What are the cost of moving to Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is one of the most popular parts of New York City, especially for renters. However, the cost of moving to Brooklyn can be high sometimes, thus you should plan carefully in order to find better prices. Here is a quick guide about Brooklyn in general and the cost of living there. We hope this helps you!

A girl standing in front of the Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge is amazing, isn’t it?

The cost of moving to Brooklyn

There are some factors that can influence the cost of moving to Brooklyn. Most commonly, the location plays a key role in this. However, there are some other things, like:

  • The size of the apartment/house. The size of the place you plan to rent plays a major role in this. The average home value of a place in Brooklyn is around $557.000. Of course, you can find cheaper places depending on the location you choose and the size of the apartment. The smaller the apartment, the cheaper it gets. Search for some of the best rental investments in Brooklyn and we are certain you will find everything you are looking for.
A woman carrying a moving box
A woman carrying a moving box
  • Location. This plays the major role as well. Brooklyn can be one of the best & cheap neighborhoods, depending on the location you choose. The locations closer to the center of New York and Manhattan are more expensive than those in the suburbs. Keep this in mind when you are looking for a cheap place to stay.

More factors:

Some of the other factors that might influence your cost of moving to Brooklyn are:

  • Your moving company. This plays a big role. Some moving companies are simply better than the rest. You need to know which ones you can trust with your move. Start with trust. You need to know exactly what you want and you might even receive that if you are lucky enough. Moving companies are not cheap, we are aware of that, but they might be your best option! Start asking around, it might be worth it!


  • Additional factors. The price of your rent is not the only thing you need to worry about. Statistics has shown that even the groceries are more expensive in Brooklyn than in other parts of the United States of America. With this in mind, you can expect that everything would be slightly (or a lot) more expensive than something you got used to before. This will only add to the overall costs of moving and living in Brooklyn.

Interesting things about the cost of moving to Brooklyn

You should realize that you are a big factor for your cost of moving to Brooklyn as well. You can influence this in a lot of ways, some of which you probably never thought about. It is important to understand that your location plays a vital role in this. However, your apartment cost can decrease up to $300-450 per month, depending on your location. If you do not need to be close to the center of New York, you have nothing to worry about. Overall, Brooklyn is really amazing. Keep in mind that you can influence your cost of moving there and you will be fine! We hope this brief guide helped you at least a bit. Good luck!