The costs of moving a pool table

Pool tables are a valuable and bulky item not not many people own in their house. Therefore, if you’re moving apartments, you’ll need to pay careful attention to it during if transfer.  Since pool table is a special and hard-to-handle item, you’ll need to find an adequate moving company New York to help you out. Of course, that leaves you wondering about the costs of moving a pool table. Luckily, here’s everything you need to know about the price of moving such an item!

What are the average costs of moving a pool table?

Right from the start, we can tell you that the costs of moving a pool table are around $400. This is the median price, and it starts at $200 and goes over $800 in some situations. This widely depends on the following factors:

  • The distance between two locations
  • Other moving services that you need
  • How many laborers have you hired?
  • What kind of pool table do you possess?
  • How complicated is it to get it out of the house and into the moving truck?
a woman calculating the costs of moving a pool table
Moving a pool table can be costly, so prepare your budget upfront.

Of course, these are the basics, and the price for labor only starts at $200 and moves up to $400 when you calculate the mileage and the travel time. But know this: the moving price should never go over $1k, even with the most reputable moving companies. So, browse online a bit and research the moving costs Brooklyn before you settle with a specific moving company of your choosing.

Moving prices may vary significantly

The costs of moving a pool table can be higher simply because you are working with an experienced moving company. Likewise, the prices may vary if you’re moving your pool table across the state, paying for additional services, road tolls, and other travel expenses. Moreover, if your movers must use special tools or carry your pool table to the third floor without an elevator, the price can go up. The same goes for the situation where you must enlist an additional laborer to cover this job. So, before you make any decisions, consult with your moving company and let them guide you through the moving services Brooklyn. Movers will explain how you can do this and which services are most favorable for your situation. From there, you can start working on a moving plan and start preparing an adequate budget.

Basic things to know about pool table moving

You are probably wondering which moving services can help you relocate such an item. Well, a pool table requires four movers to move it safely, if they’re moving it as a whole item. As you may know, some models are not designed to be disassembled, and they must be carried by using dollies, straps, carriers, and several people. On the other hand, if it’s possible, your movers can also safely disassemble your pool table, wrap each piece to protect it, and assemble it back upon their arrival.

a stylish pool table
Some tables can be disassembled while others are pure pieces of art and shouldn’t be disassembled at all.

It may sound simple, but it is quite complicated. Starting with the fact that most pool tables can’t go through the regular doorways and all the way to the loading of a moving truck. To be honest, this process is complicated, and, in most cases, you will be disassembling your pool table. But again, even this part of your relocation must be covered professionally, and this is why you are hiring pool table movers NY to do it.

You’ll need a reputable and experienced moving company

Whoever is moving your pool table must know what they are doing. Therefore, you should aim for a dedicated moving team to cover this dangerous part of your relocation. Search online and figure out which moving company has the most experience in this field. Check if they have all the tools, proper vehicles, enough skilled laborers, etc. Call your movers as soon as you can so they can assist you in making a safe relocation plan. Also, they will stop by if necessary to evaluate your pool table on-site and provide moving quotes Brooklyn. This is the best option, so remember to ask for onsite estimates. This way, you can prepare better and easily dedicate the proper budget for this occasion.

You must prepare your pool table as well

Now, you can let your movers do all the work or do some things by yourself. You can prepare your pool table and even disassemble it if you have the tools and know how to do it. If you do so, you will lower the moving price and make this process even easier. So, go through the list of packing supplies and prepare bubble wrap, adhesive tape, and a few pieces of cardboard. Use basic home tools to disassemble smaller pieces and remove legs off the table. Wrap each piece in bubble wrap and place all screws, bolts, and pins in a smaller bag and label it adequately.

two people wrapping furniture
Blister packs are perfect for protecting all furniture. Wrap your pool table with it as well.

Finally, place cardboard on the bottom and on the top of the main table piece before you wrap it up completely. It will add an additional layer of protection to the entire thing. Then again, if you do not feel comfortable with this task, let your movers do it. It will cost you around a hundred bucks and you won’t have to spend time and stress about it at all.

Prepare the right budget to cover the costs of moving a pool table

Now that you are aware of the moving costs, you can start working on your budget. The entire process will be much easier if you are only moving a pool table. But in most cases, you’ll move your whole home, so include those costs as well. And remember, most companies offer discounts on pool table moving if you get several other moving services. Therefore, consider purchasing a full moving service package, as it will be much cheaper.

In conclusion, the costs of moving a pool table for most of us are around $500. This is for most of the relocations out there. But remember, for more complicated moving projects, the cost can go much higher. But never above $1000, so be aware of this before you agree on a moving service and sign a moving contract. Good luck.