What are additional moving services in Brooklyn

When thinking about hiring a moving company, you probably think about people carrying your bulky furniture up and down the stairs, loading boxes into a truck, and transporting them to your new home. Movers like Brooklyn Movers New York offer so much more than just the basic package. These additional services are the ones that make your relocation go smoothly. Before choosing just the basic package, take a look at all the additional moving services in Brooklyn.

Storage is one of the additional moving services in Brooklyn

If your move didn’t go exactly as planned and you already moved out of your old home and cannot yet move into the new one, you can have unexpected expenses. Ask your movers if they offer storage services. Chances are they do and they can offer it to you for a discounted price.

People walking around a warehouse
If something unexpected happens during the move, its always good to have a storage backup plan

Packing and unpacking

Preparing for a stressful move all by yourself can be difficult, let alone pack your entire house. It is always recommended to hire packing as an additional service. Who wants to pack their entire house by themselves? Chances are that you won’t do it as well as they will. Trust us that it will make your life so much easier.

Professionals can disassemble and reassemble your furniture

Some electronic devices, large furniture pieces, and anything that is mounted to the wall need to be taken apart before transporting. Save yourself some time and thinking how to do it by hiring professionals that do this every day. They have the needed knowledge and tools to do it. When you get to your new home, they will also put it back together for you.

Special items handling

Don’t hesitate to enlist additional services if you have any of the following items:

  • Antiques
  • Art ( fine art moving is one of the many additional moving services in Brooklyn)
  • Wine
  • Piano
  • Pool table

These items need more than the average moving service to be transported safely. If you have expensive art pieces that need to be moved, don’t hesitate to hire fine art moving services to do it for you. This way you can rest assured that your precious possessions will get to your new home intact.

Pictures on a white wall
Professional movers are your best bet when it comes to taking care of your special items

Difficult maneuvering is one of the additional moving services in Brooklyn

It can be frustrating to arrive at your new home to see that some heavy furniture piece doesn’t fit through the door. A moving company that offers furniture moving as an additional service can be your savior. Experienced movers can fit furniture through the windows if the doors are too small. This action will probably take a lot of strength and maneuvering from you, while experienced people do it without a problem.


Moving into a home that hasn’t been completely cleaned or cleaning up after you move out, doesn’t have to be done by you when you can hire help for that. That usually means that they will hire a separate cleaning company for you, with a schedule that works for you.

Additional moving services in Brooklyn – conclusion

The best moving companies will help you with every aspect of your move from the beginning to the very end. It is important to choose a mover that will suit your individual needs, and your move will be so much easier. Because who doesn’t want an easy relocation?