Top places to move to in New York – Neighbourhoods of Staten Island

In one of our previous articles, we mentioned something about each of 5 boroughs of New York. Reading it would probably help you realise where possibly could you move to in New York and improve the quality of your life. Therefore, our team has worked really hard during past weeks on collecting the information about each of boroughs, so we would be able to present you the top places-neighbourhoods that are worth moving to in New York. Since there are too many neighbourhoods, we will not here tell something about all of the themes, nor we are going to tell something about top half. We are only going to discuss those territories which we consider the best possible for each borough. The criteria that we used during the research were the same for all of them so that you wouldn’t make a mistake by choosing to move to any you find the most sympathetic. Here is the list of criteria that we used:

  • Decent place for people with kids, and also for single people- Eliminating factor to those not acceptable for each of them
  • Affordable to movers to New York with average income- based on the cost of life(renting, eating, having fun…)
  • Availability of green spaces- we eliminated those with no trees, or with small green territories
  • Nightlife- Neighbourhoods were eliminated based on that if there is a place to have different kinds of fun at night
  • Healthcare- Only those neighbourhoods with close medical facilities ’survived’ our check
  • Schools- Being that the neighbourhood had to be acceptable for people with kids, we picked those with good schools for different age

With all that we said before in mind, we will say something about each of top neighbourhoods in Staten Island. Just to explain something furthermore- Not every criterion must be fulfilled in every of parts of Staten Island, but everything on the list had to be close enough so you wouldn’t have to travel a lot to get to it.

staten island
Local gem of the New York Staten Island

West Brighton -Best  place in New York  to move to for families with children

       West Brighton is a name that stands for the New York neighbourhood that was originally called Factoryville. The part of it closer to the shore is named Livingston. The Dutch were the first settlers of this area, and they came in 1600. What is interesting about this neighbourhood is that the residents of it remained loyal to the crown during the American revolution. Later immigrants to this area were coming in waves, and they were German, Irish, African and Hispano-Americans.

What is important to say about West Brighton, which was the main reason to put it among top places to move to in New York is that childcare is great here. Staten Island zoo is also located here. These two make it clear why we chose this part of the city as a perfect place for families with the children. Some other landmarks here are children’s museum, Art Lab, Staten Island Music conservatory. You could say that this neighbourhood has almost everything that one could need for life. Among other things, it has Richmond University Medical centre, St Austin Military school, J. Mahoney playground, Chinese garden, also botanical gardens and many more things, making it perfect for the rest of categories, besides families with children. Another information that proves we are right to say that is that it is affordable for people with the average income.We are sure that every, or almost every New York mover could find something interesting to make him want to get settled here.

Bay Terrace-Everyone can afford to move here in New York

        The historical name for Bay terrace was Whitlock. Name of the main thoroughfare of the place at that time was Bay Terrace Avenue. Through the time the Avenue got lost, and the name of the street simply became the name for the neighbourhood. That happened somewhere around World War II. During the 70s many Jewish families moved from Brooklyn and Queens here in Bay Terrace, and by that provided demographic contrast among the inhabitants.

The ultimate reasons for placing Bay terrace on this list of top places to move to for New York movers are that it is at the centre of the island, it is adjoined on two great areas- Oakwood and Great Kills, it is close to the ocean, and close to the National Recreational Area in Great Kills. this information make it clear that this place is great for sports and recreational activities, there are many green parks within or around it, and therefore make it easy for everyday life, being that there is always the opportunity to enjoy the nature, and that, as psychologists say, relaxes mind, and release the stress from the body, which is very good news, for 21st century, the century of stress. This being mentioned, together with the information that almost everybody may financially afford to move here, helps us understand why we can see all categories of people here- families with children, singles, students and retirees. If you are reading this, you can see that, no matter what category of these you belong to, you may find a good living by moving to this New York neighbourhood.

Great Killings -Top place to move to in New York based on relationship among neighbours

Great killings is a neighbourhood on the south shore of Staten Island the most to the north. Do not get confused by the name of it. The name dates from 1865. Kill is the Dutch word for ’creek’ or ’channel’. Before that, this neighbourhood had two names Caideron for the eastern part, and Newtown for the western part.

The first and the most important reason why we put Great Killings among three neighbourhoods that we recommend to move to in Staten Island, New York is the spirit among neighbours, which is far more than just great. People living here treat each other almost as members of a family which can be felt on the streets. It is the home of middle, and upper middle class, which means that it is not too expensive for life. And, we claim, if you decide to move here rather than moving to another part of New York, there is a probability that you and your family would feel like you would never want to move elsewhere. There is the New York Public Library here, also there is a great public transportation in Great Killings, plenty of restaurants, different shops containing different things you might need, and the streets of the place are quiet.

Therefore, should you move to New York, particularly Staten Island, here is a reminder of what are the most important things why to consider moving to each of these three neighbours in Staten Island for moving to it

  • West Brighton– Staten Island zoo, affordable life forNew York movers with average income, good children care are strong arguments for being considered for relocation destination
  • Bay Terrace– close to the ocean, and close to the National Recreational area, many green parks make the decision easy regarding should you take this place into consideration when deciding where to move in New York
  • Greate Killings– Spirit among neighbours, great public transportation, quiet streets. Maybe sounds a bit like a fairytale about the perfect city.