Tips for Couples Moving in Together

There are a few, defining moments in each relationship. These are steps that take the relationship to a new level. One of the bigger ones is moving in together. With it, moving in together brings many advantages. First of all, it eliminates the loneliness of single living. Secondly, it strengthens the relationship. Finally, it can be a great help with the budget. However, it can also be stressful. Not only is it a big step up in the relationship, but it also includes the moving process itself. And moving is stressful. That’s why we compiled our tips for couples moving in together, to help you avoid the stress and fighting and aid you in reaching that fairy tale life together, more easily.  So read on, to find out all the things you’ll need to know about moving in together!


When it comes to moving, planning is very important. However, when it comes to couples moving in together, it comes to the forefront even more. First of all, there is coordination between your two schedules. With differing obligations, it’s important to synchronize your free time so you waste as little of it on the move as possible. It would be advisable to form a joint moving schedule. Plan out your move weeks in advance, and set a timetable for each of you, per moving phase.  Additionally, try and coordinate your belongings. Living alone, you probably have accumulated some duplicate items. Now that you’re moving in together you may not need two sets of cutlery, for example. Even if you don’t want to throw, sell or give it away, you don’t have to unpack the set you won’t be using.

A notebook and a hand writing on it
Couples moving in together should pay extra attention to the planning of the move

Also, depending on the conditions of the move, two situations may arise

  • One person is moving in with the other
  • Both partners are moving to a different location together

Depending on which applies to you, there are different considerations to keep in mind.

One partner moving in with the other

Even if only one of you is moving, the other person has tasks to perform.  One side has to prepare the new home to accommodate the other and their belongings. On the other hand, the other party has to do all the packing and actual relocation. Also, it wouldn’t be fair to leave all the heavy lifting to just one partner, so the person they are moving to should, if able, free up the time to help them. This transition period is perfect for dealing with the clutter. Since both sides will have to do some packing and moving, you can use this period to do away with the excess items cluttering your home. This way you will both have more room for the things you actually use, once the move is done.

Both partners moving

A bit more complicated situation is the one where both partners are moving. Therefore, organizing well becomes even more important here. Don’t worry though! With good planning, you can move to another city or even country together, and have it go easy! Same as with one person moving, here you will want to avoid unpacking duplicate items. Also, try and organize your schedules so that you can help each other pack. Pay special attention to furniture, if you’re both going to be moving it. Chances are you both have some of the same furniture pieces. Make a joint decision on which to keep and which to sell and donate. This way you will reduce your moving costs, and save yourself some time.

Moving expenses

Another thing couples moving in together should consider, apart from the time schedule, are the moving expenses. No matter if you’re moving to your partners you or you are both moving, you should share the costs. After all, it’s ever too early to start practicing having a joint budget. When the move is done, that will become a part of your everyday lives. Additionally sharing in the moving costs will contribute to strengthening your relationship. It will ensure that the person moving isn’t going to be joining with a severely impaired budget. Also sharing in on the moving costs, and joining your budget comes into play even if you’re both moving. You can use this opportunity to start having joint expenses. Maybe you wanted to redecorate some of the rooms in your new home? It will be much easier if you both chipped in on the costs.

A piggybank. Couples moving in together should start practicing joint budgeting from the get-go
Share the moving expenses to make the move less of a strain on your budget.

Avoiding fights

One thing that is true for all moves is that moving is stressful. This goes double for couples moving in together. You have two people having to coordinate their time in a stressful situation here. Therefore, sparks can start flying very easily. That’s why it is important to remember why you’re doing all this – because you love each other. Therefore try and keep your calm. Take a deep breath and try seeing things from the other person’s perspective. Once you start living together, you will both have to become a bit more flexible. After all, compromise is the cornerstone of every successful relationship.

Two hands pointing at each other
Avoid arguments that may arise due to moving stress.

Choosing a moving company – an important question for couples moving in together

One final thing you will have to coordinate on is how you will handle your move. While you could conduct the move yourselves, having a professional moving company like Small World Moving TX homepage help you, could be very useful. This especially goes for couples moving in together to a whole new home. With all the bulky items you might be bringing along, professional help will mean a lot. If you manage to de-clutter enough, you can even hire the same movers to move you both in one go. This will save you both money and time spent on coordinating your belongings’ arrivals.

Enjoying your time together

When you are a couple moving in together, preparing for the move might seem daunting. However, think of all the benefits that will come afterward. You are starting a fresh new life full of opportunity. Furthermore, you’re staring it together! Is there anything better than that?