The Benefits of a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

Storage units are extremely popular in the United States of America. There are many reasons why people rent the unit. The first and most obvious reason would be because they lack storage space in their homes. Then, storage units are perfect when you are moving, renovating, downsizing, having guests over, and so on. However, there are a couple of types of storage units. One such would be climate controlled storage in Brooklyn. Why you should rent this one? Here are all the benefits of a climate controlled storage unit. 

woman standing in front of storage
You’ll be happier renting a climate-controlled unit than an ordinary self-storage unit

The benefits of a climate controlled storage unit – protection from extreme temperature 

If you plan to use moving boxes in Brooklyn for your storage unit, they might not be the best option when renting an ordinary unit. Cardboard does not offer the best protection against high temperatures and humidity. For this reason, you should rent a climate-controlled storage unit. As the name suggests, you can control the temperature inside your unit. In addition to this, certain items will get damaged due to extreme temperature changes. These include the following. 

  • Wooden furniture,  
  • Antiques,  
  • Musical instrument,  
  • Electronics 

Apart from this, humidity is also a huge problem. Usually, you can also control the level of humidity in this type of storage. You can ask Brooklyn Movers New York if they offer storage services so you can rent a climate-controlled one for your items. 

They have great air quality 

As mentioned, if you plan to store fragile or expensive items, you need to make sure they are properly protected. Most people overlook the importance of air quality. However, expensive pieces of electronics or important documents will get damaged due to bad air quality. You can avoid this by visiting your unit frequently and letting the fresh air in. This is not the ideal solution since many people do not have much free time the visit their units, especially if they live far away. For this reason, you should rent a climate control unit. The air constantly circulates, thus it always remains clean. You will not have to visit your unit often since your items will be safe and well protected. 

different electronic devices
If you plan to store electronics, they need to be well protected

Protection against dust and debris 

Storage units that are not located inside the building are usually much dirtier than the ones located inside the facility. since climate-controlled units are located inside the building which has sealed and insulated roof, walls, and floors, there are much cleaner than the ordinary self-storage units. It is important to keep your unit clean as dust and debris can cause damage to your items as well. Again, some people do not have time to clean their units. If you have the same problem, the solution is a climate-controlled unit. Dust and debris will still be there but in much less number. This means visiting your unit once every couple of weeks to clean the dust and that’s certainly one of the best benefits of a climate controlled storage unit.