Things You Must Do in NYC This Summer

After the year that we had, we can all agree that we deserve to give ourselves a break and relax. And, of course, after 2020, no wonder people’s excitement for this summer has reached new heights. We’re as eager as you, so here us out! For instance, there are a lot of things you must do in NYC this summer if you’re planning to have fun. If you happen to be in New York, plan to visit it, maybe find some good New York movers and move to NYC, this is what you can look forward to.

Take a boat tour in NYC and see the city from another angle

The summer heat doesn’t hit as hard when you are enjoying the view of NYC from a boat. Gather some friends, or family and feel the breeze in your hair on one of New York’s rivers. Many take Staten Island Ferry, as the boat tours are pretty frequent, but you can also sail to the Statue of Liberty. It definitely should be on the list of things you must do in NYC this summer. However, if you’re not living in NYC, you might just be thinking about hiring local movers in NYC now. It does sound dreamy, doesn’t it?

A view of NYC from the waterside
Include in NYC rivers in the list of things you must do in NYC this summer

Include Little Island in one of the things you must do in NYC this summer

Little Island is one of the newest attractions in NYC, which opened this May. It’s a small but certainly unique public park in The Hudson River Public Park on the West side of Manhattan. If you are a fan of outdoor activities you should undoubtedly visit one of the various events the park hosts. Maybe you’ll like it enough to hire a moving service in NYC, and become a resident, who knows.

NYC’s indoor attractions might interest you more

In case, the heat is too much for you, or you’re not particularly outdoorsy, NYC still has a lot to offer. For culture enthusiasts, NYC offers a wide variety of museums. You can visit the Guggenheim Museum; The Metropolitan Museum; The American Museum of Natural History and etc. Besides the museums, you can check out the Broadway Theatre, and enjoy a show. Hit one of the many Bowling lanes, or try out one of the popular escape rooms, or dance the night away in one of Brooklyn nightclubs with your friends. Additionally, of course, there are plenty of NYC cafes, restaurants, and bars where you can fill your stomach and relax, as well. There’s something for everyone!

A view of the entrance of the Metropolitan Museum of Arts
Check out the many famous museums in NYC

Put a festival on your list of things you must do in NYC this summer

If you’re a fan of festivals, you’ll be happy to learn that NYC abounds with them. These are just some from NYC’s long list:

  • Shakespeare in the Park
  • The Meadows Music and Arts Festival
  • Summer Jam (a festival on Metlife Stadium)
  • Pinknic (the annual giant rosé picnic & music festival)
  • Pier 17 Rooftop Concerts (a thing you must do in NYC this summer if you’re a music lover)

All of these suggestions are just a small portion of everything New York City treats its residents with every summer. There are many more things you must do in NYC this summer, and the only way to do them is to be in NYC. So, dare to have the best time in one of the greatest cities in the world!