Tips on moving bulky furniture

You’d think that it would be ideal if each time you find yourself relocating you had your friends’ help to finish the process quickly and easily. No matter how much you’d like that to happen, it will happen that you’ll be forced to go through the process by yourself. It’s worth pointing out that relocating hefty stuff alone doesn’t mean you’re left hanging. It just means you’ve decided to rely on yourself. It’s hard for one person to move stuff upstairs or fill the lorry with a plethora of items. When you’re moving stuff with the help of your partner, family, or friends you’re gonna want to be ready for moving heavy stuff into your new home. Read on to see the tips on moving bulky furniture.

Proofread everything – tips on moving bulky furniture

When it comes to moving heavy stuff, the goal is to finish in as little time as possible. You’ll want to make a list of all the heavy stuff that you need to load on a lorry and then solve what you need to load where. It’s a common practice for heavy items to go towards the end of the lorry. You’ll also need to put some on the sides as well to stabilize your belongings. Prioritize the order in which you’ll load the furniture while keeping in mind that heavy items go first. While having a plan might seem pointless at first, it is necessary in order for the moving process to run as smoothly as possible. On top of that, asking for a quote from one of the moving companies such as furniture movers Brooklyn is always a good idea.

Gather your equipment

Some of the items used for moving can be bought or leased. It’s on you to decide whether you’ll need them after on after the moving has finished. Here’s a list of items you’ll need when moving the heavy stuff by yourself. If you don’t have your equipment, you can always resort to one of the companies such as packing services Brooklyn. They’ll have what you need for sure.

Wrapping chair in a bubble wrap is necessary when moving bulky furniture
Protective wraps are a must when moving bulky furniture

Furniture or lifting straps

Also called “furniture straps” or “lifting straps”, these devices operate in the following way – they make it easier for you to do the heavy lifting by partially removing the weight off your arms and back . You should know that they’re adjustable which means you can choose them in dimensions of the furniture or your body.

Super sliders

Super sliders are indispensable items when it comes to moving heavy stuff. They are usually made of plastic and operate in a way that they are placed beneath each leg of a heavy item you’re moving to make it prone to sliding on the ground. They function by allowing heavy items to slide across the ground which minimalizes the chance of harm to your carpeting, tile, or hardwood.

Moving dolly

There are different types of dollies Brooklyn movers use when it comes to moving heavy stuff, although each is made up of wheels. The first type has four wheels and a grip to steer while another has two wheels without the grip which allows steering. Both have a  flat platform on which you can load stuff that needs moving. A common practice when using moving dollies is using rope to tie the stuff to the platform which prevents them from falling over.

A woman and a man moving bulky furniture
Working in teams is a must when moving bulky furniture

Try to disassemble your furniture

You’ll be in an advantage if you’re able to disassemble every item you have. That means transporting separately all knobs, legs, cushions, drawers, and other removable items, even bed frames. When choosing these tactics, you’ll want to keep every item’s separate parts in small bags and label them so later you can use them accordingly. If you do not want to follow that tactic but save on time when moving, try consulting Carroll Gardens movers for a quote.

Proper lifting techniques for moving bulky furniture

If you’re able to slide, drag and push the heavy stuff and not lift you’re already winning. You’ll want to find ways to save your body from straining during the process. However, when it comes to carrying the items upwards or you need to load them into the lorry, pulling and gliding won’t work. That’s the moment you’ll need to know how to lift properly in order to save your body.

  • Try to bow at your knees, not your waistband. When it comes to lifting heavy weight, you need to remember to support it with your legs. In order to save your back from hurting bend at your knees before you pick up the weight. This way when you lift the weight your back will not be engaged.
  • Another thing you should do is adhere the belonging to your stomach when carrying. No matter how much weight there is always try to adhere to this technique. This helps you be stable while carrying and engaged the appropriate muscles involved in the task.
  • Try not to spin while you’re doing the job. As twisting and making fast movements can lead to injuries, you’ll want to keep your body as still as possible while carrying weighty items.
  • Always try to be able to see where you’re going. Sometimes heavy items you’re carrying can block your view. But at all times you should be able to see where it is you’re going. Also, always look forward.

Moving on the staircase

Moving heavy stuff up the stairs certainly has to be one of the most arduous parts of the moving process. In order to carry heavy stuff on the staircase, you’re going to how to rely on your partner. You’ll want to synchronize and move slowly with the bottom person setting the pace. Another thing you should pay attention to is the size of the item. If it’s tiny but weighty, you’ll might want to employ multiple people for carrying and move carefully while carrying the item. It’s also not worth getting injured only to finish the job earlier.

A man from moving company moving bulky furniture
Using the help of moving companies is a must when moving bulky furniture


You’re not done until you unload every item from the lorry and position it in its rightful place in the new place of residence. Same as you handled loading, you’ll want to repeat the process for unloading. That way you’ll spare yourself of having to move your belongings off the truck into your new place and later having to repeat it all.

Now that we’ve shown you tips on moving bulky furniture, doesn’t mean you’re on your own. There’s still a plethora of moving companies willing and able to help you out. Once you select the perfect company for the job, you’ll be moving in no time.