Things to do in Fort Greene

You finally moved to Brooklyn and want to explore it? Is Fort Greene your next destination for a relocation? Whatever the case may be, there are many things to do in Fort Greene and you definitely won’t be disappointed. That’s why we from the Brooklyn Movers New York want to talk about all the beautiful things you can do.  After all, we are the locals here and are sure you’ll enjoy some of our top locations. Here are our top picks that you shouldn’t miss out on.

A visit to Fort Greene Park is among the things to do in Fort Greene

If you ask anyone in Brooklyn about their favorite parks, the answer will be Fort Greene Park in most cases. That’s because it really stands out with its beauty and makes you feel outside the big city while being in it. Our local movers Brooklyn especially love it as some of them are history lovers. It’s filled with trees that can provide you with shade while you can look at the monuments of the past. Of course, if you like some physical activity you’ll see people running around or doing yoga. So when you’re up for a bit of a workout why not join them?

A beautiful park
Among the things to do in Fort Greene is visiting its beautiful parks

Brooklyn Academy of Music

Brooklyn is one of the places where music is king. And thankfully if you’re a music lover, Fort Greene will offer you great entertainment, but also a place that recorded the rich music history. If you ask anyone from our Fort Greene movers they will tell you that the Brooklyn Academy of Music is their favorite place to visit. That’s because it respects all the artists that once were performing here and showcases artists that are on the rise. If you love music you will love BAM.

Love reading? The Greenlight bookstore must be among your things to do in Fort Greene

Do you love relaxing while reading a book? Loud music and the sounds of the city are not your preference? Why not visit the Greenlight bookstore and enjoy your day. There are thousands of great books you can pick up and read while drinking your favorite coffee. However, according to our residential movers in Brooklyn, that’s not all the fun that happens there. You can expect community events and even authors showing up and talking about books. It’s really a great story and one that is worth supporting.

Enjoy reading your favorite books in Fort Greene

BRIC Arts Media House

If you want some free and quality entertainment you need to check out the BRIC Arts Media House. It has a lot to offer and is definitely among the top things to do in Fort Greene for us. It has a lot to offer from ballrooms to spaces where community events are held. You can always find something happening in the BRIC Arts Media House as it has artists or events happening almost daily. Why not go and pay it a visit? Surprise yourself with some quality time or some great art.

Among many places that you can enjoy in Brookly, Fort Greene is among the top places you can enjoy. There are a variety of things to do in Fort Greene and you’ll find different attractions that will fascinate different people. That’s why we invite you to explore and find what fits your personality the best. Don’t be shy, as there are always people who are willing to help you in this small but welcoming community. Enjoy your stay and everything your new neighborhood has to offer!