Tips for packing carpets for moving cross country

Let’s separate relocation into few main parts. The preparation, the packing, and the transportation. Packing is really important when it comes to valuable items like carpets. There are a few steps that will if you follow them, make your relocation much easier. Make packing carpets for moving cross country much easier with a few tips from our guide. From the moment you pack them your carpets will be safe and ready to be used again the moment you unpack them.

Clean them before packing carpets for moving cross country

Make sure your carpets are freshly cleaned before you call some of the best moving companies New York has to offer. They will gladly do their best to pack your carpets well but it’s up to you to prepare them for the carpets for the packing. If the carpets aren’t properly cleaned you will have a big problem once you unpack them. They might start to smell bad and they will probably be hard to unfold. Clean rugs and carpets are elastic and refreshing.

Vacuum cleaner you'll need before packing carpets for moving cross country.
Before you start packing carpets for moving cross country you should make sure they are properly cleaned.

Try dry cleaning before packing carpets for moving cross country

You can clean your carpets by yourself and it will be cheaper. Your interstate movers won’t mind. However, if you want to be sure you did the job well, send your carpets for dry cleaning. With just a few bucks, you will receive a great service. It is a much deeper clean and you can rest assured your stuff will be totally sterilized before packing it.

Pack the rugs in the right packaging

You can always rent packing services Brooklyn and professionals will do a great job for you. It won’t take much time and even less money and you will be sure your possessions are safe and secure.

However, if you decide to take matters into your own hands and pack the things before calling movers Los Angeles county, here are some of the ways for packing carpets for moving cross country:

  • zip ties – Just roll up the carpet and it’s the cheapest way but it leaves the carpet open to stains and soaking
  • bubble wrap – it goes great with the previous. Use the bubble wrap to protect the carpet after you roll it up and then just add zip ties to make it stay rolled up
  • Paper tubes – best solution when packing carpets for moving cross country but hard to find the right length and width
Laptop and plate on a carpeted floor.
If you did everything well, your carpets will be ready for use the moment you unpack them.

Carpets should go last into the truck when packing

Now that you have thoroughly cleaned the carpet the right way, it’s time to think about how you will transport it. It might seem like an insignificant part, but it’s not. If placed wrongly, a carpet will get some permanent damage.

Whether you do it yourself or call long distance movers New York, you need to make sure your carpets don’t end up on the bottom of the truck. If that happens, you will damage your carpets.