Top eco-friendly packaging ideas to explore

In the last decade, there is more and more awareness of the environment. For that reason, all the industries have tried to correct their mistakes and turn to greener solutions. It’s not an easy process, but it’s important and needs to get done. Moreover, even our packing supplies Brooklyn reflect this in a certain way changing for the better and accepting new ideas. Here are some eco-friendly packaging ideas that you can try out for when you move next time.

Recycled cardboard and paper as good eco-friendly packaging ideas

Slowly but steadily recycled cardboard and paper are becoming the standard when it comes to the moving industry. That’s a big step forward in making things more green and eco-friendly. There are boxes that are thrown away every year, so why not make them decomposable after some time? We at Brooklyn Movers New York know just how much of a problem it can get when you have cardboard and paper everywhere. It’s amazing to see that the moving industry is starting its own eco-friendly revolution.

Girl sitting around recycled moving boxes
It’s important to choose eco-friendly packaging ideas

Reusable plastic

Plastic, especially the hard one is really a good option when you’re moving items. However, due to its impact on nature, it has been frowned upon. Recently, there have been more and more experiments that are returning the plastic to the moving scene. It’s no wonder if moving boxes NYC  start to become more out of plastic than your ordinary cardboard. Plastic is a bad problem in nature, however, if you use recycled plastic and reuse the same box a dozen times it will make a big impact.

Eco-friendly packing ideas involve organic packing materials

A plethora of materials that have similar properties to plastic have found their use in the moving industry. Those materials come from corn and seaweed and are 100% eco-friendly. It still isn’t being used on a large scale but you can find moving boxes made from such materials. Our Brooklyn local movers tell us that they’ve been told about such boxes and that they are very similar to plastic boxes. However, as it’s totally degradable it’s a great way to have the environment in mind.

A corn field
Maybe the next moving box will you’ll use be made out of corn?

Take a minimalist approach to packing

This might not have a lot to do with packaging, however, it can help you save time and money. You need to find a minimalist in you and find out what you really want to take with you. The point of it is to get rid of as much stuff as possible. For example, if you have old furniture you can donate it or some electronics that you can sell online. You’ll help the environment by using fewer moving boxes and other harmful materials. Minimalism can really be helpful and downsizing your home when moving can be of great importance when relocating.

There’s nothing better than to be aware of the environment, whatever you’re doing. Because of that, it’s great to see that people show interest in changes even with a stressful industry like the moving industry definitely can be. We hope that you’ll maybe try some of the eco-friendly packaging ideas in the near future. And who knows maybe some of them will win you over. The times have passed when recycled items had less quality. We hope that more environment-friendly options will take over the market and that caring about our planet will become the standard.