Few things you need to know about the Big Apple

Let us discuss a few things you need to know as a future resident of the Big Apple. Simply put NYC, New York is known as a place where you are surrounded by millions and still feel lonely. You are just a small fish in a giant ocean that is NY. Currently, around 8 million people reside under the NY  sun. You can surely put it as a concrete jungle where dreams are made and ruined as well. There is a saying New York can make or break a person. The biggest piece of advice anyone can give you is to keep your head high.  There is only one thing that you can influence directly. That is how you carry yourself. Have a dose of optimism and a healthy amount of reason and it is gonna be ok. Let’s see what the Big Apple offers.

Things you need to know
Hiatus of NY can be overwhelming.

Things you need to know essentials:  

Of course goes without saying that prior to moving here, you need to possess different packing material at your disposal. But bear with us, do not get shaken with a price range in NY. Living expenses are sky high. It ranges from the price of laundry wash, enormous grocery bills or a simple tip on a night out. Start saving your pennies, unless a dollar menu is good for you. It is not a secret that America is the fattest nation on the planet. And moreover, it is easy to fall for that burger for 99c or an XXL soda deal. But the price of that green juice is between 8 and 10 dollars. Be wise about your food and sugar consumption. Check labels and make sure you expend that energy. Do not fall for fast food and risk your health with a quick meal. Healthy lifestyle is key.  

Things you need to know
Remember, life in New York can be quite expensive.

Two big ‘you will’ things:  

Two things you need to know and be aware of. You are almost certain to get lonely and lost. You are preparing to live in a city of eight million and be lonely still. Maybe you are leaving behind your family and security that it provides. Not seeing your friends or family or your hometown is surely to have an impact on you. A long-distance relocation perhaps. But this can only make you stronger as a person, so you feel pride for yourself. Furthermore, the other thing is that you can get lost easy. It is common and you are not the first that can’t tell left from right. And that is OK, you need time to get your bearings. The subway system in a city as big as New York – you will get the hang of it soon enough though. In case you are a game enthusiast, New York is like a game of Pacman!  

Things you need to know
As they say, NY can make or break a man, it’s up to you which is going to be!

This is a short post, but with a point to remind you that despite all of this you are not the first to go through this. One thing is certain, keep your head high, get your bearings and start walking like a New Yorker.