Moving To Brooklyn Made Easy

There comes a time in a life of every young millennial when they simply wake up, unsatisfied with their life in general. The solution is always some radical change. In this case, that would be a change of scenery. Maybe you’ve decided to opt for a new, urban scene, or a more toned-down, peaceful, and quiet one. Whichever the case might be, there is always that one pesky problem of material nature. Let’s be realistic, none of us makes enough living to afford an NYC penthouse with the view of the Upper East Side.

That doesn’t mean that we should let our dream of fabulous life in New York die. Naturally, I was trying to find the best of both worlds, a middle ground if you want to call it that. And after some thorough research, the answer was mind-blowing: I’m moving to Brooklyn! Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Brooklyn is the new it place, that is, if you’re full of life, and looking for a fresh start. You might be suspicious at this point and thinking that what I’m saying makes no sense, but I’ll try to utilize the rest of this post to show you why I think that this is a good choice. Continue reading “Moving To Brooklyn Made Easy”