Top 5 live music venues in Brooklyn borough

Moving to Brooklyn is a life-changing event! Relocating to Kings County you’re actually becoming an inhabitant of the greatest city in the world, NYC. Imagine how many different kinds of opportunities are there, just waiting for you to grab them. No matter whether we’re discussing job, restaurants, kids friendly neighborhoods or nightlife. Whatever you might be interested in, my experience is that you’ll never have a problem finding it in Brooklyn, or at least in New York as a whole. For instance, talking about live music venues in Brooklyn, I’m sure that rarely any city on Earth can claim to have better places to enjoy it. To prove this, we decided to write an article with the most recommended live music venues in Brooklyn. At least according to inhabitants of Brooklyn. We interviewed both, those born here and newcomers to this New York City’s borough.

Best of the best live music venues in Brooklyn
The best 5 live music venues in Brooklyn borough

What are the best live music venues in Brooklyn?

You might be confused how this article ended on a blog primarily meant for Brooklyn movers. But, isn’t it right, if you’re advising people how to relocate to Brooklyn, to give them a clear picture of what waits for them there? Our idea is that it’s very important to inform anyone interested in NYC relocation about the life there. Precisely, mainly in NYC’s borough of Brooklyn. But also in other Big Apple’s boroughs. Hence, here you shall find out where you could enjoy in live music in Brooklyn.

Here is the list of top 5 live music venues in Brooklyn borough:

  • St. Mazie: A place for all kinds of a pastime- a date, a chill with a beer or a dancing night.
  • Brooklyn Bowl: Bowling during the live concert in Brooklyn is a normal thing here.
  • Celebrate Brooklyn: Among all live music venues in Brooklyn, this festival is for free, with the possibility to bring your own drinks and snacks!
  • Radegast Hall & Biergarten: A real beer garden in the middle of New York City!
  • Barclays Center: Kind personnel and concert-hall-alike environment for complete joy of live concert in Kings County.

St. Mazie, 345 Grand St Brooklyn

Enjoy live music in Brooklyn drinking a cocktail, relaxing in the garden of a club
A relaxed cocktail night during the live concert in Brooklyn? You can have it!

In case you have difficulties finding it, it’s between Marcy Ave & Havemeyer St. It’s great for all kinds of pastime. You can have a nice date, hang around with your friends, or just enjoy the chill live music. You name it, and, if you’d like to go to the live music events in Brooklyn, St. Mazie certainly has everything you might ask for. They’re only bringing great bands, so you could dance until you drop. If not so much a fan of a dancing, you can chill in a garden, having amazing cocktails, or a nice cold beer. (There are as many as 12 kinds of beer, you’ll surely find one you’d like to grab)

Brooklyn Bowl, 61 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn

Would you like to bowl? Do you prefer listening to awesome live music? Or you’d love to bowl listening to the live music in Brooklyn? Well, Brooklyn Bowl is a place where you can choose any of aforementioned three combinations if you relocate to Brooklyn! Plus, there is a fantastic menu, which makes you able to enjoy tasty food while doing whatever you choose to do! The bar is one of the most favorite spots in this place. Given that there is a variety of drinks to choose among. The phenomenal ambient completes the perfect picture of this place, so favorable among inhabitants of Kings County. If you experience troubles searching for this spot, it’s between N 11 St and N 12 St.

Celebrate Brooklyn, Prospect Park BANDSHELL, 9th St Brooklyn

More a fan of a festival kind of live music, Brooklyn offers that too. And plus, you can bring your own drinks and your own food! Hence, you can have fun enjoying both, picnic and a live music. All the people, with the different taste for music, say that the among all live music venues in Brooklyn, Celebrate Brooklyn festival offers the most for everybody! What separates it from the most other live music events in the borough of Brooklyn is that there are plenty of concerts, and all of them for free. This is definitely our top recommendation live music event to visit in Brooklyn!

Barclays Center, 620 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

The Barclays Center is certainly not the most famous for Brooklyn live music, but primarily by the sports. But, actually, this is among to 5 places in Brooklyn to enjoy in live music! The staff here is used to serving plenty of people, hence they are very kind and polite. Besides, only the best performers get to have a concert here. Putting together great concerts, the polite and gentle staff of Barclays Center and a proper environment for a live music Venue, how well do you think it gets? There are so many live music venues in Brooklyn, hence only the best of the best can enter the list of top 5! If you make a Brooklyn moving, you’ll have a chance to enjoy all of them.

Radegast Hall & Biergarten, 113 N 3rd St, Brooklyn

Yes, Brooklyn has a beer garden with German beers and live concerts
You can enjoy live concerts with German beers in a beer garden in Brooklyn

The actual beer garden in New York City!!! For those who thought that they couldn’t have this kind of fun moving to Brooklyn, here’s a place to ensure you that NYC has everything for you! You can have German crafted beers here, enjoying fine meals and listening to the live music. If you’re interested in live music the most, you can visit Radegast Hall & Biergarten during the weekends, since there’s no live music during the working days. Jazz lovers, this place is especially for you! Once the music starts, you’ll forget about the tasty food and German beer. And, considering their quality, you might imagine how great live jazz music here is if we claim that.