Tips for Moving a piano safely

Moving a piano is very demanding. In addition to this, pianos are bulky, huge, very heavy and have an irregular shape. Moreover, you might think that they are indestructible and unbreakable. Unfortunately, that is not the case. They are very delicate and fragile. This magnificent instrument requires special attention. There are three options for moving your piano: do it by yourself, hire a regular moving company or choose piano movers Brooklyn. We warmly recommend that you do not try it yourself unless you want to spend all your fortune on the repair. During this, the owner and professional movers have to work together and carefully realize each step. What if you can’t afford professional piano movers service? Or still want to be included in the whole process of packing a piano with a regular moving company? You’ll find our article very useful.

Prepare materials before packing and moving a piano

Firstly, you should know that packing a piano is the same as packing fragile and expensive items. First, you need to provide extra protection during transport. In case of a long-distance move, we recommend a professional service, too. Long-distance movers Brooklyn has got the necessary knowledge and experience. They will give you the best advice on the materials you need. Their packers are highly trained and skilled so they will know just what you need. 

Blankets for packing.
You can use blankets to protect your piano during transportation.

Your belongings need to be properly packed to endure the transport that could last for days. This is because of the risks of potential damages and accidents. Blankets will protect the piano from scratches or damages. The piano is not just an instrument for you. It’s so much more and has a huge emotional value for its owner and the whole family. So, you need to make sure you get all the necessary supplies and materials to safely and securely move it. Whether you have an upright piano or baby grand piano, it must be properly packed. You can also use old towels to cover the piano.

Protect the keyboard

During relocation, you need to plan and organize every step. Especially if you want to do everything successfully. An important step in moving a piano is to close and lock the keyboard-lid. This will prevent it from opening and damaging during the move. The keys are fragile and must be protected. In the case that keyboard-lid doesn’t have a lock, make sure that the lid is closed before you wrap the piano. Avoid using tape to keep the lid closed as this could damage the gentle wood surface.

Moving a piano
Protect sensitive surfaces from possible scratches.

Lifting the Piano

Obviously, lifting a piano is not a job for just one person. It’s more demanding than moving and lifting heavy furniture. Depending on how heavy it is, you need to evaluate the number of movers and friends. While planning to lift a piano into position, don’t forget that you should not lift it by its legs. Piano legs are very fragile and vulnerable. Just keep the piano in an upright position and don’t lay it on its side. That can be very bad for the inner mechanism.

Don’t be afraid to be a part of the process of moving a piano

Although our tips may help you better plan the process of moving a piano, take this advice: hiring reliable movers or reputable piano moving company is the safest way. You don’t want to end up in the middle of lifting a piano and regretting your decision to do it yourself! You can always be involved in the extra care of your beloved instrument by helping your movers instead.