Tips for Moving Your Fine Art

You have decided to move and, naturally, now you want all your belongings relocated and placed in your new home. That, of course, includes your fine art. Moving is usually quite a demanding endeavor. In case you are a fine art owner, however, it is undoubtedly a unique experience. You should reduce your worry levels and ask for the help of experts. When it comes to moving your fine art, Brooklyn Movers NY is a proven top service provider in the field. We can help you with moving anything, including your fine art.

Rely on us for safe shipping of your fine art

Fine art shipping is demanding and technically challenging work. Transport of fragile and valuable items is often a complicated endeavor, even if you have some prior experience. You can always rely on us, fine art movers Brooklyn. We are a dependable source of information and a partner that can help you with a lot of organizational and logistic details. If you have:

  • Paintings
  • Antiques
  • Sculptures
  • Expensive porcelain

We are here to help and offer our support. We will properly pack your items, ship them, and safely deliver to your new address.

 A painting moved by the best fine art movers NYC
Connect with the best fine art movers NYC has to offer to ensure your art is safe.

Planning of the successful move of your artwork

Planning is what makes every process more comfortable and efficient, which is something you want to achieve when moving your fine art. Consulting Brooklyn Movers New York regarding crating services, packing and transportation is, therefore, the best solution possible for your fine art items. The steps that we take guarantee efficient and safe relocation. Before the actual move of your fine art, we should determine:

1. The type of move

There is a difference between moving from one city to another or one state to another. Either way, we are the experts in the moving industry. So with us, you can be sure that there is no challenge that we cannot face successfully. We assure you that you’ll have only the best long distance movers Brooklyn experience.

2. Packing of your fine art items

Proper preparation and packing of artwork is a significant step in the process, and the materials used for this purpose have to be of the best quality. Before packing, we should determine the type of artwork you have and look at the material used for your fine art:

  • paint
  • metal
  • glass or porcelain
  • wood
  • fabric
  • oil

It determines how we should pack the artwork, transport it and store it, when necessary. Certainly, fine art has its value for every art owner. There is no doubt that art pieces usually have a monetary value which is why it is crucial to treat each piece with the utmost care. But they can also have immeasurable sentimental value. That is why the presence of responsible and highly trained professionals is required. We protect your artworks with all adequate soft-protections, and you can rest assured that your fine art collection shall safely reach its destination.

Need for a customized crate

In some cases, there is a need for a customized wood-crate. It is a great way to prevent any damage. When art objects require special attention (if they are fragile or bulky), or if it is traveling by air or sea, custom crates come as a great and necessary solution. Customized crates are adapted to the weight and dimensions of a specific piece of art. Large sculptures or large paintings need to be transported in custom crates because that is the best way to protect them during transport.

Porcelain vase.
Porcelain needs extra attention and care during transport.

3. Transport

After we pack every piece of art properly and secure it against any potential damage, the next thing we are taking care of is the transport. You can count on us to safely ship your fine arts and precious pieces to any destination of your choice. No matter what the size, weight, or deadline is, we are here to prevent any damage or concerns that you might have during the move of your artwork. Rest assured that your fine art collection shall wait for you in your new home.

4. Storage

In some cases, depending on transport, storage can be a good option for your fine art. If using storage is necessary, you should keep in mind any special requirements for preserving your artwork. If, for example, a painting should be kept in a specific environment and conditions, you need storage which could fulfill all those requests. You should watch for the temperature, ventilation, and see how to preserve them in the climate-controlled environment.

Insurance of artwork while moving

Fine art collections are often worth a lot of money. Any damage can be potentially disastrous and could have irreversible consequences. In case your artwork is valuable, you should consider additional insurance options. With Brooklyn Movers New York you can rest assured that you would have every answer to your questions, including advice on additional insurance.

Fragile sculpture.
With professional assistance, you’ll relocate even the most fragile items.

The best fine art movers available are at your disposal

Moving can be a stressful and seriously challenging task for many. Whether it is long distance, or if you are moving from one town to another, thoughts about the details of the process can “run wild.” If you are worried, wondering how to handle the transition, we are an excellent choice. Our team of professionals is here to help you in such times. Moving your fine art is highly demanding and at times tricky, but you can trust our experts in this field and us. We ship our client’s artworks at any requested destination quickly and efficiently. We use the best quality materials for packing your fine art, and you can rest assured that there is nothing to worry about. Feel free to contact us, and we are sure that you will realize that your belongings are in safe hands with us.