Top neighbourhoods for relocation in New York

 Get to know top adjacencies of Manhattan

The continuance of articles about the subject of moving to New York leads us to the neighbourhoods of New York placed in Manhattan. This part of the big apple is maybe the most popular among people around the world, being the economic capital of the world, as we said when we briefly said something about each of 5 boroughs in New York to move to. We also mentioned in our article about top neighbourhoods in Staten Island- link what are our criteria to rate the neighbourhoods, or what do we compare them by and then decide which ones among them deserve to be mentioned here as good enough to move to in New York. Therefore, we will not here explain every criterion, but we will only say what they are. In case you are interested in further explanation of each, you can check it out by simply clicking on the link above, about neighbourhoods in Staten Island. So, the main criteria that we used are:

  • Decent place for people with kids, and also for single people
  • Affordability to New York movers with average income
  • Availability of green spaces
  • Nightlife
  • Healthcare
  • Schools

Lenox Hill – Top neighbourhood for those New York movers who can afford it

neighbourhoods for relocation lenox Hill
Top neighbourhoods for relocation in New York: LENOX HILL

It is nothing unusual in placing Lenox Hill among the top neighbourhoods in New York that we recommend you to relocate to. It found the place on almost every list of top places for life, not only for Manhattan territory but for the territory of New York. The peace that you may find here is completely unusual for the city as big as New York is. Also, the beauty of the buildings makes it easy for you to enjoy just walking through the streets. While walking in the street and enjoy the beauty of the buildings, you might be interested in paying a visit to some of the art galleries here, or you might dine in some of the finest restaurants, or otherways go for a shopping in some of many boutiques specialised in most various things.

After checking out the basics why to move on basis of beauty and peace, we will give you some numbers that will make Lenox Hill for those who are moving to or from New York and consider where is the best place to relocate. The most of the people living here rent their homes, almost 3/4 (73%). What is important to mention is that crime risk is lower of the state average- 37%. 40% of the inhabitants have the master or bachelor degree. All in all, if you decide that this is the top neighbourhood for relocation in New York, and you are architecture and art lover, you probably will not regret it!

Battery Park City

If the community spirit matters the most when you are picking where to relocate- this New York’s neighbourhood is just the place for you.

move to battery park-city
Top neighbourhoods for relocation in New York: BATTERY PARK CITY

Another place with wonderful architecture in terms of the beauty of the buildings in it. When mixed with very low crime rate, and a great community, this is probably our redaction one of two picks when talking about top neighbours in New York where it would be the best to relocate to. One more thing makes this neighbourhood special, and that is the number of trees on the streets- somewhere around 3600 per square mile! Together with the data that 1/3 of the territory are parks, Battery Park City seem like an oasis inside the asphalt of New York. What possibly could be a rejective factor for this part of New York to move to is the information that the expenses here are 18% higher than the state average. But what makes it too good to refuse is the crime risk which is 92% lower of the national average!!! In case you have a family, or just want to live in a safety environment- is It worth to pay some more and move to one of the safest neighbourhoods of New York?

Tudor City – Amazing place to consider for all factors of life when moving to New York

Tudor city is another place of great safety in New York. But it is not known only for that. Name the most important criterion for you, regarding the top neighbourhoods for relocation in New York, and I will tell you that Tudor City would be the satisfactory place for you. Maybe not the best for each criterion, but among the best for the sum of them certainly.

Tudor City is also among cheaper parts of New York, especially among the expensive Manhattan neighbourhoods, and it is 13% below the national average of expenses. Also, it is also very safe place. Not safe as previously mentioned Battery Park City, but still 8% below national average, when we talk about crime risk. What it is even more interesting to consider when discussing moving to New York is that there are almost 6700 trees per square mile! Almost as double as Battery Park City, and also more parks from this place famous for its nature.

Carnegie Hill

Carnegie Hill

When we said something about two picks for the recommendation about top neighbourhoods to relocate to in New York, Carnegie Hill is the other one. Maybe even alone at the top of the list, considering criteria mentioned at the beginning of this text. It has enough nature to enjoy in, alone or together with your family, and what divides it from almost every other neighbourhood, not only in Manhattan, but in the New York, is that there is almost no filth hear, and the noise, if it appears, is among the lowest possible in this big city. Also, what might be interested about Carnegie hill for New York movers with families is that there are good private schools here and there are many people having pets here.

Talking about numbers, there are over a million students here, being that Carnegie Hill is placed in the area of New York Public Schools zone. The crime risk is somewhat 30% above national average, but it is regarded to be among safest parts of Manhattan. The expenses here are 25% above national average, ant that might be the possible problem for choosing this neighbourhood as top to move to among others in New York.