Things to do in Red Hook after the move

When it comes to New York’s neighborhoods, it is not so easy to choose where to live. Every area of Big Apple has its advantages and disadvantages. Otherwise, your needs are what you need to consider, too. Finally, you have decided that you want to move to Red Hook. After you arrive at your new home, you will realize that moving to Red Hook was a very good idea and it will be a chance for a fresh start. But, you will need a guide and assistance during and after the moving process. So, read this short article and be sure that moving to Red Hook will be a good experience. Besides, your move will be easier when you discover all things to do in Red Hook after the relocation.

Red Hook
This is one of New Yorks’s oldest neighborhoods.

Organize your moving day and plan out things to do in Red Hook after you settle down

Everyone who has any moving experience can tell that organization is crucial when it comes to moving day. Famous New York is a vibrant city and you don’t have much time to waste. So organize your belongings, prepare the inventory list, and make sure to hire reputable Red Hook movers. Remember, hiring a reliable moving company like ours is the opportunity to save precious time. Besides, whether you are New York’s resident or newcomer, every neighborhood has many interesting places to visit.  If you are looking for things to do in this neighborhood, you are in the right place. If you like a neighborhood with character, you will like spending time here.

Interesting things to do in this Brooklyn neighborhood

If you want to get familiar with your new neighborhood, you need to explore it. So our Brooklyn Movers New York highlighted the most interesting activities in Red Hook. Here is what you shouldn’t miss:

  • Take the water taxi from Manhattan to Van Brunt Street
  • Learn a bit of history at the Red Hook Waterfront Museum
  • Take a picture of the Statue of Liberty at Louis Valentino, Jr. Park and Pier
  • Visit a Window shop along Van Brunt Street
  • Don’t miss beautiful nature in Poets Walk Park
  • You can visit the Hudson River Valley Heritage Area here and even make a picnic with your family
  • Among things to do in Red Hook, you shouldn’t miss visiting Fort Defiance. With a cozy interior, long bar, and big picture windows, it’s a wonderful place to spend your afternoon.
  • Visit new Tesla showroom
  • Get a shot of culture at Pioneer Works
  • Tide yourself over until dinner with a snack from Red Hook Lobster Pound
  • Catch the golden hour from the Smith-9th Street Station
Things to do in Red Hook after the move
When living in this area you can expect amazing views.

Enjoy this Brooklyn neighborhood

The list of things to do in Red Hook is pretty long. After you arrange storage service Brooklyn and finish unpacking, take time, and start exploring your new neighborhood. As this is one of the oldest New York neighborhoods and you could found out a lot about city history from here. Besides, this area has amazing views and it is always the right time to take a long stroll.