What is the best way to store a pool table?

Playing pool is a ton of fun, and your pool table has probably been at the center of many good times with friends and family. But what do you do when you need to put it away temporarily, like when you’re moving or fixing up your space? Well, the secret is to find the best way to store a pool table, and that’s what this guide is all about. No matter where you’re moving, it’s important to have experts handle your pool table. You can count on the moving and storage Brooklyn professionals to take care of your precious pool table. They specialize in moving these tables and have special services to ensure your table is well cared for.

Follow these steps to find the best way to store a pool table within your storage space

If you have decided to relocate, it’s crucial to explore the steps and strategies that will help you safely store your pool table, keeping it in pristine condition for years to come.

a woman playing a game of pool
There are many factors to consider when choosing the best way to store a pool table.

1. Disassemble with care

The first crucial step in preparing your pool table for storage is disassembly. Every pool table consists of various components, including the legs, rails, pockets, and the all-important slate. Disassembling these parts with care is paramount to avoid any damage during the process. Therefore, take your time and handle each component delicately. Labeling them as you go will prove invaluable during reassembly, making it a straightforward task when the time comes. Moreover, entrusting this process to professional pool table movers guarantees that the disassembly is done meticulously, reducing the risk of any issues down the line.

2. Secure loose parts

Let’s talk about something small but super important when storing your pool table – the screws and bolts. These tiny parts are like the glue that holds your pool table together, and losing them can be a big headache.

So, here’s the plan: Create an inventory system just for these small parts. And don’t forget to label them. Each screw and bolt should be noted in your inventory list. Labeling makes sure you can recognize each part when it’s time to put your pool table back together. It’s a bit like having a well-organized spice rack – you can easily find the cinnamon when you need it for a recipe.

To keep these labeled parts safe, attach them to one of the bigger pieces of your pool table. This way, they’re always in the same spot and won’t go wandering off. Another option is to have a special box just for these tiny pieces, like a safe for your pool table’s important bits and pieces.

3. Protect the slate

The slate is the soul of your pool table, and it deserves the utmost protection during storage. Therefore, we must think of it as wrapping a precious gem in layers of velvet – that’s how meticulous you should be.

First things first, grab those moving blankets or cushioned padding. These are your trusty shields against potential harm. Wrap the slate snugly, making sure it’s cocooned safely. To take your slate protection to the next level, store it vertically against a wall. This isn’t just about saving space; it’s about preserving your slate’s structural integrity.

It’s worth noting that slate damage is a common issue when pool tables are improperly stored or moved. Therefore, if you choose some of the best moving services Brooklyn has to offer, you’re taking the necessary precautions to avoid costly repairs.

a woman on a pool table
One of the essential tips on how to store a pool table is to cover and elevate it while in storage.

4. Cover and elevate

Once you’ve disassembled and protected the various components of your pool table, it’s time to think about the storage itself. Whether you’re utilizing storage units Brooklyn provides or any other storage facility, it’s crucial to keep your disassembled pool table clean and free from dust or debris. To achieve this, cover the disassembled parts with protective covers or dust sheets. This simple step goes a long way in preserving the appearance and functionality of your pool table.

Another essential aspect of storage is elevation. Elevate wooden components, such as the rails and legs, off the ground using pallets or blocks. This precaution is especially important when storing items in a location where unexpected leaks or moisture build-up could occur. That’s why it’s equally important to find a reliable storage facility as much as trustworthy moving professionals. They can help not only with the disassembly and protection of your pool table but also with the safe and secure storage of its components.

5. Avoid stacking

When you’re organizing the disassembled pieces within your storage unit, make sure to think about the proper arrangement of items. The golden rule here: avoid stacking!

Your pool table’s felt and rails shouldn’t be squished under a pile of stuff. If you forget this, bad things can happen, like dents, warping, and damage over time. Your nice green felt could end up looking more like a mess than a smooth pool table surface. That’s not what you want!

So, when you’re arranging your storage space, make sure to prioritize a layout that treats your felt and rails well. Give them their own space, away from the heavyweight items of your storage unit. This way, and with the help of pool table movers NY, they’ll stay in tip-top shape, ready to make your future pool games as enjoyable as ever.

a mover finding the best way to store bulky items
Hiring professionals can greatly alleviate the process of storing a chunky item like a pool table.

Trust experts for pool table storage success

Storing your pool table is a task that demands meticulous planning and execution. You should find the best way to store a pool table within the storage space you have at your disposal. With the assistance of expert pool table movers, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pool table is in the hands of professionals who understand the importance of proper storage. In case you follow these steps and choose reliable moving and storage services in the borough of Brooklyn, you can safeguard your investment and continue enjoying memorable games of pool for years to come.