Top 10 Office Decluttering Tricks

We all spend a lot of our time in offices. Our jobs and careers are an important part of our lives. Part-time, full-time, over-time; any time you spend in such space matters because it makes a significant part of your days. Working in an office that is free of clutter is more pleasant and can affect your day and productivity in many ways. A work-space that is clean and decluttered can only positively affect your day. Especially if you have decided to move to a new NYC office, that can be the opportunity to clean and start fresh in your new work-space. We are sharing Top 10 Office Decluttering Tricks, and offer our help with making the perfect office moving plan if you decide to move and declutter your office space in Brooklyn.

Office desk
Working in an office which is free of clutter is much more pleasant

Why you should declutter your office space

It helps when you are free from any visual distractions, right? And clutter in office space is not a pretty sight. The busier you are, the more challenging it becomes keeping your office space orderly, and clutter-free. But it is proven that a clean and decluttered office space helps everyone feel and perform better. Even when you decide to declutter office space, a bigger challenge is to keep the things as they are afterward. For better efficiency, you should adopt the system, which ensures that your office space would remain decluttered and cleaned:

  • Better focus and efficiency
  • Increased productivity
  • More energy to do things that matter
  • Positive energy
  • Better brand representation

So let’s take a look at the perfect office moving plan to help you achieve that!

Best 10 Office decluttering tricks

1 – Sort items and focus on the ones you use frequently

Look at all the items that you have in your office and think about how often you use them. If there are items which you had not used for a period of one or two weeks, those are most probably items which you keep because you might need them. Analyze everything you keep in your office based on these criteria, and then sort everything in one of three groups; keep, discard, or place somewhere else.

2 – Split your work-space into zones when decluttering the office

Usually, every office needs a well-planned and organized space, so that it could meet the needs of the people that are using it. Office desks, storage space, cabinets for storing the documentation, library, place to put a printer, copy machine, etc. Ask yourself:

– What do I need from office space
– Is it meeting my needs

When you establish what your needs are, you can set up zones for all necessary functions. Once you figure this out, you’ll have the foundation for more efficient use of your office space.

3 – Keep what you need in the radius of your arms

Determine which items you need most and keep only them on your arm’s length and remove everything else in the zones you have set for them. Things like keyboard, monitor, telephone, pen, notebook are necessities and should find their place on your desk. Anything else should be questioned and quite often is surplus. Keep that in mind even when you’re setting up a new office space in Brooklyn. That way you can start off on the right foot!

4 – Office decluttering includes arranging your drawer

People tend to throw things into a desk drawer just to get them out of their sight. Eventually, you should face this zone, and check if it should declutter it, too. The best solution is to use drawer dividers and give everything a place. From time o time, check the situation in the drawers and clear out anything that you are not using.

Drawer with documentation
Arrange your drawers and keep them decluttered

5 – Hang hooks to organize your outerwear

This is a great way to prevent your items from overwhelming office space. Jackets, umbrellas, purses, should not be spread around the office but organized in one section. In case you have a storage room that could serve, otherwise – plan a zone for outerwear.

A coat rack with jackets and a bag.
Prevent your personal items like jackets and purses overwhelm office space

6 – Make short-term storage to declutter your office

You might need a place, area to store your belongings for things you keep only temporarily. For example, that might be the case with newspapers or magazines – have a basket or a drawer for such purpose. Do not forget to clean it from time to time. Or if you would like to have spare shoes or heels in an office, choose a drawer or a shelf to keep them out of the way.

7 – Get all the cables under control

The number of cables in every office can vary and usually – every office too many of them. Wherever they are located (below or on top of your desk), it can be a serious battle keeping them under control. Many people ignore such issues, but you do not want any problems with the electronics, which is why it’s better to invest in a system which can arrange your cables and keep them in check.

8 – Clean everything and declutter office entirely

It is important to prevent the build-up of dirt, fingerprints, and dust. You should use disinfecting wipes and clean your phone, monitor, keyboard, and desk at least once a week. Also, prevent the piling of paper, documents you no longer need, and make sure they are not all over your desk.

9 – Complete finishing touches

When you finish with the main part of decluttering your office space, you can focus on the final details. Arranging your folders, desktop icons, buying a new painting or a plant for your office is a nice way of completing the office decluttering process.

10 – Keep the practice

It takes time for clutter to pile up – it is not something that happens over-night. You should organize your office regularly. The good idea is to schedule it in a calendar and make sure that you do not skip that appointment. It will take some time, but the benefits of a clean and decluttered office environment are many. It will improve your mood and help you work easier.

Apply office decluttering tricks regularly

As we said, the decluttering of your office space has many benefits, and it is why you should always make time for it. We are sure that Top 10 Office Decluttering Tricks we have shared in this post will make you see all the benefits and help you organize decluttering of your current office, or former office when you decide to move from an old to a new office. You should enjoy all the benefits decluttered office space brings.