Things you should never store in a climate controlled storage unit

As New York movers can confirm from their experience with clients, having storage outside your home can be so convenient. It’s useful for so many different items and situations in life. It would help if you considered taking a unit when you’re moving or renovating your home. It can hold your items while you do all the work and protect them from dust and damage. Furthermore, storage units are perfect for things we rarely use, like seasonal clothes, sports equipment, hobby tools, etc. Climate-controlled units are an even better option, as you can manage the temperature and maintain perfect humidity levels. However, there are things you should never store in a climate controlled storage unit, and this guide will tell you all about them. Here’s what you need to know about climate-controlled storage and items that shouldn’t be there.

 The purpose of renting a climate-controlled unit

As fees for renting a climate-controlled unit are higher than those for regular storage, you should know everything about it so you don’t waste any money. The main purpose of such units is to ensure the conditions that protect items inside from humidity and extreme temperatures. Temperature and humidity are controlled so that items inside do not suffer from extreme changes. Winters in NYC can get pretty tough, so extreme changes in temperature can damage certain items if they are not in climate controlled storage Brooklyn. But what are the things that don’t need that kind of service?

climate-controlled storage unit
Know why you need storage solutions, so you can pick the best one.

What are some of the things you should never store in a climate controlled storage unit?

Even though storage units allow for a long list of items you can protect from extreme temperatures and humidity, certain things are off that list. Here’s everything you should never put in a climate-controlled storage unit.

Perishable foods

Even though you can safely place canned foods in your unit, perishable foods are not suitable for this place. Apart from the fact that meat, cheese, and other foods can spoil, they are perfect bait for pets of all kinds. This can potentially cause danger to all the other items in your unit and make a much bigger mess. Bonus tip: if you’re moving soon, plan your meals in the days preceding the moving day, so you can use up all the leftover food and minimize waste.

Items you can’t replace

Even though a professional storage company will ensure the maximum safety of your items, you can’t eliminate all the risks. That’s why irreplaceable items or things you can’t live without shouldn’t stay away from your own home. It’s best to find a safe place in your home and keep those items with you at all times.

Letters are one of the things you should avoid putting in climate-controlled storage units
Avoid putting precious items, like personal correspondence or documents, in a storage unit.

Toxic and flammable materials

Hazardous materials such as motor oil, acid, grease, gasoline, paint, corrosives, and similar items are things you shouldn’t put in a storage unit. These also include toxic or biological waste, so be sure to dispose of those accordingly before you move or begin a renovation project in your home.

Weapons and explosives are also things you should never store in a climate controlled storage unit

You may think saving fireworks for the next 4th of July is a great idea, but they are not allowed in storage units. Furthermore, any other explosives, ammunition, or weapons should stay away from storage units, especially climate-controlled ones. Such items can go off by accident and cause severe damage and fire in the storage unit. Also, don’t forget that professional local movers New York  will not allow such items in their moving trucks, so be sure to find another way to relocate those things if you’re moving.

How to find the right storage unit?

Finding the perfect unit for your needs might be a challenge in a big city like New York. Here are some tips on ensuring you’ve got a safe place for your belongings.

Research reliable storage units in your area

Professionalism and security should be your top priorities when researching moving and storage companies. Make sure you read reviews, but also get recommendations from people who already use a climate-controlled unit. Another consideration is undoubtedly a convenient location. NYC is a huge city, so it’s good to have your items nearby. If you’re moving to Brooklyn, you may want to hire Park Slope movers for moving services as well as storage. Local options are simple to contact, but they do necessitate a background check.

Choose the right size for your unit

One of the most important things when picking a storage unit is getting the right size. You don’t want to take a unit that’s way too small for your needs, but you also don’t want to waste space and money. Review the items you’ll be placing in your unit, their number, and their size. This will help you estimate how much space you actually need. Units come in various sizes, from small to huge, and the price depends on how big your unit is.

Big climate-controlled storage unit
If you have too many things you wish to store, you must find a storage unit of an appropriate size

Special conditions for special items

As we mentioned, a climate-controlled storage unit is usually more expensive, so make sure you determine the purpose of your unit. You’ll want a climate-controlled unit if you’re storing furniture, electronics, antiques, documents or paper items, art, musical instruments, etc. These require special conditions, so getting a more expensive option will be worth the money.

Remember, getting the most out of your climate-controlled unit is also about proper packing and organization of your items. Make sure you protect your items well, but also organize the unit to increase the safety and functionality of the space. Move things around so you can easily reach everything you need but still use most of the unit. And if there are many items, it can help to make an inventory list and tape it to the inside of the unit’s door. This way, you’ll have an overview of things placed in the storage unit, and it will be a lot easier to find them.

If there’s a move coming your way soon, don’t forget this guide on things you should never store in a climate controlled storage unit. It will help you fill your storage with things that will stay safe until the next time you need them, minimizing the risk of damage to your belongings.