Things to know when moving to NYC as a young professional

You are a young who wants to make it the world? Well NYC is the place to be. The opportunities that the city and its people can provide can be found nowhere else. If you have a new and good idea, NYC is more than happy to help you make it a happen. But there are many pitfalls to avoid if you want to be successful when moving to NYC as a young professional. Here are a few tips on how to make your NYC dream a reality.

Starting your life in NYC can be a great move!

Get to know NYC

If you want to make your living in NYC and want to have a good time while doing it, you need to get acquainted with the city.

The town itself

The first thing you will realize when moving to NYC as a young professional is that NYC is an entity on its own. The city has a vibrant and alive feel that you just can’t get in other cities. From the numerous cultural events to the constantly changing landscape of NYC streets, there is always something going on. You get the feeling that the city is alive and thriving along with its 8,622,698 residents. Take your time and get to know the city. There are many neighborhoods and the chances that you will find the right one on the first try are slim. From Chinatown to the Upper East Side. From Manhattan to Brooklyn. Every neighborhood will have a personality of its own and you should find the one that suits you. If possible, try and live for a while in NYC before you move there permanently. Just to get the feeling of how much everything costs, and how much time is required to do things. Also, getting familiar with the NYC subway system will save you from future headaches.

NYC neighborhood
Get to know your future neighborhood.

The people

The other thing that makes NYC, NYC is the people. As much as their city is colorful and filled to the brim with different cultures, so are they. But be warned. Every day you will see thousands of people and have interactions with hundreds of them. If you let yourself be affected by everyone you will soon lose yourself. You will need to develop a thick skin if you don’t have one already.  People in big cities tend to be cold. And NYC is as big as they come. Although from time to time, just as you start thinking that people in NYC are awful, you will meet someone that will change your perspective completely. You will soon find out that citizens of NYC are as interesting and as diverse as their town.

Pace yourself

Once you get the feeling of NYC and you know the neighborhoods, try and get settled. It will be dependent on your job, of course, but try to find an affordable apartment. If you have some money saved you will have a strong desire to spend it on all the things the city has to offer once you move there. Try to resist it. Visting NYC beforehand should give you enough time to experience all of the famous NYC attractions that have a tendency to swallow your money. You are not here to spend, you are here to earn. Moving to NYC as a young professional can be expensive. Get some modest accommodation and pace yourself. Settle into your life. There will be things to explore and discover, so give yourself time. You are just starting your life here.

Find your place in the NYC business ecosystem

When considering how to make a living in NYC are a lot of things to consider.

Study business environment

There is a lot of work you can do in NYC. From the entertainment industry with 21th Century Fox headquarters located in NYC to ever growing IT industries with IBM, there is an array of industries that are always looking for young professionals. But, on the other hand, there are a lot of people looking for work. If you don’t know anyone who can get you connected, be ready to look for work for at least 2 months. Competition is fierce. Maybe you will luck out and find and a job the moment you get off the bus but plan smart. Save enough to survive 2 months without pay. Also, be up to date with the business you want to join. You will have a much easier time if you know what company is currently more successful and is looking for new people.

Job interview
Finding the right job is a blessing.

Starting a business in NYC

If on the other hand, you want to start or relocate your business to NYC you’ll have even more things to research. NYC is merciless. Shops and businesses open and close every day of the year. That is why knowing what NYC is like will give you a good idea about the potential risks of starting your business there. Don’t expect that you can just copy someone’s business idea and get the same results. You either have to improve their idea or have an original one. If it is an original idea, consider where in NYC you will realize it. As we said, neighborhoods can differ wildly from one to the other. Starting your business in the right place can either help if flourish or ruin it. In NYC there is no middle ground. Also, looking into what permits and licenses you will need depending on your line of business. They can vary from state to state.

Was moving to NYC as a young professional the right move?

There will be a lot of mental strain on you during your first months in NYC. The Big Apple is beautiful but it can be hard to swallow. Staying calm and giving yourself a break can go a long way. Some of the questions you will be asking yourself are:

  • Was moving to NYC the right move?
  • Am I doing well enough with my career?
  • Should I stay in NYC?

The rule of thumb says that for every one success you should count on twelve fails. If it doesn’t work out right away, don’t give up. Give yourself time and keep studying NYC. A little tweak in your business strategy can turn it completely overnight. Whatever happens, NYC will be a great learning experience and you should always appreciate it.