Tips to Make Packing Less Time-Consuming

Packing is one of the biggest moving tasks you’ll have to complete in order to have a smooth moving journey. Not only does it take plenty of time, but energy as well. Plus, it gets overwhelming when you realize how many items you actually have to pack. However, there are effective ways to make packing less time-consuming. All it takes is a proper organization and the tips you are about to read in this article. In addition, hiring a reliable moving crew is necessary for packing to run with ease. We at Brooklyn Movers New York want to let you know you can fully rely on our expertise and professionalism from start to finish. Our company ranks high among trustworthy Brooklyn movers who made numerous customers happy with their relocation journey. Therefore, feel free to contact us to learn more about our extensive service offer!

Organization and decluttering will make packing less time-consuming

The first thing to do before the move is decluttering. Only then can you see what items don’t belong to your new home. Anything that doesn’t hold a personal value to you anymore shouldn’t occupy extra space in your new home only to collect dust.

a couple discussing how to make packing less time-consuming
Fewer items make packing less time-consuming.

Moving is often an opportunity to start fresh, without the items that take up extra space. So take time to categorize the items you want to get rid of:

  • Donation – Find a local charity that accepts clothes and other donations. Make sure the items you want to donate are well-kept and clean.
  • Recycle – Pack all recyclable items separately. Also, include old electronic device parts.
  • Sell – Whatever is possible to put up for sale can bring you extra money.
  • Gift- Someone you know would be glad to ger surprised by a gift, or benefit from spare furniture pieces.
  • Toss – All outdated and unkept items you can’t donate, sell, or recycle, should go straight to trash.

Hire experienced movers and packers

Look for quality moving and packing services Brooklyn has on the market. Opt for companies that have a decent reputation and a history of successful work. A quick internet search will also take you to other review platforms where previous customers share their impressions.

a guy in front of a moving company vehicle
Look up some of the most experienced movers and packers.

It’s important to have experienced and capable Brooklyn movers at your disposal. That being said, you should start looking for the right company on time. It doesn’t take long to find trusted movers if you follow the steps below:

  • First, find licensed long distance movers Brooklyn residents highly recommend. Check immediately if they offer a commitment-free moving quote.
  • Ensure the company’s movers and packers have experience with different items.
  • Inquire about the quality of their moving supplies and storage solutions.
  • Book a few moving quotes and see which one seems better to you.

Organize your move

Do your best to stay on track with your tasks. Once you define a detailed moving schedule, you’ll have an easier time with packing. It won’t seem as overwhelming as at the beginning. So plan out all upcoming duties, however, make sure to stay realistic. There are other duties you must attend to, which is you won’t have whole days just for packing. Moreover, small but consistent efforts are always effective. Therefore, plan at least a couple of weeks of your move and decide how many hours can you spend packing. Do it as soon as you pick credible Park Slope movers.

Pack the right way in order to have a less tiring unpacking after the move

When you pack your goods the right way, the later unpacking comes way easier. Try your best to treat each item with care and secure it before you put them in the box. Also, don’t forget to add extra padding to the boxes. Furthermore, stick to the items you can pack yourself. Heavier items should go in smaller moving boxes and lightweight ones in bigger boxes or containers. Cover the items with another protective layer (you can use packing paper or old fabrics), close the box lids and seal each of them up to a few times. Use strong packing tape and a packing gun. After that, write on the boxes what’s inside them and make sure to be as specific as possible. That way, you won’t have a difficult time finding the items you, for example, need as soon as you move to your new home.

a man sealing the box
Secure and pack your belongings the right way.

Let the movers and packers handle heavy items

Furniture, kitchen appliances, and bulky electronics take time to pack and move. That’s why professional movers have special equipment that helps them manage heavier items with ease. In the meantime, cover the items with protective covers and keep the area around them clean. Don’t forget to toss the garbage and remove the clutter before the movers arrive. They’ll be able to quickly pack the items and load all the boxes if the entrance and exit routes are squeaky clean.

More tips on how to make packing less time-consuming

Your very smartphone can do wonders for your moving preparations. Thanks to the successful development of moving apps, you can easily manage your moving tasks straight from your phone.  Plus, you can hire extra help at any time! Once you install these apps, your move will run smoothly:

  • Offer Up is the quickest way to put the items you don’t need up for sale. After you pass a verification procedure, you can announce the sale whenever you want.
  • Sortly is a simple yet helpful way to sort all your items before decluttering or packing.
  • Task Rabbit is where you can hire extra help in case you get stuck in the middle of moving preparations.

Thanks to online blogs and video content, you can learn various quick and easy packing methods. It’s also possible to get decent advice from those who had experience with packing for a long-distance relocation. First-hand information can help you simplify your move and help you make packing less time-consuming.