Unpacking after the Brooklyn move

The Brooklyn move is finished. That’s it, you’re finally in that famous NYC borough of Brooklyn. Tired, but excited and charmed by this terrific city. Don’t relax just yet. There is still a job to be done. Unpacking after the Brooklyn move is something that will annoy you. However, it must be done so you could fully prepare for a new page in life! If there is not enough time for some reason, or you just don’t want to bother with the unpacking, you can always ask the specialists for a local NYC move to help you. The reputable and reliable NY movers offer additional moving services for free or at a very low cost. Therefore, there is no reason to have another difficult task after the long day of moving to the Kings County.

Are you moving your home or office to Brooklyn?

We suggest you hire professionals for packing and unpacking an office
Packing and unpacking an office is a task for professionals

There is quite a difference if you’re making a commercial move to Brooklyn instead of moving your home. We shall talk basically about the unpacking after moving your home, but let’s just say a few words about moving your office to NYC. When it comes to the unpacking after moving to Brooklyn, it’s a completely different story if you need to unpack your office instead of your home. There is a whole bunch of documents, office furniture, computers etc. Hence, you need to be a lot more careful with this than when unpacking your home. If you don’t know for sure how to do something, we suggest you at least consult your office moving experts or hire the NYC movers to completely do the unpacking after you moved to Brooklyn.

They are the experienced professionals trained for this kind of stuff, so they know how to raise the safety for your belongings to a maximum, and finish everything ASAP. However, if you have a specific desire to include your employees in the process of unpacking, which is recommended by the psychologists, to ease up the relocation, you should at least talk to your movers and ask them for some pieces of advice on how to do everything with no troubles. Make sure you supervise the process!

A good organization makes unpacking after the Brooklyn move easy and fun!

Keep the things simple and easy. Organizing the unpacking doesn’t start after the move. It begins with the good organization during the packing. Hence you should pay attention even before you start packing your stuff. To help you with this, we decided to give you a few tips, so the unpacking after the Brooklyn move wouldn’t be a stressful and tiring process. Here are a few things you should do before and after the move to Brooklyn to ease up the unpacking:

  • Make a packing plan- The best way to ease up the unpacking is to organize the packing process properly!
  • Sort the things that should be packed together- The things that you use together, or in the same room, should be in the same box.
  • Pay attention when loading the boxes into the moving truck- To start unpacking after the Brooklyn move the moment the movers leave, pay attention how your (or the movers) are loading the boxes
  • Make the unpacking plan- The good plan is half a job done.
  • Don’t panic and don’t rush- Who’s chasing you? Keep it as slow or as fast as your comfortable with. Everything else will make the things stressful.
Keeping the things organized makes unpacking after the Brooklyn move a piece of a cake
Make unpacking after the Brooklyn move a piece of a cake – Keep the things organized!

The packing plan – A key to unpacking faster after the move to Brooklyn

First of all, if you don’t intend to hire the movers to help you pack, you should get some help. The packing process is a very tiring job, and you’ll need help. Therefore, this is the first thing that should be in your moving plan. After that, you need to decide what’s coming with you, and what’s not. Getting rid of the clutter makes the packing and the unpacking easier. Third, get the proper packing supplies. Basically, the most important thing here is to get the boxes that weren’t labeled before and to get the labels and markers. Labeling the boxes is the thing that makes it clear what’s in each box, and that’s crucial once you start unpacking.

Keep the similar things together

When packing, after you sorted the items that should go together, make sure you do exactly as you planned. Now, there will be a lot of situations where the things couldn’t fit in the same box, but you can pack them into the boxes next to each other. Just make sure you clearly label the boxes so you know what’s going together. Also, before you start packing, find out what items can go together, so you don’t fill the box with the things that can damage each other.

Loading the boxes into the tuck should be done carefully too

Not only in terms of not throwing the boxes into the truck.  (don’t do that anyway) In terms of which boxes go first, and which ones go last. You must think about the unpacking after you move to the Kings County even before your moving truck starts the trip. This way, you can be sure that every box will come out when it should after the move.

Make a plan for unpacking after moving to Brooklyn

Don't unpack more than one room of your new Brooklyn home at the time
Don’t rush, unpack one room of your new Brooklyn home at the time

After your movers leave, and you’re stuck with all those boxes, don’t panic. Sit down and make the unpacking plan. Delegate who does each part of the job. Let your children unpack their rooms, especially if old enough. This will make them glad they can help, and enjoy the process. And you go each room at the time. Never unpack more rooms at the same time. And start with those rooms you need the most. So you can start a normal Brooklyn life even before the unpacking process is over. In case you don’t get to finish it by the end of the day or week (depending on the number of boxes you need to unpack).

Don’t rush

The rush could bring stress in your life, and the stress causes troubles. Avoid this by not rushing. Go room by room according to your plan for unpacking after the Brooklyn move, and everything will be just fine. It’s not a big deal even if you don’t unpack the same day. It’s only important to unpack the rooms you need to use since the first moment (such as the bathroom and the bedroom). The relocation is a very tiring process itself. After you moved to Brooklyn, everything else is easier. Try to unpack after moving to Brooklyn with the smile on your face, regardless of how much job is left. This is the recipe to success!