Tips for Moving Your Workout Equipment

During a move, your whole home gym has to go too. It’s quite difficult to do everything alone because most of these parts f equipment are extremely heavy. We agree on the fact that nobody should lift that alone. That is why Brooklyn Movers New York is at your service. Firstly, book your move, and the rest will come easily. Packing, wrapping, and transporting can last for days, but the most important thing you can do is to go stress-free. Sounds impossible, but we assure you that with these tips for moving your workout equipment everything will go slightly.

Tips and tricks for moving your workout equipment

Before the actual packing process, you should follow the basic steps like preparing your equipment for a move. Then you can start buying packing supplies to ensure your belongings will arrive at the new location safely. This is how to pack gym equipment:


Before you do anything further, remember to clean the surfaces first. Remove all the sweat and dirt from the leather parts with a microfiber cloth. The next step is to sanitize it with an antimicrobial cleaner. It will stop bacteria, viruses, and fungi to develop. Still, you should do this step a few days before the move, or at least 24 hours before, so your equipment can dry entirely before you pack it. You can use disinfectant wipes as well or homemade cleaner. It would be great to avoid using a vacuum cleaner that can cause damage and still leaves the surface not enough cleaned.

Home gym weights.
Cleaning the surface is the crucial part before packing.


When moving weights, barbells, doublets, or medicine balls, you have to find a way to protect the weight. More than 30 pounds per box are too much, so try to separate them, or if you have heavier ones, place them in the category workout equipment. During the packing, you should remove any parts like clamps or plates from barbells and wrap the weight into bubble wrap. It will secure your belongings the best and you can be sure they won’t suffer damages during the transport. However, it’s necessary to find reliable movers like Gowanus movers who will move your heavy items without extra charge. After that, wrap small parts in a packing paper and place them in the box. Parts of equipment that is lighter than 30 pounds can be put inside the box filled with crumpled paper. If you do have heavier ones, place them on the floor to wait for a moving container.

Treadmill, bikes, and elliptical

Packing these heavy pieces of equipment requires help. You won’t be able to lift it by yourself and move down the stairs. To avoid hurting your back, call some friends or engage movers. The treadmill requires a lot of time to be packed. Firstly, disconnect all the wires from the wall. When you did that, go straight to the packing. Remove the safety key and hold the device in an upright position. Wrap into the moving blankets, and your job is done.

A bike requires a bit more attention because of its parts like screens. Unplug the bike and remove all the parts like screens, bottle holders, and pedals. Wrap all removed parts separately, and place them into a small box. Wrap carefully and secure it with the tape.

Packing an elliptical is the same as the treadmill. If you want to be sure that it’s secured enough, then take a picture of your belongings before you start moving your workout equipment.

Running on a treadmill.
Before packing a treadmill, remember to remove safety key.

Mini trampoline

Moving a mini trampoline requires folding every handle and leg to protect them from scratching. Then, you should wrap the whole trampoline and other visible parts in paper padding and then secure it with the tape. In this case, try not to place the sticky tape directly on the surface because it can damage the finish. When placing it into the moving truck, make sure to stabilize it between two heavy pieces of furniture to prevent rolling and moving during the transport. You can try using ropes to tie it down. When you arrive at the new address, before you start exploring a new neighborhood in Brooklyn, take it out first. It would be good to check if something is damaged right away.

Unpack right away

Even if you got your workout equipment ready for the move, you should start unpacking right away. Firstly because those items shouldn’t stay in the truck that long, and secondly because you have to check if there are certain damages. One of the best things you can do is to carefully unwrap every item without using sharp instruments like a knife. Then search for the scratches or other visible damage and then start the device to see if there are some changes. If you already took a picture before the move, compare it with the item after to see if there is a difference. The fact is, if you followed the steps from above, the chances for damage are minimal. Still, a significant role plays your professional team of movers. Hiring local movers Brooklyn NY is one way for preventing additional costs and you can be sure they’ll do their job as best as they can.

After the home workout.
Remember to put weights under 30 pounds in one box and unpack as soon as you arrive.


As we previously said, spending some additional time packing is a crucial part of the moving process. You surely know how expensive these pieces of equipment can be, so it’s best to spend a few more minutes doublecheck everything. Engaging reliable long distance movers Brooklyn gives you a significant help and indeed means that you don’t have to lift everything alone. Calling dome friends is also a great idea, so why not try it? Other than this advice, you can always ask someone for a recommendation on how to pack all your items. Still, we love to say that having the right supplies in combination with great packing skills does the job every time. Just go stress-free and be sure everything will be good. Once you enter the new home and fill an empty space with these items, you’ll be proud of yourself for moving your workout equipment effectively.