Things you should know before moving to Brooklyn for college

Moving to Brooklyn for college? Awesome, right? Well, completely true! There’s probably no better place to go to college than NYC. Therefore, congratulations for your decision! There are such a great colleges in the capital of the world. So, you don’t need to worry about your education. Besides that, you’ll have plenty opportunities to have a good time. Also, congratulations for your courage. Yes, it takes courage to come to one of the biggest cities in the world to study. But if you balance perfectly between goods and bads, you’ll end up well educated and used to living in a modern jungle. And both of those things are crucial for your future life. So, before you make a move to Brooklyn and come to one of New York’s colleges, get prepared for that. We’ll help you here with things you should know before you migrate to Brooklyn for college.

Find out things you should know before moving to Brooklyn for college
Get well informed before moving to Brooklyn for college


Former NYC college student advice you:

Prepare for moving to Brooklyn for college!

Don’t be afraid, but be cautious Brooklyn college student-newcomer

New York is huge. No matter where you’re migrating from, you’re almost surely coming to a lot bigger city. It brings opportunities, but it brings problems too. Especially for a young person like you, a Brooklyn college student to be. If you lived with your parents, most of your problems were invisible to you. And now they’re gonna appear. And multiply too. So, prepare for temptations, there’s gonna be a lot of them. I mean A LOT. But, if you’re wise and calm, which you need to be coming to NYC for college, you’ll solve all of the problems easily. We’ll mention just some problems that most of the students consider the most important:

  • Be patient and wise to solve any problem that might happen after you move to Brooklyn for a college
    Every problem is solvable, don’t forget it after you relocate to Brooklyn to become a college student

    First, you’ll be left without any money, sooner or later. The most important thing is not to panic. And also, before you get in that situation, consider having a part-time job. If your parents are providing you with money, having extra cash never harms.

  • Second, if your Brooklyn college start is not as bright as you expected, don’t be frustrated. Let that initial failure be the extra motivation to study harder and shine in latter college years! After all, you don’t consider moving to Brooklyn for college, and coming back home after a couple of months, or a year.
  • Third, there you will get broken hearted. It’s true. But, how many people you know to have met during college and ended up married? Not too much, right? So, if they managed to get over it, you will too! Just think of why you relocated to Brooklyn, work hard, get an NYC college degree, and everything will work out just perfectly for you!

Prepare to get out of your zone of comfort after relocating to Kings county and becoming a college student in the Big Apple

You will be accepted in New York after you migrate to Brooklyn for college. No matter who you are. But you’ll also have to accept others too. I’m saying this because it’s multinational and multicultural city. And you’ll meet here every religion, every skin colour, every language and every way of thinking there is worldwide! So, most of them will be different from what you got used to. The most important thing is not to confront any difference. Accept it as normal. Nobody says you should like everyone.

Why would you care if someone is different from you? You’ll find what you like after moving to Brooklyn for college and stick to that. If you dislike something, you don’t need to fight it just because it’s different. Learn to be democratic if you intend to move to Brooklyn and attend a college. Although it might not be your political choice, you need to apply it in practice. Otherwise, you might get rejected and therefore lonely. And nobody likes to be lonely. Especially as a college student, and especially if you move to New York’s borough of Brooklyn.

Comparing yourself to other college students from Brooklyn is a mistake

Don't compare to others after becoming a Brooklyn college newcomer student, it's completely wrong
If you’re relocating to Brooklyn to get a college degree- don’t lose time on comparing to others

Alright, you’re a competitive kind of person. Ok, you like to be better than others. Fine, you hate to lose. But, before you relocate to Brooklyn and start your college days, let me inform you something: You’re gonna lose many times in many things during your college years in Brooklyn. No matter if it means to lose your girlfriend to a richer guy. Or to lose to a better student, and there will be someone better from you one way or another, that’s a fact. On the other hand, you could lose to someone in terms of being unable to party that much as that person and still have good grades.

Either way, comparing to anyone as a Brooklyn college newcomer is a bad thing.There are so many students in New York. Many of them are just like you, moving to Brooklyn for college. If you try to be the best of all in all of the disciplines you might have in your head, you’ll lose everything and your migration to Brooklyn to become a college student will be a failure. You’ll be defeated, depressed and back home as fast as you clap your hands.

Conclusion- Get dedicated to your goal after migration to Brooklyn, get a college degree

I’m telling you all of this because I was one of the most competitive people I’ve ever met. And I failed to be better from the others at the most of the things after I moved to Brooklyn to get a college degree. So I was knocked-down. But I used that competitive spirit to get up and not let the knock-down to turn into knock-out! And I made it! You can do it too! And it is much wiser to learn from other’s mistake than to fall into a trap by yourself.

Therefore, I’ll repeat the crucial advice for success during your Brooklyn college days- don’t compare to anyone in anything. Except to yourself. Learn to be better today than the day before. That’s the key to graduating and entering the real world of New York as a winner. Move to Brooklyn, graduate from a college, improve yourself and conquer the world!