Transporting furniture vs. buying new furniture – relocation 101

No matter where you are moving or how often you have done it so far, there are always millions of questions and doubts regarding a relocation. Moving can be quite complex, whether you are moving one block away or across the country. In addition, there are so many things that you need to organize. In this case, making a move is an action that you must take. However, there are some things that you cannot decide upon easily. Before hiring the best movers New York, you will need to think about what to do with your furniture. Other items that you will pack are much easier to handle. However, packing and transporting your furniture pieces can take a lot of time, skills, and energy. In this article, try to figure out whether you should deal with transporting furniture vs. buying new furniture.

It depends on where you are moving

If you are moving across town, it is certainly more affordable to book a moving company, load the items on the truck, and head to your new home. However, in case you are moving out of the city or state, there are things to consider regarding your furniture move.

awoman reading on a laptop about transporting furniture vs. buying new furniture
Check all the options regarding moving your furniture

One of the first things you need to know is that for long-distance moves, your movers will charge you per kilogram as well as per distance. For example, transporting a buffet table costs between $500 and $600. Before hiring furniture movers New York, you need to know that transporting a couch or a sofa can cost you up to $1000. On the other hand, buying a new sofa at Ikea can cost from $400 to $1200. Of course, you can always turn to some used furniture in good condition, which you can buy on eBay or some other site.

Transporting furniture vs. buying new furniture – how to make a decision

Shipping furniture to your new home is a complex question with many different layers. For example, if you ship furniture pieces you like, you will continue enjoying them in your new home. In addition, some pieces may hold sentimental value. Therefore, it is not easy to let some pieces go. For example, if you have a piano that has passed through generations, you would certainly wish to hire piano movers NYC to help you with the relocation. This way, they will add nicely to your new interior. In case some of these items cannot fit into your new place, no matter how valuable they are to you, you can think about donating or even selling them.

In case you wish to change the whole living concept

We can have the same furniture for years at a time. In case you have been thinking about making a change, now is a perfect time for that. Maybe you have bulky and dark wooden furniture pieces. On the other hand, you are dreaming about having some light colors around you.

two man standing next to a pool table
Consider the value of your items when making the decision about transporting furniture vs. buying new furniture

In that case, this is definitely not worth transporting. In addition, you can sell this furniture and earn some money to buy a new one. On the other hand, you may have a huge yet valuable piece, such as your pool table. If you gather your friends around this table and have a good time, it’s worth booking pool table movers NYC. But also, you need to think about whether it is worth the moving costs and the time you will spend on preparation. Moving a pool table can cost between $1300 and $1800.

Check the dollar value of all your furniture

When in doubt about transporting furniture vs. buying new furniture, you need to think about the value of your pieces. If you have expensive, high-quality furniture, it is definitely worth transporting them. However, pricey furniture can be a burden, especially for those planning to start a family. You may have paid a small fortune for a designer sofa back in the day. Check if home packing services are worth the money if your kids will spill food and drinks over them. In addition, think about whether some less expensive pieces would be more practical and make you happier in your new home. You may realize that you would rather spend some quality time at home while actually using this furniture. Weighing the cost of your furniture move with what makes you truly happy is the only way you can have a positive situation regarding your move.

Transporting furniture vs. buying new furniture- what should be the final decision?

If you turn off the personal value of your furniture, then you can compare the numbers. For example, you can take some time to make a shopping list of the potential pieces you wish to buy. Then you can compare it to the moving quote you got from your reliable movers.

a man and a woman packing furniture
One of the best options is to combine your old and new furniture

In addition, look at the old pieces and see how they will fit into your new home. One of the best things to do is to consider combining old and new pieces. Furthermore, you can give some old pieces a new look by refurbishing them. There are so many ways and styles in which you can make old furniture look new. Finally, think about whether you will need to use storage units for some pieces. This way, you’ll know whether it’s worth transporting and storing for the long haul.

There are many things to consider regarding transporting furniture vs. buying new furniture. In certain cases, it goes without saying that you will ship the valuable pieces that you have held for generations. However, it is necessary to compare many different factors when making this decision. You need to think about whether the shape and size of your new home will align with the style of your furniture. Some low-cost items may not be worth transporting. On the other hand, you may be happy with your cheap coffee table in your new living room. Finally, there is a lot to think about, and the most important thing is that you are satisfied with the look of your home.