Top music festivals in Brooklyn to visit

There are many reasons to visit Brooklyn, but there are top music festivals in Brooklyn to visit and enjoy great music. Everybody knows that Brooklyn is one of the greatest cities in the world. It has many different cultures, nations, and types of people who live there together. Brooklyn is maybe the most popular multicultural city in the US. It literally celebrates diversity and uniqueness.

That is why is not strange when Brooklyn has many music festivals that promote the music and culture of different people and social groups. If you are preparing to go to the Brooklyn, these are top music festivals in Brooklyn to visit.

Visiting music festivals has many benefits for the people

  • They are able to see many different cultures and nations in one place;
  • Some of the top music festivals in Brooklyn are popular worldwide;
  • People who visit festivals usually listen to the same types of music, so they can meet similar people;
  • It is a great way for getting acquainted in Brooklyn neighborhood;
  • Festivals are usually in summer, so they are a great way to go outside during summer heats;
  • In spite of a few small accidents, they keep music festivals as very safe and well-organized.

Afropunk festival

Not only that this festival shows the differences between nations in music, but it also shows specifics of the African art and culture. The performers hold a festival in Commodore Barry Park (City Park) on August 27 and 28. The entrance is free. In case that you live in Europe and want to visit this festival, the organization of the festival made a copy of it. This is a good opportuniti if you are moving to Europe from Brooklyn. It is happening in Paris in July.

Musician plays guitar on one of the top music festivals in Brooklyn
There are many famous and renown musicians that you can hear at the top music festivals in Brooklyn

Central Brooklyn Jazz Festival

This is another festival that celebrates diversity but also a quality in the music that is famous in the world. The festival takes place from May 15th to the April 15th and during that month people are able to see many different performers and musicians. This is actually the longest jazz festival in the world. As the organization said, it should promote the dignity of the people and protect affordable, accessible and attractive venues.

Northside Festival

After you move to Brooklyn this should be on the list of top music festivals in Brooklyn to visit, mostly because of popularity. It is also a center of the all happening during the festival. At the beginning of June even 400 groups, 150 creators, and 150 speakers take part in the festival and share good energy with visitors. However, the festival has numerous concerts, so visitors can purchase tickets for all of them, or buy just for those that they like.

Glow up body paint festival

Yes, you read well. It is a festival that includes glow up body paint and the music. It is actually the end of the Music Weekend 2018 and includes many DJs, musicians, artist, and visitors. However, the most attractive is the body paint artist which will participate in the organization and surely make your body attractive if you like.

Labor Day weekend

This is a very attractive and interesting festival, especially if we know that it includes the day on the beach in Brooklyn. This festival actually presumes a party on the rooftop but still hidden and unknown to other people. In case that you want to be part of it, you should buy a ticket and then wait for the call. Another part of one of the top music festivals in Brooklyn to visit is the day on the beach with DJs and other performers. This is a great way to celebrate Labour Day and labor rights.

Brooklyn Hip Hop music festival

This is not only a music festival; this is a more than a music festival. It includes artists, musician, actors, writers, dancers, and activists that are connected to original hip hop culture. The center of the festival is a large stage in Brooklyn Center Park with famous hip-hop musicians. Besides that, people will be able to participate in many actions and happening during the day.

On top music festivals in Brooklyn participate different musicians
On top music festivals in Brooklyn participate different musicians

Brooklyn country music festival

Even you are not particularly loved in country music, you must love this festival. It is not accidentally that we put it on the list of top music festivals in Brooklyn to visit. For people who love this music, it is almost close to Nashville music festival. On the other hand, there are many performers that play commercial and attractive music that everybody can be included.

Live at the Archway

Under the Brooklyn Bridge, from June to September, every Sunday musicians perform their music for free. Not only that it takes so long, but it also has many different performers and music that they play. You can hear music from salsa, RnB, hip-hop to jazz, and choose which one of them you want to hear. Every year more and more performers come there to play. Many of them are young and not known players, but could be famous for year or two. Do not miss this opportunity to see some of them for the first time.

Brooklyn Folk Festival

This is one of those festivals that people love because of great music and performers, but also as a place where they perform that music. As the matter of fact, the historic Ann’s church, in Brooklyn Heights is a great place for visiting. If we add to those more than 30 performers that play very interesting music, you understand why this festival is so attractive.

Seaside summer concert series

As you can see from the title, it is not a real festival. It is more concerts in a role, connected with great performers and music they play. You will be able to enjoy in Amphitheater near the seaside, on Coney Island. Do not miss this opportunity to hear the best players in one place.

Celebrate Brooklyn is one of the top music festivals in Brooklyn to visit

DJs also participate on some of the top music festivals in Brooklyn to visit
DJs also participate on some of the top music festivals in Brooklyn to visit

Do you know a better way to show your dedication and excitement with Brooklyn? It is a summer traditional festival that includes a picnic on the grass and free entrance. As the matter of fact, the only price is $3 that organizators suggest as a donation. Be prepared for different performers, but great music, while you sitting under the open sky. This festival takes from June to August. Numerous musicians and artists participate there.