.

Full service movers are the most expensive option when moving, but they are worth every penny. Hiring them will leave you with nothing to do. They will do everything for you which makes it harder for you to make some of the top 10 moving mistakes. If you put enough time into finding a reputable moving company that offers full service you won’t even have to move a muscle. You won’t have to even be there! And forget about stress! Full service movers will do everything with ease and you won’t have to worry a bit. But if you’re wondering what that everything is exactly, continue reading to find out what to expect from full service movers.

What can you expect from full service movers?

There are so many services you can expect full service movers to offer. They can basically do anything you want them to do that is associated with moving. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to take all use every service full service movers offer. You should discuss with them what services you want because you’ll have to pay extra for every service. So without further ado, here’s a list of what you can expect from full service movers:

  • packing materials
  • packing
  • hoisting services, equipment, manpower
  • furniture disassembly
  • loading and unloading truck
  • storage
  • transportation of your belongings
  • unpacking and furniture reassembly
  • disposal of packing materials
  • insurance

Packing materials and supplies

If you don’t feel like going to the supermarkets, pharmacies, and restaurants in your town and asking them for boxes. Or going in search for other packing materials then you’re in for a treat. All full service movers have their own packing materials and supplies that you can use. They have high-quality packing materials, from sturdy boxes to moving blankets. Just pay attention if it’s an extra fee or it goes in the price.


Packing your furniture and stuff is something that every moving company provides. But only full service movers do it on a higher level. They have all the equipment and manpower you may need. They can hoist your belongings that can’t or shouldn’t be disassembled, like piano or antique furniture. And what sets them apart from moving companies that don’t offer full services is that they own that equipment. That means that they can accommodate any last-minute changes. Other moving companies can’t do that because they rent that equipment.

Full service movers packing fragile things in a box
You won’t have to worry about packing if you hire full service movers.

Furniture disassembly

If you’re taking your furniture with you some of it is bound to be too bulky to pass through the doors. So movers will either need to hoist it or disassemble it. And movers will have employees that can disassemble furniture with ease. And they can do it in a blink of an eye too.

Loading and unloading truck

Again, this is something that every moving company provides. But if you hire a moving company that offers full service, your belongings will be in safer hands. They are more professional, have more experience and equipment to keep your belongings from getting damaged.

Storage is a part of the service of full service movers too

Having storage can be very neat. And only full service movers have one. Imagine if something happens and you can’t accept your shipment on a set date. Or if there’s a natural disaster and movers have to wait to transport your belongings. Or if you just need your belongings to be during a certain period of time between changing houses. A moving company that offers full service would simply put your belongings in their storage and deliver them to you when possible. And your belongings would be safe and sound in the moving company’s storage. Sure, you can find some cheap storage solutions but it’s much easier if you let your mover handle everything.

Transportation of your belongings

All movers provide transportation of your belongings and naturally so do full service movers. But you can also hire a van line instead of a moving company. The difference is that full service movers are more professional. They have different-sized vehicles that can fulfill your every need. And their vehicles are always in excellent condition.

Different-sized vehicles of full service movers
Having vehicles in an excellent condition means that your belongings will arrive when they’re supposed to

Unpacking and reassembling the furniture

After safely delivering your belongings moving company that offers full service can also unpack them. Unpacking and reassembling the furniture is something that could take you even a few days to do. But if you hire full service movers you can just sit back and relax while they finish everything in just a few hours. This way you’ll be enjoying your new home without stress that comes with moving.

Disposal of packing materials

So everything’s unpacked and done? And you’re looking forward to relaxing and just enjoying your new home?  But you come into a room and see all the clutter left after the move. And you don’t know what to do with all the leftover packing materials. Maybe you don’t want to reuse leftover packing materials or you just don’t feel like disposing of it. That’s okay because full service movers can do it for you. They’ll know what to do with all that packing materials so you can go back to relaxing.

Insurance comes with full service movers as well

Even though there’s a small chance that anything will happen to your belongings it’s better if they’re insured. And every moving company that offers full service can offer you insurance. It’s best if you discuss it with them. See what insurance they offer and be peaceful knowing that your belongings are insured.

House in a bubble
It’s better to be safe than sorry

You get what you pay for with full service movers

Now that you know what you can expect from full service movers you can decide what you want. How much you’ll pay depends on how many services you want. Every reliable moving company offers on-site estimates and it’s best if you take advantage of that. Have a few moving companies that you like the most give you on-site estimates. They can give you the most accurate price only if they come to your home and see what you want them to move and see if there are some tricky places that’ll make it harder for them to carry your stuff out. Use that time to discuss with them what services you want and don’t want. And finally, choose movers that are perfect for you!