Tips for moving from NY to NJ

If you’ve decided that moving from New York to New Jersey is the next step in your life, we’ve got a few tips. Naturally, you will need to hire good long distance movers in New Jersey for this event. Luckily, you won’t need a lot of tips on how to find the top NYC moving services. After all, we’ve already extensively covered this topic on our blog. Instead, we would like to give you some tips for moving from NY to NJ. When you have your expectations set right, you will surely enjoy your new home immensely.

Before relocating from NY to NJ, we want you to know the differences

Obviously, moving to a different state is going to mean a few changes. If you’ve decided on choosing one of the best movers in NJ, their website will already give you the necessary information. For example, head out to to learn more about a New Jersey move. And, for some tips for moving from NY to NJ, we’ve got a bit of information for you. Here’s what you could expect to be different after you relocate…

One of the most important differences between New York and New Jersey are the taxes

So, living in New York is expensive, we all know that. However, while the prices may be high, the taxes aren’t. If you’ve opted for booking services with an NYC relocation specialist, you ought to study up on how to lower the costs of moving in Brooklyn. Though, if you’ve chosen an NJ mover, you won’t have to worry about that too much. Instead, learn the difference in taxes between the two states. New Jersey, in fact, has the highest taxes in the States. The NJ average property tax of 2.19 percent is quite high compared to New York’s 0.72 percent. Though, luckily, it’s the only one. Both the income and the tax for residents are lower. So, you may even be breaking even.

In our tips for moving from NY to NJ you'll find advice on your daily commute, too.
For a comfortable life in your new home in New Jersey, we’d advise a vehicle, too.

Among our tips for moving from NY to NJ is learning about the costs of the commute beforehand

If you’re going to be looking at the NY long distance relocation in your near future, this should be a serious thing to consider on your list. In New York, you may have been used to simply hopping onto the subway and getting to work. New Jersey is, unfortunately, going to be a little different. There is no need for a car in NYC. Mostly, it’s because parking is the closest thing to mission impossible you will get. But, among our tips for moving from NY to NJ, we would like to include getting a vehicle. While there is a public transportation system which you can use in New Jersey, it isn’t as reliable and as convenient as in NYC. So, after getting a car, also consider the extra costs of the commute. Add the gas, the parking and the insurance to your daily expenses. Then, you can’t be blindsided!

Among our tips for moving from NY to NJ we warn you about the expenses of living in a house.
If you’re moving to a New Jersey house remember that the expenses will be higher.

Finally, you should know the difference between living in an NYC apartment and a house in NJ

Among our tips and tricks regarding relocation from NYC to NJ, there is the little warning about the house. If you’re going to be moving house from your tiny Manhattan apartment you ought to embrace the new space. The open houses you will be checking out are sure to seem magical. Though, keep in mind the expenses of these homes while looking. Heating up a tiny flat is an easy and quite inexpensive thing. Heating up a house is quite another beast in itself. Be sure that you aren’t blindsided by the expenses of owning a home in New Jersey.

And when you’ve got your expectations set, here are a few useful tips for moving from NY to NJ

If you’re going to be relocating from NYC, you should’ve already checked out our Brooklyn moving guide. In case you haven’t, we still want to give you a few good tips and hacks to help you get ready for the big day. So, here’s what we have prepared for you…

The key to a stress-free move to New Jersey is preparation

When moving house, starting early makes all the difference. There is no such thing as beginning your plans too early. So, here’s what should be on your moving to-do list:

  • Create a good moving to NJ binder
  • Start looking at the best long distance movers in the area
  • Decide when your relocation is going to be the most affordable to do – read up on summer Brooklyn moves.
  • Start looking for the perfect home in New Jersey for your family
  • Follow our tips for moving from NY to NJ in order to set realistic expectations
  • Create a good timetable and budget before starting anything

    We'd advise cleaning your closet before the move to New Jersey.
    How many is too many? Our tips for moving from NY to NJ warn you to de-clutter first!

The next thing we’d like to tell you in our tips for moving from NY to NJ is not to underestimate the number of things you have

Most homeowners make this rookie mistake. They tend to dismiss the amount of ‘stuff’ they own and leave packing as the easiest activity. Unfortunately, the reality is a bit different. You own much more things that you originally believe. So, among our tips for moving from NYC, we’d like to include a short warning. Start de-cluttering early from the least used belongings. It will be fairly simple to also start your packing process there. Further, continue to your most used items. Don’t be too strict when purging, but don’t take any unnecessary weight with you. After all, when moving house, weight is money. Hence, we’d advise packing only the belongings you need or love too much to part with. Also, a tip we’d like to give is to plan where what should go ahead. This way, you’ll have no trouble with unpacking. But, if you want to learn more about unpacking after the Brooklyn move, we’ve written a bit about it. Finally, when you’re preparing your things for the relocation, make sure that you’ve marked any fragile boxes clearly for the movers.