Top Ten Moving Mistakes

What are the worst moving mistakes you can make? When people are moving, it can be so stressful. That is why you can make a mistake you never thought you will. Wherever you move, locally or somewhere far, it has its own problems and obligations, of course. Learn what are top ten moving mistakes people often make and how to avoid them and save your home, belongings, and money too.  If you want a successful move, try to get all the important information and tips from professionals or friends who have an experience with moving.

What are the top ten moving mistakes people make?

Making a mistake is in human nature and it is normal, especially when thinking about settling down in another country. But, it is also normal to get some tips and learn from someone else experience and mistakes.

#1 DIY moving may be dangerous

Many people think that they can move their items and furniture themselves. But, the truth is, it is not simple and easy. Especially, when you do not have any experience with moving and packing. In the end, the most people end up with damaged items. If you want to move your items without moving company, you should rent a truck, drive it, load and unload boxes from the truck, etc. It is easy when you know how to drive a truck and when you have small and easy boxes. But what about long distance moving and heavy and large furniture such as a sofa or a hot tub?

A back pain.
When you move the boxes alone, you can hurt you and damage your belongings too.

 #2 Booking a move on time

As soon as you find out that you are moving, start to search for a moving company. It is never too early to hire a moving company because it is better to have more options. It is not just about hiring a moving company. You should check them and do a research and that requires a time. So, pick three or four and ask them whatever you want about moving.

 #3 Getting the moving estimate

Many people underestimate how much items they have, and it is a common mistake. You will never buy a car, for example, without knowing the price. So, getting an in-home estimate is the important step when moving. Besides that, ask about hidden fees and costs. You do not to be surprised when the bill comes.

 #4 Moving without an essential box

Imagine the moment you need to start to unpack your boxes and the scissors are inside. Or, after a long day, you want to change your clothes and brush your teeth, but you have to open all of that boxes to find what you need. Packing an essential box sound ridiculous, but trust us, it’s worth it. Pack, for example, scissors, t-shirt, underwear, soap, shampoo, a towel, snacks, toothpaste, and toothbrush…It can be so much helpful during moving and after moving too.

#5 You forgot to check your pet

If you are moving with your pet, take him/her to the vet before moving. We know that you already have hundreds of different obligations, but your pet only has you. If your pet is going to travel by plane, ask for recommendations, which company is the best. After a long moving day, reward him with a delicious treat.

A cat sleeping in a pot.
Your pet only has you, so give them a special treatment. They can be stressed too.

#6 Checking the insurance

What will happen if movers drop your unique and antique vase? If you did not check the insurance and the contract you have signed with a moving company, it can be a problem. What if the mover you hired does not have enough insurance? That’s why you need to read the contract well and to check their insurance. Better safe than sorry.

 #7 You forgot about your plants

Plants need a special treatment. So, when you talk with a moving company, ask them if they have conditions to move your plants. When the moving is local, it is not a big problem. But, if the moving is a long distance, your plant will be dead in a dark and cold space. Transplant plants from your breakable pots and lighter-weight pots. If you cannot move your plants, donate them to your friends.

#8 Cleaning the house

Forgetting to clean a house is a common mistake. With all those problems and obligations, cleaning is not on your “to do list”. But, it should be. Especially, before packing. When you clean your home, you will see what to keep, toss or maybe to donate. A lot of people keep things they do not need anymore. That means they need to move more things, and more things mean more money to pay. So, this mistake can cost you a lot of money.

#9 You did not check everything twice

Making a checklist is not a fun part, but it can save you from making these top ten moving mistakes. Before you do anything, make a checklist. Many people do not check their boxes and documents on a moving day. Also, after moving check the inventory again to be sure everything is there. 

A checklist for moving.
Creating a checklist will help you with checking your inventory.

#10 Choosing the wrong moving company

When you find a moving company you want to hire, check them and ask for referrals. The right moving company is a key to the moving without mistakes. Get recommendations, and choose the experienced moving company you can trust.

How to avoid common moving mistakes?

Now when you know the top ten moving mistakes, you can avoid them. But, how?

  • Plan ahead and be organized to avoid those top ten moving mistakes.
  • When you pack your items, keep your valuables in a safe spot.
  • Be free to ask for help and tips. It is normal to be stressed out and lost.
  • And when you do make a mistake, try to fix them. Do not panic.
  • Avoid stress, because it is the number one cause of making moving mistakes. And, of course, your health is the most important thing.