Tips for storing fine art over winter

It may take a lot of time and energy for an artist to create an art piece. No matter which type of media we talk about, artists put their heart and soul into creating artwork. If you are an art lover, then you certainly know how important it is to take good care of your art collection. No matter how much you love and care about having your art pieces at home, sometimes you will need to store them away. Although this may not be an easy decision for you, sometimes this action is necessary. Winter is approaching, and you need to quickly find a way to sort and properly store your art collection. But before you hire professional movers New York, you need to learn how to prepare your goods with care. Therefore, discover in this article tips for storing fine art over the winter.

Why do you need to protect your items during winter?

Although art is timeless, it can easily suffer some damage, especially during the winter. In some circumstances, you will need to store your fine art during this season. The first thing you need to consider is the environment in which you will keep your precious belongings. Also, you need to take into consideration the material from which your artworks are made.

a woman in white shirt painting
Learn some tips for storing fine art over winter

Before hiring residential movers New York to transport your goods, you need to know that temperature and humidity can greatly affect your artwork. Therefore, you need to protect both the storage unit and your items properly before storing them. During the winter, extreme temperatures and humidity can damage different layers of your paintings. In addition, the integrity of all your art pieces will be in question due to drastic changes in weather conditions. Therefore, you need to consolidate the conditions.

How can you approach storing fine art over winter?

No matter whether your paintings are hanging on the walls or if you need to store them somewhere, you need to know that they can undergo damage. Your attic or basement may be the first room that comes to mind for storing your art collections. However, due to moisture and coldness, this is not the best idea for your art pieces. Instead, you should look for climate-controlled storage units. This may be one of the best solutions for your art pieces. Before you hire a moving service New York, you need to prepare your goods well for storage. In addition, you can start with packing preparation. For this, you will need glassine paper and special art plastic that will provide mold protection. You should also get some pieces of triple-wall cardboard and some durable boxes for packing.

Start with the packing process

Before starting your artwork move, getting the right packing materials is essential. It would be good to take photos of your art pieces before fine art movers New York come to pick them up. In case the painting has a frame, make an X across the glass with masking tape. This will protect the painting in case the glass breaks.

a person packing a box and showing tips for storing fine art over winter
Art piececs can be very sensitive, so pay attention when packing them

Optionally, you can remove paintings from the frame and put them on the blanket before wrapping them up. To add cushioning, make sure that you will have at least 2 cm of space in the box between the art piece and the box. Place cardboard on each corner of the painting frame to provide greater protection. Then, wrap up the painting in bubble wrap and glassine paper until it reaches the bottom of your box. After that, place blankets, Styrofoam, or other padding materials to further protect your items.

Prepare other art pieces for transportation

Apart from paintings, you may have some other art pieces, such as sculptures of different sizes. For this action, you will need boxes of different sizes, bubble wrap, packing paper, or blankets. One of the first tips for storing fine art over the winter is to measure your sculptures. You will need to prepare different boxes accordingly before getting the items into the storage unit. First of all, you will need to wrap up the upper part of the statue with packing paper. Make sure to wrap it several times before putting packing tape over it. You can repeat the same procedure on the lower part of the sculpture. Finally, you can wrap the whole sculpture in bubble wrap before placing it in the box. If possible, for larger art pieces, depending on the material they are made of, you can disassemble them.

Other tips for storing fine art over winter

Wrapping up and putting the items into boxes is not the only action you need to take regarding preparing your art collection for winter. In addition, you will need to go and check the state and condition of your storage unit.

a purple storage unit
You need to prepare your items well before taking them into a storage unit

You need to look for a climate- and temperature-controlled storage unit. This type of storage will provide the stable temperature that is necessary for your sensitive pieces. Before movers bring your pieces into storage, make sure to clean them properly. You can buy packing and cleaning products either online, like on Amazon, or in a local store. If you already rent a unit, make sure to double-check which items you have there. Clean and dust off the area properly, and make more room for the items to come. Also, make sure to keep all the art pieces in a separate corner of the storage unit.

As an art lover, you know how important it is to take care of your art collection in order to preserve the good condition of the items, which are very sensitive. This particularly applies to those times of the year when temperatures and humidity vary. For this reason, it is useful to learn tips for storing fine art over the winter. In addition, you need to find a storage unit that will align with the storage conditions necessary for your art pieces. Once you clean them and wrap them in the right packing materials, let your movers take further care of storing your precious belongings for the winter.