What if your movers break something valuable?

Moving is a lot of hard labor. Handling your items, carrying them through narrow halls, up and down the stairs, loading and unloading them off a transporting vehicle. That’s why hiring moving help is essential for a successful transfer. But this is not the end of your worries. Even if you hire the best Brooklyn movers NY you still have concerns about the safety of your items. As experts in the field, we understand your unease. Naturally, you’d want to get your belongings free of damage at your new home. And you surely wonder, what if your movers break something valuable? If you know how to deal with the situation, it will be easier to relax. So here are the best tips from our pros on the matter.

Stay on the safe side if your movers break something valuable

Firstly, it’s important to know what are your movers liable for, and under what circumstances. For example, if you pack your things inappropriately, and you receive them with scratches, abrasions, or other damages, this type of damage is not covered. It’s best to rely on professional packing services to minimize the chance that your movers break something valuable during transfer. Also, it’s good to note any damages that your items already have. This goes for your house as well, like doors, walls, or floors. The bottom line is, you get covered only if movers break something valuable, that wasn’t damaged already. If an accident happens, however, consider the following:

  • Your insurance options
  • Inspect your items and speak up
  • Document the damages and file a claim
Broken plate
Ensure proper packing of your belongings, to prevent damages during transport

Liability insurance protects you in case your movers break something valuable

If you own a delicate item of high value, it’s best to consider adequate insurance, as well as specialized moving services for its transfer. For instance, piano moving requires skilled handling, which not every mover can provide. So, before you even hire a company, make sure they offer everything you need, to protect yourself in case your movers break something valuable. Look into the options of liability insurance for your move, and sign the one that suits you best.

Damaged piano
Choose the right moving services and insurance for your valuable items

Inspect your items and inform the company if movers break something valuable

A reputable mover will take any necessary precautions for the safe transfer of any of your belongings, with furniture moving and fragile china sets alike. However, accidents happen even to the best in the industry, and it can happen that movers break something valuable. So, upon receiving your items, inspect them. Check the wood for scraps and dents, and the fabric for any rips that previously weren’t there. If it happens that something was damaged in the transfer, inform your mover as soon as possible.

A sofa
Check your items before and after your move, and inform your mover timely about any damages

Take photos of the damaged items and file a claim

Here is what to do in case your movers break something valuable. Let’s say you’ve booked a pool table moving service. It’s a great practice to take photos of it before the move. If you notice it’s been damaged later, take another picture of the damaged area. Include a date stamp, or capture a daily newspaper with the date in the frame, to confirm the authenticity of the photos. Then, note this on your Bill of Lading. Next, contact your mover and request the necessary paperwork to file a claim. When your movers break something valuable, a reputable company will work with you to resolve the issue efficiently and peacefully.

To sum up, if it happens that your movers break something valuable, keep your composure and remain calm. Getting offensive or angry won’t score you any bonus points. Rely on your insurance plan and always work with a reliable mover. A good mover wants to deliver your items with no damage as much as you do, and if it happens, remember it was purely unintentional.