The ultimate guide to Brooklyn’s Neighborhoods

The decision to move and start living in one of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods could be the best one. Brooklyn now has a lot to offer and can fulfill the highest expectations in every area of anyone’s interest. This New York City borough has evolved, and its reputation has changed for the better. From great food and restaurants, rich artistic scene, beautiful parks, nightlife, business opportunities – with all the options you get to have, it is no wonder that many decide to find their homes and settle here.

People from all walks of life; entrepreneurs, artists, celebrities, people who want to raise their families in Brooklyn, are all drawn to this neighborhood, and that is a trend in later years. That is why Brooklyn is New York City’s most populous borough now. For anyone who decides to move, choosing a great moving company from Brooklyn has proven to be the best decision to make your move more relaxed.

Aerial view of Brooklyn.
Brooklyn is New York’s most populous borough.

Decide which one of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods is right for you

Each neighborhood has its distinctions and characteristics. Before you make any decision, you should do thorough research of areas with all your requirements in mind. Consider real estate prices compared to your budget, for example. But you should also include other priorities which are high on your list of expectations, such as:

  • Safety
  • Great nightlife
  • Family-friendly neighborhood
  • Business district
  • Artistic neighborhoods
  • A right mix of everything listed above

There is something for everyone and a lot to visit and see in Brooklyn and all of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods.

Living in one of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods with your family

Despite its former reputation for being a bad part of town, many of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods are excellent for family life. So if you’re moving with a family, you should find the one that best suits your needs.

A family at home in one of Brooklyn's neighborhoods.
You can easily find a neighborhood in Brooklyn for your family.

Park Slope

Park Slope is a serene residential oasis, a community of families, and a friendly environment in which is quite natural for the people to know their neighbors. It almost feels suburban. Through the passage of time, this neighborhood has not changed much and its charm remains intact. It is a real historic gem. It also has local boutiques and great restaurants in which you can enjoy during the day and in the evenings. Nightlife is not this neighborhood’s strongest trait, so you should have that in mind if it is high on your list of priorities.

Brooklyn Heights

With its beautiful brownstones and doorman apartment buildings, vicinity to Manhattan and expansive New York Harbor views, it is no wonder that even many celebrities chosen Brooklyn Heights for their home. If you enjoy biking or find it important to have a lovely place for walks, Brooklyn Heights Promenade offers not only that but also beautiful views of the lower Manhattan, Staten Island, and the waterfront. This neighborhood is a residential community so it is a great place for a family to live in.

Cobble Hill

This neighborhood has a small-town feel. It is a mix of new apartment developments and family homes. The stroll-friendly streets are only one of many reasons that make Cobble Hill one of the most suitable neighborhoods for families with children. Here you can also find excellent boutique shopping and great food and restaurants. Beautiful cobblestone streets, generation-old food shops, a sense of history and privacy make Cobble Hill inviting and attractive neighborhood for living.

Green Point

This neighborhood is a great combination of old and new. Historically, it has Polish roots. You see modern restaurants and stylish boutiques on one side, and Polish diners selling pierogi and kielbasas alongside one another. It is a laid-back, both modern and stuck in a time warp, contrasting, but a lovely neighborhood which comes with high recommendations.

Brooklyn’s neighborhoods popular with extroverts

Do you prefer to live in more dynamic environments? Or do you perhaps enjoy going out? The lively social and nightlife are just one of the many great reasons to live in Brooklyn. If that’s what you’re looking for, here are some of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods to consider.

Street art in one of Brooklyn's neighborhoods.
You will find lots of street art in these hip neighborhoods.


Or “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”, the area which was barely inhabited has changed in a short period of time and had become “it” neighborhood. Cobbled streets, high concentration of technology firms, a variety of shops, bars and trendy restaurants, art spaces, and great Manhattan views too, make the DUMBO lively neighborhood for living.


Williamsburg is a neighborhood where all the action is. It is lively and filled with numerous events. If you decide to move here, make sure that you don’t skip visiting the art galleries. In case it is bars and clubs that you are more interested in, you won’t have any issue with finding one in Williamsburg either. If shopping in trendsetting spots is on your agenda, this is also where you could have it all.

Fort Greene

This neighborhood is where world-class art centers are located. It is anchored by Fort Greene Park and Brooklyn Academy of Music, has a lot of cultural institutions and vibrant entertainment scene, so if you are an art lover, you should consider Fort Greene as a potential place to move to. Kids play in the streets, and Manhattan is only a few stops away on many subway lines.

Prospect Heights

One of Brooklyn’s smallest neighborhoods, but do not let that fact mislead you! It truly has a lot to offer. Another community that is great for artistically inclined folks and culture lovers; it is where the Brooklyn Museum is at, Barclays Center – home to the Brooklyn Nets, and also offers a great selection of nightly entertainment. Excellent cocktail bars and local restaurants keep things lively and make this neighborhood a desirable place to live.


Vogue proclaimed this area as one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world in 2014. It is a lively, vibrant, and artistic community. A lot of the hipster demographic moved from Williamsburg to Bushwick because of the lower prices of the real estate. So if you consider yourself a part of such a population, this fact might help if you are in a dilemma between these two neighborhoods. Bushwick is also known for its loft parties, warehouse gallery spaces, and vast of street-art murals that speak clearly of its artistic spirit.

Which of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods will you choose?

Brooklyn has a lot to offer, and there is something for everyone. This borough is the largest in New York City and has changed a lot during previous years. When you do the research and give it some thought, you will find that there are many great reasons to move to one of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods. Now all that is left is for you to choose the one for you!