Top family neighborhoods in Brooklyn

Moving to one of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn with family can be the best decision of your life. Neighborhoods in Brooklyn have become the most desirable areas of the New York City. It’s an interesting place for many because of its hip artistic scene, great restaurants, vast parks and business opportunities. It’s appealing to young people, entrepreneurs, artist but also for the families. True, it will be a stressful process, but once when you settle down, you can enjoy all that this New York borough has to offer. Brooklyn has great neighborhoods especially design for family life – you just have to find the one that best suit you.

Moving to Brooklyn with family

Moving to Brooklyn with family is not an easy task, but you can take a few steps and make it less stressful. The key is a good planning and organizing.

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn is a great place for raising a family.

Here are some guidelines that you should follow when you are moving to Brooklyn with family:

  • Talk to your family – first step of your moving should explain your children reasons for your relocation. Talk to them honestly and with understanding. Include them in the process. Ask for their opinion. Your children might be against the change, but if you explain to them openly why relocation is inevitable, they will be more willing to accept it.
  • Include your whole family in the choosing the new place to live – When you are moving with your family, you have to find a home that will suit the need of all of its member. See houses together, or show them online your best choices, and let them decide.
  • Choose a right school – Education of your children is a priority, but they are the ones that will spend years in it. So consult them. Find the facility that has after school activities that they enjoy. Choosing a right school for your kids is a precondition of their happiness in the new neighborhoods.
  • Hire a moving company – When you find a new place to live, the most stressful part is coming – packing your stuff. It can be really nervewracking to protect and then pack every little thing that you have. There are many tips and tricks that can help you pack if you prefer to do it yourself.
    But the best way to save your peace and make the moving process so much easier is to hire a moving company. If you’re on the budget, don’t worry – there are a lot cheap, but reliable moving companies in NY to choose from.

Top family neighborhoods in Brooklyn

When moving to Brooklyn with family, the most important thing that you have to consider is where your new home will be. Choosing the perfect one, of the 30 neighborhoods that Brooklyn has, is not an easy choice.
Take these factor into consideration when you are choosing the neighborhood to live in with your family:

moving to Brooklyn with family
Hiring a moving company is a great choice when you are moving to Brooklyn with family
  • Safety – the well-being of a child is the main goal of every parent. You want your children to be safe in the new neighborhood. When you find the area that you like, first of all, find out how is its crime rate. Then see it for yourself. Take a notice are there surveillance cameras, how dense is the traffic, are children playing on the street, are the neighbors friendly.
  • Research – Try to learn as much as possible about the new neighborhood, community, and town.
  • Schools – As already mentioned, new school for your kids is a big transition. Be sure to find a neighborhood that has a school nearby, so the commute will be shorter.
  • ActivitiesBeware of the interest and hobbies that your family members have. Take that into consideration when choosing the right neighborhood. If the activities that your children likes are too far from the home, they may be bored with the long commute, and can easily drop them.

These are the top family neighborhoods in Brooklyn:


For more than three decades the Park Slope was a neighborhood that attracts young professionals and entrepreneurs, but in time it has developed into the perfect place for families also. The main reasons for that are its safety and excellent school system. There are great public and private schools in the area.

Park Slope has a low crime rate, vast stretches of green space, abundant fo restaurants and bars, a diverse retail sector. This neighborhood is ideal for all of those families that love urban, trendy style of living. It is very diverse and it has something for everybody, but it is a very family friendly neighborhood.


Bay Ridge is the Brooklyn neighborhood that has endured the least changes over the years. It’s not that trendy as the Park Slope, but that has its charms. Bay Ridge is a mixture of new and old, with the feeling of the small town.  That is mainly because of the streets that are filled with detached homes that have driveways, garages, and backyards.

Even though it hasn’t changed much, Bay Ridge is a thriving and diverse neighborhood. It’s safe and quiet, perfect for families.

Consider the Bay Ridge if you are moving to Brooklyn with family.
Bay Ridge has a feeling of the small town and its ideal neighborhood for families.


This neighborhood is very diverse, with the vibrant ethnic mix of people.

At the first glance, you may not think that this is the right place for moving with your family to Brooklin. Actually, this neighborhood is really family friendly, yet urban. The McCarren Park is in the area and it provides many popular outdoor activities. There are good schools in the neighborhood as well as many playgrounds suitable for small children.

If you are moving to Brooklyn with family, consider this neighborhood.
Williamsburg is a great neighborhood for a family with children.


Cobble Hill is one of the most beautiful, historic neighborhoods in Brooklyn. It’s famous to be one of its the most suitable areas for families with children. It’s located just south of Brooklyn downtown. It is very near to all attractions that the downtown has to offer, but has none of the noise and the city hustle.