Tips on planning a fall move in Brooklyn

Congrats! If you’re planning a fall move in Brooklyn, you’re in luck: fall is the perfect time to move! The summer is usually the busiest and most expensive time to move, so waiting for autumn is a smart choice. Then, lower prices, lower temps, and lower competition will all work in your favor. However, you’ll still want to plan ahead as much as possible and stay organized. Every move takes effort, no matter the season. And if you want a completely stress-free relocation, check out best moving companies Brooklyn. Now, let us help you move with our best tips on planning a fall move in Brooklyn. Let’s dive in together!

Tips on planning a fall move in Brooklyn – the first step

So, a great thing about planning a fall move in Brooklyn is lower prices. After a busy summer, moving companies will have much more time to take on new clients. Furthermore, gas prices can be lower and they have more trucks available. With that being said, the first thing you should do is try to negotiate on moving estimates and bids. Be sure to shop around, and perhaps do a little digging online about cost-comparisons between the summer and fall. Hire residential movers Brooklyn to see how much money and time you can save! And then you can start your packing process.

A man following tips on planning a fall move in Brooklyn
Decluttering is one of the best tips on planning a fall move in Brooklyn!


Declutter from Summer

Now is the perfect time to declutter! You probably have items such as clothing, old furniture, decorations or toys that are no longer useful. Try to get rid of as much as possible. This will make your move so much easier. And you don’t want your movers to transport unnecessary items to your new home, right? So, take some time to declutter and either ditch or donate items you don’t want to pay to take with you. And, if you have old winter clothing items you or your family have grown out of, you can donating those before the colder months.

Think About Storage

Since there can be a lot of rain in Brooklyn during the fall, you should plan your move well. Rain is your biggest enemy during a move. That’s why you should consider putting some things into storage on moving day. This will help clear your moving truck of heavy or bulky items you may not use until late next spring or summer and can speed up your move by helping you pack everything at once. It will also make move-in that much easier when you arrive.

Pack Seasonal Items When Planning a Fall Move in Brooklyn

The next tip is to pack up seasonal clothing as soon as possible. All your summer clothes can go into boxes, and you can pack them easily! Make sure you know how to store your summer items. Also, pack seasonal items together so you can find them easily later – and make sure you’ve left out all those cold-weather items you’ll need shortly after you settle into your new place. This includes:

  1. rain boots
  2. raincoats
  3. sweaters
  4. snow gear
  5. snow-removal equipment

If you’ve stored them away, now’s a good time to make sure they’re easy to access and unpack after you’ve arrived.

A woman and a man holding a moving box
Try to unpack your essential items on day one!

Unpack for the Season

Another great tip is to pack boxes with essentials and label them differently from others. You can use colored tape or a marker to write on the boxes. Then talk to your movers placing them in more accessible locations in your house or apartment once you arrive. Instead of trudging out to the garage or down to the storage closet to find items you packed away last year, they’ll be in your kitchen or dining room, ready to be put into service for the fall and winter seasons.

Setup Utilities in Advance

Temperatures can drop quickly in Brooklyn, so make sure you set up your utilities in advance. This includes electricity and gas. These things take some time to set up, and you don’t want to arrive in a freezing apartment. So be sure you’re clear on what’s required to setup or transfer your accounts, so that you arrive to a warm, cozy home right away.

Protect Your Apartment from Dirt

A con of moving in the fall is the water and mud that come with it. On moving day, you can expect many shoes walking through your home, unloading your boxes. So, to avoid muddy carpets, stairs and entryways, buy some plastic sheets! After all, you want to get back your security deposit if you decide do move again. So buy plastic painter’s sheeting, or cut open large black trash bags and tape to entryways and other pathways where movers will be coming and going. When you arrive at your new home with moving quotes Brooklyn, be sure the movers wait for you to lay down more plastic before unloading your items.

Have Some Cleaning Supplies Ready

No matter you plan a fall move in Brooklyn, leaves and dirt are inevitable. Having a few cleaning supplies at hand will make your life easier! Have a broom, paper towels, and sponge mops somewhere you can grab them quickly.. Once your reliable movers unload your last box, Get your supplies and clean up right away. This way you’ll be able to avoid bringing debris and leaves into and out of your moving truck, onto your furniture and boxes, and into your new home or apartment.

A man and a woman standing under an umbrella
A rainy move is always easier to handle with helping friends!

Prepare for Rainy Conditions

As we already mentioned above, rain is not good for moves. But you can take the necessary steps and prepare for it! Since you have to walk outside and back in when loading your truck, you definitely need umbrellas. These are not only for you and your movers, but your things as well. Make sure you protect your boxes, because water can easily damage your things.

Tips tips on planning a fall move in Brooklyn – summary

Now that you’re geared up with our tips, you can start planning your fall move in Brooklyn! Make sure you pack in the right order and have your essentials with you. Leave some cleaning supplies for cleaning up after the movers. And definitely get some umbrellas to protect your items from the rain! With moving services Brooklyn, everything else will be handled with experience and care. You have nothing to worry about. Good luck!