Things you will miss after leaving Fort Greene

Located in Kings County, Fort Greene is considered one of the better neighborhoods to live in in New York.  It’s unique and has a special charm to it which keeps people living here for a while. However, the time might come to hire one of the best moving companies Brooklyn can offer and relocate somewhere else. Moving can be quite a shocking change, and there are things you will miss after leaving Fort Greene, for sure. With every relocation comes a bit of a culture shock, or just general shock due to changing your surroundings. Let’s see what makes Fort Greene so different from other places!

Things that make Fort Greene accessible, livable, and unique

The one main thing you might miss about Fort Greene is how accessible everything is. Online reviews reveal that Fort Greene is very much walkable, and access to subway lines and such is superb. For example, to get to DeKalb Avenue, Lafayette Avenue, or Fulton Street, take the B or Q train, the C train, or the G train, respectfully.  It is a culturally diverse place with a relatively tight-knit community: something that social butterflies might miss the most. The Fort Greene Association is solid proof of how much the community is organized and how it works together. 

photo of busy traffic on road
The neighborhood is quite accessible, which is one of the things you will miss after leaving Fort Greene.

What else will you miss about Fort Greene? If you have children with you, the one thing you’ll definitely miss is how family-friendly the neighborhood is. There are many places to keep you and the kids busy, as well as plenty of public and private schools both within and near Fort Greene. Fort Greene movers are also among the best ones in the area, so take advantage of that for your move. Approximately 24% of residents in Fort Greene are families with children.

Lifestyle and safety are also some of the things you’ll miss after leaving Fort Greene

Compared to other places in New York, Fort Greene is a relatively safe place. Crime rates are certainly lower than in other, bigger parts of the city, so you might miss this. You might think Fort Greene has a suburban feel to it but on the contrary. There are plenty of places and amenities which give Fort Greene a dense urban feel. Depending on the kind of life you live, you might miss this after you leave the neighborhood. In the following section of this article, we’ll discuss the specific and unique places in Fort Greene that you’ll surely want to go back to at least once after you move out.

Some of the things you will miss after leaving Fort Greene are the great places within the neighborhood

Despite its size, Fort Greene has a lot to offer: things and places you won’t find anywhere else. After you move with our long distance movers New York trusts, you might find yourself thinking about these places. 

group of friends sitting together
The things you will surely miss after leaving Fort Greene are the places you could visit with friends and family.
  • With a variety of upscale and casual eateries, old and new, Fort Greene is one of the best under-the-radar dining areas in NYC.
  • Fort Greene is home to The Brooklyn Academy of Music. If you’re a musician or simply a lover of music, there’s a chance you’ll miss this place. The BAM is a not-for-profit performing- and cinema-arts center founded in 1861 with over 200 performances per year.  BAMcafé Live puts on 75 free performances every year, and there’s also a four-screen cinema within the building. This is definitely a place you will miss after leaving Fort Greene: there’s nothing quite like it anywhere else.
  • Bookworms, this one’s for you: there’s no bookstore quite like Greenlight Bookstore in Fort Greene
  • Of course, how could we forget Fort Greene Park? After hosting multiple forts during the Revolutionary War, Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn’s first, was built in 1847. The forts are no longer there; instead, there are basketball courts, playgrounds, tennis courts, and a large area (more than 30 acres) for outdoor recreation. On Saturdays, you can peruse the green market next to the park, then sit down on a bench and take in your culinary treasures.
  • Brooklyn Flea is there for all your niche shopping needs

Besides nostalgia, you also have to deal with your upcoming move

We know that leaving Fort Greene might be a big and difficult change for you. At Brooklyn Movers New York, we’ve handled many moves, both big and small, so we know the pressure you’re under. For starters, we recommend that you don’t move alone: ask moving companies for moving quotes Brooklyn residents often settle for. Ask around until you find a moving quote that you’re okay with so you can move out of Fort Greene without breaking the bank.

Then, make sure to think about how will you move from Fort Greene. We know you’re likely thinking about how much you’ll miss your home, but this is the very important part. To ensure a safe and seamless move, think about the moving services you might need. For example, if you need help moving that big sofa or wardrobe you have, our furniture movers New York locals rely on can help. For every moving need, there is a moving company with the right moving services that can help you. Do yourself a favor: make your move from Fort Greene a pleasant and safe one.

reliable movers as one of the things you will miss after leaving Fort Greene
You don’t have to go through the move alone: we got your back.

Did you often visit any of these places or do any of the things on this list? There are likely other, smaller things you will miss after leaving Fort Greene, there’s no doubt about it. Thankfully, you’ll have photos as keepsakes and memories, and you can always stay in touch with the people you met in Fort Greene. As for your move, Brooklyn Movers New York will be more than happy to aid you. Just get a free moving quote on our website, and start planning your move today.