The most expensive Brooklyn neighborhoods

Have you ever wondered what the most expensive Brooklyn neighborhoods are? Believe it or not, many people have. That is why today we give you the list of the most expensive neighborhoods you can find in this part of NYC. Thankfully, if you decide to move here, you won’t have to spend a fortune for hiring assistance from Brooklyn Movers New York. Although, if you decide to spend $1.6 million for your new home, you might as well tip your movers greatly. So, without further ado, let’s see what you can expect from the most expensive parts of Brooklyn.

Criteria for the most expensive Brooklyn neighborhoods

So, for this article, we chose the median sales price as the main criteria for determining which of the Brooklyn neighborhoods are the most expensive. In order to understand the mindbogglingly large amount of money, we first need to take a look at the exact amount of money you are going to spend on a home should you decide to move locally from a poorer part of NYC to some of these neighborhoods.

The top 5 most expensive Brooklyn neighborhoods

Do you remember that we mentioned the median price of $1.6 million? Well, the median sales price of a home in Cobble Hill is just that. Priced at an astonishing $1.64 million, Cobble Hill is by far one of the most expensive Brooklyn neighborhoods. So, if you are moving your office, Cobble Hill can be on your list since the ROI might great if you have a lucrative business.

Stack of coins.
If you can afford a home in the most expensive Brooklyn neighborhoods, go ahead!

The second among the most expensive Brooklyn neighborhoods is Carroll Gardens. The median sales price here is $1.615 million. A little lower than in Cobble Hill, but still a huge amount of money. Also, much higher than the third most expensive neighborhood Boerum Hill. The median sales price here is a little over $1.5 million.

On the fourth spot lies Fort Greene with the median sales price of $1.437 million. Lastly, fifth place goes to South Slope. South Slope’s median sales price of a home is an even $1.4 million. As you can see, the difference between Cobble Hill and South Slope is just $200k. But, if you already decided to move here, at the given prices $200k won’t make a big difference.

Other notable examples

Believe it or not, there are more neighborhoods with a median home price of over a million dollars. They include:

  • Dumbo ($1.395 million)
  • Park Slope ($1.29 million)
  • Red hook ($1.287 million)
  • Columbia Waterfront District ($1.225 million)
  • Manhattan Beach ($1.211 million)
  • Prospect Heights ($1.204 million)
  • Greenpoint ($1.199 million)
  • Heights ($1.195 million)
  • Williamsburg¬† ($1.135 million)
If you want to save your hard-earned money, maybe choose some less expensive neighborhoods.

If you are going on a long-distance move, it would be better to avoid these neighborhoods since you will already spend a huge amount of money on the move. Unless you are a millionaire or billionaire and can afford this kind of accommodation.

To conclude

If you are looking to settle in Brooklyn, you should thoroughly think about where you want your dream place to be. If it is among the most expensive Brooklyn neighborhoods, go ahead! However, if you would like something a bit more modest, extend your search. A good place to start is on the Brooklyn Borough website. If nothing else, you will find some helpful information about this part of NYC.